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Special effects performed by Skydivers mistaken for UFOs
by Mario N. Rangel

14:40 October 23, 2007

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Victor Martinez, an important American UFOlogist, usually publishes on the Internet stories about UFOs and other topics and circulates the links or small notes to dozens of list members from various countries. On October 13, 2007, among other topics, he sent a link under the title (in English) "ASTONISHING VIDEO! UFO FILMED IN PIRACICABA ON 4 JULY 2007. " With 1 min 43 seconds of duration was recorded on the sidelines of a busy road by a man in a small group whose dialogues show huge surprise. They were probably travelers who parked in side line to film the lights that were seeing on the move in the night sky and could not identify. The title (in English) on Youtube is "UFO? Drop OF meteor? Piracicaba, Brazil ¨, sent by stevennq2020 = I found similar videos sent by 7 different people to Youtube.

The link then sent to several Brazilian ufologists, with the question "What will you see in that video?" . The first response I received was from Wallacy Albino, indicating the URL whose video has 3 minutes 54 seconds and the title "Expo2006-Show-skydiving parachute," with the indication that Fernandópolis was done, town in the far west of the state and too distant from Piracicaba/SP. It stops begin 3-Short of launching fireworks trick while browsing including making curves in horizontal flight and using coverall that reflect the light, which came with precision and small interval of time in the arena for the presentation of pedestrians who compete in mounted horses and undomesticated donkeys and wild steers, with the enthusiastic speech flies through loud speakers by encouraging specialized in describing the mounts in festivities of pawn of herd, normally with great public presentation of known and popular singers. These celebrations occur in many Brazilian cities and are simultaneous with agricultural fairs. By comparing the fires of trick used by parachute-jumpers in Fernandópolis there is similarity with others including those of Piracicaba, where there are famous course in skydiving (

Watch the video and read the balance of this article:

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