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Proyecto UFO Piura:
Amazing Extraterrestrial Mothership Over Satipo-PERU
The Video's True Story!!!
by Prof. Josué Gonzáles

Posted: 14:05 October 11, 2008

Dear friends of UFO Digest,

Kind greetings from Piura, PERU. At last the article of the great UFO. You may post it along the video's link.

We peruvians love american movies. When I was a boy (1977) I saw "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and believed that movies could foretell the future. "Indi" did the right thing in coming over to PERU and looking for extraterrestrials here, as we had said before.Now, I believe that "the Internet" will do "the rest of the work".

Proyecto UFO Piura is made up of adults, young people, and even children (my nephews are 11 and 12). Two generations working together as an organized group of people, as a family (no telepathy powers needed).

Even though The "A" Team of UFO Research (currently named Proyecto UFO Piura) started going camping by July 28, 1989 (the date of my first sighting), an extraordinary piece of news was what really encouraged us to get into UFO studies that time.

An amazing spacecraft had been photographed and videotaped (video available on YOUTUBE) by a crew of world-wide journalists previously invited by extraterrestrials" through Mision Rahma's leader Sixto Paz Wells, in Chilca (Lima-PERU) on March 25, 1989 ( 5 months before my first UFO sighting experience).

As a result of that event and after having attended some Piura Rama Group meetings, I decided to continue camping on my own. In 1991 the famous contactee, Mr. Paz, was going to give a series of speeches on May 16 to 18 that year, so my friend Rafael Ramirez (who was 11 when started going camping), my brother Marcos Gonzáles (who got the music for the video), and me, Josué Gonzáles (who coordinated the video production), decided to attend the last meeting. Among the people that night was Alex Calle (who got the stuff and produced the video), who did not know that he was going to be a member of Proyecto UFO Piura in the future.

On June 29, 2000, the "Forever Rock Band" was going to perform in Satipo, Department of Junin, in the middle of the jungle of PERU. Hernan Cuadros (guitar), Paul Alva (singer), Alex Calle (drummer) were some of the musicians that afternoon.

"Chelo", (the young assistant of the group), was the one that had to operate the video camera. Around 6 pm. they were having a break and suddenly noticed that a huge elongated yellowish object was flying southward (with its nose clearly sloped). "Chelo! Film it, film it!", said Alex. "It is a UFO!" -not a plane's exhaust fumes, not a cloud, not a meteor´s tail,...for God's sake!!!

Alex knew that this sighting was part of the important mision that awaited The "A" Team (Proyecto UFO Piura). We, therefore, decided to keep the mothership VHS tape story secret from somebody else. One day, we knew, the technology of communication (the Internet) would let us keep the community informed without having to be worldwide personalities deserving blind credibility.

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