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Ed Komarek lives a simple quiet life dedicated to an understanding of himself and the nature of life and living. He suspects that life as we know it is a high tech nano virtual reality program. He believes that we are eternal beings existing in a greater immaterial universe of which the material world is a subset. We enter into a body in order to experence from the inside this virtual reality field. This virtual reality program acts as a school where one chooses lessons to be learned mostly on a unconscious basis. The determining factor is to become aware of the unconscious choices we make so as to exercise our free will and to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Visit Ed's website:, Email Ed

Targeting ET Corporation X
by Ed Komarek

Posted: 15:40 October 31, 2008

Targeting ET Corporation X
Ben Rich, stated during a 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA, "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

I believe that the single most important obstacle to UFO/ET disclosure are global entrenched business interests working in concert with global intelligence and military interests. Dwight D. Eisenhower called this kind of cooperation and collusion between global and national military and business interests the Military Industrial Complex. He warned in the 1950's that the MIC was a grave threat to constitutional government and democracy.

Control over the UFO/ET cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies began in the hands of government and military officials through a working group called MJ 12, but according to whistle-blowers global entrenched business interests engineered a purge during the Nixon administration that resulting in the privatization of both the cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies and knowledge.

A major selling point seems to have been that a quasi-private global corporation could better keep the UFO/ET awareness secret while at the same time exploiting extraterrestrial technologies for the benefit of American and European government security and economic interests. The problem seems to be that it has been impossible for factionalized governments to adequately oversee such a vast global unified autocratic enterprise resulting in this nameless Corporation X turning the tables on government control and oversight.

I would be the first to say that I could be wrong about the nature, size and influnce of Corporation X and that I could be misinterpreting statements by Ben Rich and others that seem to indicate to me that we are dealing with standard corporate structure. For instance, when Ben Rich say's that since the Nixon purge in the 1960's UFO/ET matters are now under the control of private enterprise and a international board of directors I think of corporate structure. I would be the first ot admit that I only have a very vague understanding of something that is indeed very complex. Still we have to start someplace.

I think what we have is a multi-trillion dollar corporation that has become so powerful that it has become a law into itself and can dictate to not only the American and European governments that created it, but to most other governments around the globe and the UN as well. Corporation X's real name could be something like Alien Resource Research & Development Corporation (ARRDC) or perhaps more simply Alien Resource Development Corporation (ARDC). A more generic title could be, Space Resource Research & Development Corporation (SRRDC).

I would suspect that this Corporation X is structured similar to quasi-private Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac but much larger and extremely secretive. Of course Corporation X would dwarf Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac by perhaps 10s of trillions of dollars and its limited oversight would be by more than one government as well. One also has to wonder if this Corporation X could be vulnerable to severe economic crisis like Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and so be subject to a covert meltdown. I certainly hope so.

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