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The Abduction of Hannah Billups or The Depopulation of Earth

by Dirk Vander Ploeg
Posted November 9, 2006

The Abduction of Hannah Billups or The Depopulation of EarthHannah Billups believes that she has special gifts given to her by God, that allow her to see people, places and events through visions. One day she had a vision of a beautiful little girl that was in desperate trouble and needed help.

So she got on the telephone and called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and related her vision and gave them all the information that she had gathered. The date of her phone call was Saturday, May 13, 2006.

The next day, Sunday, she had visitors in her kitchen. Its important to note that Hannah lives in a very rural location and her home is on the top of a mountain in the Appalachians in Western Virginia. She was in the middle of canning vegetables when the FBI came.

She was surprised that she didn’t hear the FBI come up the mountain because she had guard dogs and they didn’t bark. She admits though that her favorite dog, her best dog had died only weeks before. Because of their isolation Hannah and her family also had three shotguns and an AK-47 for self-defense.

On Monday she was visited by different people. These were not from the FBI and they left her a Star-Gate Manual and 6 CDs. They returned the next day and after restraining her husband and son - kidnapped her.

Hannah relates how she was taken from her home led down the mountain to a waiting vehicle which she voluntarily entered. She describes the vehicle as a very pretty white car. Soon after entering the car she began to feel drowsy. This was strange because it was only around 4 pm in the afternoon. She believes she may have been drugged.

She fell asleep and remembers hearing sounds like whooshing and whirling.

At some point she claims to have boarded a train. But these train cars were different because they were equipped with shackles. As she remembers the experience of being bound by the wrists she unconsciously rubs her forearms. She believes the train traveled at high speeds and acknowledges that it vibrated normally.

The next thing she remembers is lying on a steel table and a creature with large black eyes staring down at her. She also remembers a large needle and its pressure as its point punctures her stomach.

She believes she is in an underground city where aliens are very real. She says that there are two types of aliens: the first looks like a lizard and the second is the typical gray. Hannah describes where she was being held as being an internment camp. She is constantly guarded by human looking guards, but she notes it’s strange because she knows they are not normal!

Hannah claims that she was kept in an area of underground cities, shopping centers and big, elaborate homes. She even claims to have seen a pyramid with an all-seeing eye.

All this time she is thinking that she wants to go home and can her vegetables!

Hannah realized that she was special since early childhood. She would go to sleep in her bed and awake hours later miles away in a field. She has also experienced missing time.

Initially she discovered that the only way to survive her imprisonment was to show no fear and that’s exactly what she did. She was not combatant but she was also not subservient and earned the respect of at least one gray. She estimates that she spent a total of two days as a captive. Hannah claims that the New World Order is ready to clean us out!

Hannah was rescued by her husband, Mark Billips, who located her whereabouts with the help of information provided by one of their children that had had a vision. He was ex-military and also a pilot and with the help of two friends freed her. After hiding their aircraft they made their way through several fields inching their way on hands and knees.

Through telepathy, she had communicated her position to her son Chris, whom she believes is a “Star Child”.

Hannah claims she heard her husbands thoughts as he drew close and told one of the grays that she needed to go outside to get a breath of fresh air. Apparently, she was escorted to the door and then ran and met her husband.

Prior to her rescue Hannah saw plans, blue prints of the interment camp and more. She decided to liberate this material which consisted of 96 pages of material and other things. She rolled up the data and hid it in her petticoat under her dress. Her dress was long because she explains “she was a country girl!”

Hannah believes that the New World Order is working with the aliens and is responsible for the creation of the underground bases and internment camps. According to Hannah the aliens seemed to work for and report to humans.

The aliens are taking people that have special powers and threatening those that will not use their ‘special gifts” to aid them. She claims that those that do not cooperate are brutally beaten or killed.

She claims that the aliens are concerned with the so called “indigo children”, which she refers to as “star children”. She believes it is her job to awaken - reach the “NEW AGE” followers and convince that that these “star children” are God’s children. She is convinced that the world is coming to its final hour.

Hannah and her family are currently hiding in an undisclosed location and as Hannah puts it, “Her life has been turned upside down!” She continues to have visions and knows she has been chosen to do the works of Jesus. She reminds us that everyone has a mission, and that God will reveal all in the final hours.

Some of Hannah’s predictions:

1. Photo IDs scheduled in go into use in 2008 will incorporate special DNA chips hidden below the actual photo.
2. New World Order is building train cars equipped with shackles, internment camps and underground bases.
3. New World Order is actively searching for people that can foresee the future or have the ability to heal by touch.
4. Hannah claims that the entire alien abduction phenomenon exists for the sole purpose of identifying humans carrying DNA specific to the grays.
5. Hanna had a vision of an earthquake where she saw the United States split in two and the entire west coast just slide into the ocean.

Hannah was orphaned when her parents were killed in a car accident. She was adopted by a childless couple that loved and raised her. Today, she is married and is the mother of four children: three sons and a daughter.

Immediately after being rescued Hannah’s husband took her to a hospital where she was temporarily treated for trauma.

I have listened to Hannah’s interviews and spoken several times with Don Nicoloff regarding her experiences. I find that Hannah seems to express herself with ‘praise the Lord platitudes’ and everything is either good or evil. Things are God’s work or the Devil’s work. Nothing wrong with her beliefs but it tends to confuse the listener and take away from what could be a good old alien abduction story…

This is not your classic UFO abduction case as you have read. There are no UFOs, only grays, reptilians, underground bases, internment camps, and manacle equipped railway cars. Her story is strikingly similar to that of the Philip Schneider. As you may know he was either murdered or committed suicide while lecturing to audiences of the dangers of the NWO and FEMA.

I first heard about Hannah Billups from Don Nicoloff who contacted me regarding abduction cases. He talked about the alien connection and how reptilians were shape shifters and were manipulating mankind. Told me a story about Chris Carter and the X-Files, but that story is for another day.

Don asked me if I was familiar with Leo E. Wanta and how 70 trillion dollars simply disappeared. He implied that was a connection between the money, NWO, FEMA and the abduction of Hannah Billups.

You can learn more about Hannah Billups by visiting www.theedge.comand listening to interviews between Daniel Ott with Hannah and Mark. You can learn more about Philip Schneider by visiting

Update: January 30, 2007
I was shocked to find the article about Hannah on your web site. I was involved with the Hannah story from the beginning. I was the one she called when she had the vision of the little girl in distress. I was the one who taped the conversation that she had after the encounter with the agents that led to her abduction that is posted on Daniel Ott's web site. I was her closest friend and confidant. Hannah passed away during surgery on January 3. She had suffered a shattered knee cap from a fall from her horse. Fragments of bone had entered her blood stream and caused her death. Hannah was never well after her encounter with the aliens. Hannah spent many weeks in intensive care suffering from radiation poisoning after her alien abduction. I have been in contact with Hannah's husband throughout the ordeal and with Hannah up until her passing. She was laid to rest yesterday, January 6 at her mountain home in West Virginia. She would have been 38 on January 31. She had almost completed her book. Her husband Mark has plans to finish her book as soon as he can lay aside some of his grief. My web site is I have the links posted on my web site to the audio archives from the Daniel Ott web site. The third play button will put up the program where I was interviewed. Hannah's sudden passing has been a shock to everyone and has brought great heartache to her family as well as to me and everyone who knew and loved her.

Sylvia West

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