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Alexandra HolzerAlexandra Holzer is a member of the SCBWI Organization,, and Her father is the original ghost hunter, published Author Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D of 163 plus titles in the genres of parapsychology, the supernatural, religion and healing. Most famous for "Amityville Horror: The Possession", "Ghosts", "America's Haunted Houses" and most recently "The Journey of the Magi" and "Murder in Amityville: Fact or Fiction". While raising four incredible children, she wrote children's short stories, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, screenplays and supernatural horror thrillers. Alexandra's complete bio is available here. Alexandra's new book 'Lady Ambrosia' has Field Nominated for the Printz Award for Young Adult Literature by the American Library Association.

The Business of Ghosts and Ghost Hunting!
My First Ghost Hunt - The Case of Mrs. T and Her Haunting

by Alexandra Holzer

Posted: 00:00 October 31, 2007

How many times does one have to explain this phenomena we call the other side? And is the other side way up and around the Universe or is it simply right here, superimposed on our existing world? These and many more questions followed me the evening I decided to answer the call for help and information.

For several years now, I have been living near many haunted areas; nothing really odd about that as we are all surrounded by areas suspected of being haunted, with ghostly apparitions' we can't always explain coming from a rich history of life before us.

I had developed a close relationship with a next-door neighbor and began to have similar synergy and connections. We shared the same birthdays and as true Arian personalities had no problem discussing matters at hand.

Off and on for the past couple of years, this neighbor who I will call Mrs. T, has complained of disturbances within their home: a home, which is shared with one of her two children and their family. It is well kept, beautifully decorated and very warm and loving.

When you enter the home, everywhere you look, angels are present and I'd guess that there are hundreds if you take the time to count them.

The aroma of scented candles whiffed through the air like freshly brewed coffee. Night had fallen and plans were made to meet. Having learned a thing or two from my upbringing I was thankful that I had made a connection with an up-and-coming medium that first met Mrs. T through a psychic reading for her niece. Mrs. T introduced the medium, whose name was Ray, to me. In any event, since that took place, we have formed a partnership in writing and exchanging impressions, stories and so forth. Often times, we'd end up reading each other because something came through from the other.

A chill was in the air that evening, which I found rather odd for it being a summer evening. I actually thought it was neat and it certainly produced an eerie effect on my soul, as I entered the domain. After arriving I did a slow walk through the living room and kitchen area, as Mrs. T and I went over the facts, as she knew them. The facts were as follows: in the downstairs part of the house, which is closed off and has a separate entrance for her children, began some odd occurrences. Her children would complain of toys were turning themselves off and on all by themselves. They just had a newborn and many toys were not used and turned off. The batteries of the toys were examined and proved to be charged and were fine and there was nothing out of the ordinary that would have caused them to react that way. It would happen early in the wee hours of the morning when the house was quiet. Certainly not pleased with the strange occurrences, the family seemed to try and dismiss them away. But, Mrs. T knew better than to ignore the events. She felt that something else was the cause of the late night interruptions. I explained that perhaps it was a family member welcoming the new baby as they had lost many people in their lives. In fact, including extended family and friends one or two joined the departed annually. Sometimes, the dead contact us in ways in strange ways depending on their energy levels. It is usually a unique situation, but one that can mirror other cases from anywhere else in the world.

The second occurrence happened to Mrs. T when she was asleep one evening. In the middle of the night, the feeling of strong hands grasping her neck awakened her. She began to panic and was not able to catch her breath. A feeling of evil came over her and she woke up her husband. He felt that it must have been a nightmare, but to her it was very real and unexplainable. The next morning she was shaken and after much time has passed, still remembers it as if it had just happened. Her face clearly showed visible signs of fear and confusion. She and the family are very faith oriented giving of themselves and never hurting anyone regardless of them being hurt. How could this be happening to this family?

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