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Comments on UN Meeting Update
by David Griffin
(Copyright 2008, davID Griffin - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 00:26 October 17, 2008

This article was part of an
Exopolitics UK Newsletter
October 2008

It's interesting that the familiar patterns have accompanied the leaked, yet detailed, information from several groups within the UFO/exopolitics research community. We see this form of cynical playing down of such research from within the established field itself - just as we did when the testimonies of say Bob Lazar and Col. Philip Corso came to light in previous years. In the case of Lazar and Corso many refused to acknowledge the possibility of any truth in their accounts, yet as sufficient time has passed, they are now universally accepted as having made significant contributions to exopolitical research. The former nay-sayers however rarely come forward to admit their misjudgements and encourage more constructive approaches.

Whilst we should embrace sound fact-checking [as far as this is feasible in this rumour-fuelled and black-project foggy area] and open-minded scepticism it seems to me that outside of those who have deeper reasons for debunking and minimising new information leads - some researchers suffer from what we'll call 'caution sickness'.

This affliction results in both new and experienced researchers permenently playing it safe by hedging their comments towards the over-rational reality or outcome - their logic being that it is better to ultimately fade into the background when a risky case ultimately receives a positive consensus than suffer the 'humiliation' of having staked their reputation and suffered a perceived 'loss'.

Some have consistently and correctly made the case that this is the one field where we need people who are prepared to take a leap of faith for two main reasons. Firstly the high weirdness of the core issues at hand demand a different lens or framework through which we map our findings and fluid conclusions. Secondly, time and time again we've seen how the 60 plus years of confusion and disinformation seeded by various dominating agencies [and to some extent perhaps by extra-terrestrial intelligences themselves?!] have resulted in what at first seems to be a minor node of interest growing into something far more significant on a political, cultural and scientific level. Besides these factors, if a fleet of UFOs was witnessed over Washington DC in the 1950s - it's about time we heard the United Nations were discussing issues of extra-terrestrial intelligences!

This 'event minimisation' was seen once more when the first reports of secret United Nations meetings was discussed on net forums and analysed by Dr M Salla of the Exopolitics Institute. Comments ranged from it being pure fiction to UFO heavyweights such as Jacques Valle suggesting it was little more than a manufactured memetic construct. After months of investigation, as much investigation as can be done with alledged meetings involving the military and UN on the most controlled issue facing humanity, it does now appear that the core of the claims are true. Not only did meetings take place, they evolved to discuss issues of ET disclosure with many UN affiliated nations and bridged all political/ambassadorial ranks as well as featuring element of the army, navy, air force and so on.

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