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Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial Object
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 16:00 November 29, 2006

Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial ObjectI received an email from Mark Cooper on October 20, 2006.

He was wondering if I was interested in watching a video he had taken. This is a very common question that I am asked on a regular basis. But this video was different. To begin this video from taken from a CCD camera attached to a homemade rocket.

A few days ago before he sent me the email, Mark and his girls, who are from Texas, launched a home built rocket with a small camcorder inside. The quality of the video was excellent. At regular speed, he noticed an object or objects that appeared throughout the video. These objects were not seen by Mark and his girls while they were watching the rocket. Mark also saw a large jet in the video.

Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial Object

Watch The Video

This amazing video was taken by a small CCD video recorder that was fitted on a home-made rocket. You are a witness to the objects captured by the lens of this camera. Mark who built the rocket claims the objects on the video are authentic. The video has not be altered in any way. Click on the button to watch the video.

Rocketeer Captures Strange Aerial Object

The camera is from CVS - cvs electronic camcorder - with 20 minutes of recording time.

Mark made the rocket himself. He is truly the rocket man!.

He is an electrical engineer by trade and looked for a natural explanation to explain the objects on his video. Possible explanations could include the CCD interpretation of the sun or its reflected energy. However, Mark claims that the video was not altered by him in anyway. He also does not have Adobe PhotoShop or possess the knowledge to work with PhotoShop.

His wife was with him when they saw the object in the video.

Mark invites serious scrutiny of his video and will make it available for video and photographic experts.

He states that, "This is not a hoax. I am an engineer I deal in facts. The video does not lie."

The End

Readers' Comments

Brad Morris December 5, 2006

After viewing the video and seeing the spots that the camera captured, and using my knowledge of cameras and video photography, this appears to be an effect created by the sun.

Low end micro cameras that people often use in arial rockets, remote controlled planes and video surveillance systems have several issues with regard to brightness and contrast. If an extremely bright light, such as direct sunlight, hits the CCD of the camera, the CCD gets washed out. This translates into a dark hue instead of a whiteout. The software of the CCD actually blacks out extremely bright objects. While this is common in some cameras, it does not happen with all cameras.

Viewing the video frame by frame, one can see that the black object is surrounded by a bright halo. This indicates to me that the camera is actually capturing the sun as the rocket spins during flight. The sun may appear blacked out when recorded to video or when transmitted to a RF remote receiver and I've seen these effects before.

I hope this sheds some light on the object, no pun intended. Without the original tape and the proper equipment to analyze the video, this is the best and most likely solution to the question.

I found this video from a link on the website. And while I'd like to say someone has captured a real UFO, I don't think this is the case in this situation. While the object is difficult or impossible to identify, it is definitely explainable.

Randall Bjork December 4, 2006

Nice footage. But not what you think. I have taken photo's of the sun with my camera and my camera on my phone. I get the bright sun with a dark blueish circle in the middle. When I motioned the camera's, it made a blur the same as what is on your video. I not only used pics but I got video of it too. Sorry not a UFO. Just camera tricks. I am no expert, just a normal guy.

From Avi Amar December 4, 2006

If you watch the video after the 51 second mark, you will see that there are TWO objects, not just one. Also, on the 51 second mark, if you freeze it just right, there is a substantial amount of debris very close to the camera.

The Show Doctor December 2, 2006

What you are seeing is the sun...

It is “overloading” the sensor of the camera, causing it to appear “black” in the image -

Watch the video carefully and you’ll see that the “ufo” appears directly centered in the brightest part of the sky – where the sun should be.

This same phenomenon can appear in photographs taken of objects where the sun is shown as a reflection A good example is photos of cars with chrome bumpers... Many times you’ll see a black spot where the actual sun should be, due the the brightness of the sun severely overexposing the film.

Would be great to show an actual ufo – but it’s just an artifact of the camera :)

Chris December 1, 2006

I watched the video from your site. This guy is not the hoaxer type, from the looks of it he is just a dad. In the video at 00:52 there are two objects. The purple color throws me off, but who knows. It is a credible video, but that's as far as it goes. Just wanted to let you know about the second object at 00:52.

Chris Hale December 1, 2006

The object in the video is clearly the digital camera’s inability to resolve this intensity of the sun. I’ve seen it in many other videos like this one.

Michael Jefferies December 1, 2006

After watching the video, the "object" is clearly the sun. The cheaper CCD cameras in smaller electronic devices cannot handle the intensity and represent it properly, which is why you see the black spot instead of a brighter center. These cameras cannot produce an accurate white balance level needed to reproduce the light intensity of the sun. This is very common. I've taken snapshots with my cell phone camera and had the exact same results. Another way to validate this idea is that if you note the sun's position relative to the ground when the rocket is spinning it is in the same place every time the rocket-cam is on it. Do a frame by frame viewing, you'll see what I mean.

Shawn McEwen December 1, 2006

I'll keep this short. I just viewed the video from Mr Mark Cooper and his ccd camera aboard his model rocket. The black object "hovering" is the sun. The ccd camera is experiencing what in photography is called "reciprocity failure." This is NOT a UFO, but the inability of Mr Cooper's camera to record the extreme brightness of the Sun!! (which cannot render the Sun adequately so it is completely black and elongated because the rocket is spinning.) I encourage you to look up reciprocity failure and kindly issue an explanation to your readers, as this UFO sighting is disingenuous at best.

Michael Ramirez December 1, 2006

I personally feel it is what I saw on a warm night in Texas, where we watched it for several minutes while it passed over us and went beyond the horizon. People have a problem believing things that they see. I remember as a child seeing a three or four foot plane with a motor where the wings joined the fuselage and it had lodged in a tree next door where it lay for a few days. I forgot about it and then when I next looked up at it..., it was gone. I never forgot how i thought of taking it down. it had to be about six inches in diameter and the wings about three feet long on each side. Who knows where it went or who took it down. My grandma could not give it credit as an item that could fly as it did not have any props. It was shiny aluminum in color and the motor was black.

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