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Triangle UFO Spotted over Ipswich Docks, England 1993

by Sam Willey Posted: 15.11 November 14, 2006

Triangle UFO Spotted over Ipswich Docks, England 1993

As you may remember I wrote an article concerning my triangle UFO encounter of October 31st 2006. I received some very interesting feedback from a British man named Shane Pooley and he related to me what happened to him and his friend named Darren Jenkins back in 1993. He was urged to tell me about what he witnessed after reading about my recent encounter.

Shane was 17 and his friend Darren was 18 at the time of the incident. They were walking to town by way of the Ipswich docks at 9 p.m. It was late October or early November 1993 when this occurred. Darren had consumed one beer but Shane insists that Darren nor himself was drinking anything heavy at the time. They were both engaged in general conversation when Shane noticed what at first appeared to be a plane heading north-east.

The strange thing about the "plane" was the fact that no sound was coming from the craft Shane told me that the craft was low and if it were an ordinary plane would have definitely made some sort of engine noise. Shane told Darren to look up and both stood there trying to explain what they were witnessing. Shane explained the triangle was dark with 3 lights facing down he also recalled the lights were at first "orangey red" in colour. Shane said that after 20 seconds or so the craft changed direction by 90 degrees and was now heading south-easterly and at that exact time the lights changed to a greeny blue colour. Shane and Darren watched in shock as the object speed up and vanished! They told friends and family about the events. They reacted like the two were out of their minds.

Above you will see an illustration created by Shane showing what the triangle craft looked like.

I would like to thank Darren for getting in contact with me about his UFO sighting. If you have seen a UFO in the United Kingdom then please report it to the following email address -

Source - Shane Pooley and Darren Jenkins

Written and Researched by Sam Willey

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