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Alien Writings and Symbols
by Christian Macé

Posted 01:00 November 18, 2006

At the time of the famous crash landing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, USA, in July 1947, Jesse Marcel recovered objects which contained strange symbols. Thereafter his son could reproduce those symbols while under hypnosis.

Found at Roswell

In 1952 George Adamski received the following message, reproduced on a restored film of a saucer in flight in Palomar Gardens, California, U.S.A.

“Venusian” message given in Adamski

Engraved symbols discovered by Marcel Homet

Now, compare Adamski's message with the table made by the French archaeologist and explorer Marcel Homet, who discovered these symbols, which were engraved more than 10,000 years ago, among the Brazilian megaliths of Pedra Pinta, during his explorations in North Amazonia. (Published in The Sounds of the Sun, by Neuville Sperman, London, 1963!)

There is also the amazing story of a young farmer in Brazil. On the night of October 15, 1957, Antonio Villas Boas was forced to make love with an extraterrestrial, after being tempted aboard a UFO! Antonio could read the following inscription above the door of the machine:

Symbol read by Antonio Villas Boas

Symbol read by Antonio Villas Boas (Drawn from In search of the Humanoids, by Charles Bowen, ed. 1974. Page 280.)

On April 24, 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora experienced a close encounter with a UFO in Socorro, New Mexico, USA. He was able to read the symbol which follows, drawn in red on the machine:

Symbol seen by Lonnie Zamora

Symbol seen by Lonnie Zamora (See the same book by Charles Bowen, page 162.)

The book by Guy Tarade, Flying Saucers and Civilizations of Space, 1969, provides additional information concerning the same sign. (See the chapter, “The Writing of the Mothers in the Sky of Soccoro,” pages 103 to 106.)

Quoting Guy Tarade: “These initials constitute an old writing, the alphabet of a primitive language, which we can interpret as: “We are the Mothers of the Universal Temple fertilized by an Unknown God” (or first cause).

Indeed, the half-circle means the letter “M” which, in all languages, refers to the mother. Always having the same meaning, this symbol still exists in the Berber language.

The two bars indicate, by the two columns, the Temple (L in our alphabet). The central arrow is a simple bar, the menhir, rough stone: Being the ONE, the Unknown God.

The horizontal feature, which underlines the unit, represents the universe. The Egyptians had, to represent the universe, a special hieroglyph which was a paper roller closed by seals. The symbols reported by Zamora can be read from right to left, or from left to right or indifferently upwards and downwards, as can the “Tamachek” which is also read in zigzags.

Scholar and linguists see in the Berber writing the survival of the language of the Telamones. The Amazones had discovered Atlantis before its disap pearance and borrowed from them their alphabet. It is not impossible. However let us not forget that the end of Atlantis, which we date at the time of the Flood, corresponded to a time when all the people of the Earth spoke the same language and used the same signs to communicate.

Religious organizations are not unaware of the hidden conflict which is played out in the universe and more particularly on the terrestrial sphere between the matriarchy and the patriarchate. The signs described by Zamora will come to support our thesis.

This symbol of the half-circle of the M dominating the Temple has been used since oldest antiquity. It is the universally allowed “seal” of maternity and reproduction. Among Hebrews, the letter “Mem” is regarded as one of the three letters for mother. The Egyptian word “Mother” (must) starts with an “M,” as is also true in the majority of the Indo-European languages.

The image which in Egypt represented the “M” was the owl. Ancient Minerva was represented on the vases of the Neolithic era with the head of an owl! Sponsor of Troiens1, It was also reproduced on megalithic monuments of a unknown ancient age. It appears on a vase with the head of an owl where the archaeologist Henry Schliemann deposited, says one, a secret will reporting the precise point where Atlantis lay. In South America, Precolombians engraved “the head of the owl” by the thousands, which, for them, represented Vénus. Minerva Glaucopis had green eyes, the color of the Evening Star.

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