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Blossom Goodchild Prediction for Oct 14th of Mass UFO Sighting- What the Abductees Think Will Happen
by Chris Holly

(Copyright 2008 Chris Holly)

Posted: 00:01 October 11, 2008

Blossom Goodchild Prediction for Oct 14th of Mass UFO Sighting- What the Abductees Think Will Happen

This topic has been all over every paranormal site; paranormal paper and you tube for weeks. We have but four days to wait to see if this mass sighting takes place.

I understand this lady truly believes she was contacted by way of ESP. and that aliens have informed her of this soon to be UFO sighting. With only a few days left to wait we will all soon know if she was right or not.

Coincidently I recently spoke to three abductees who have had actual up front and personal contact with other beings. One is a man, whose experience I will soon be writing about, was taken but a few years ago. This man is still extremely traumatized by his ordeal. During his interview and when speaking to the two other abductees I brought up this upcoming Oct 14th prediction.

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I also have suffered lost time and personal contact with beings that were not like me, or you, and wanted to know what other people who had similar real up close encounters thought of this telepathic claim and the world wide attention it has received.

I will start with how I feel. I think it is not going to take place. I may be wrong and it is without question possible this sighting on Oct 14th will take place. I can only judge my feelings and opinions from the actual experiences I have endured with non human beings. I found them to be cold logical and fully in control of what they want and do not want. I think the beings that do visit us, on this planet, in our dimension- are extremely calculating and careful. I found them to be in control of exactly who sees them and who does not see them. I also think they are closely and, on their terms, in contact with the powers on this earth on a need to know basis. I do not feel that the creatures I have had encountered would in any shape or form contact via Esp. or a dream or telepathic energy exchange, Ms. Goodchild for the purpose of worldwide disclosure.

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