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Willard "Mitt" Romney Does NOT Believe
In "Extraterrestrial Visitations"

Mitt Romney

(But He Believes in "The Angel Moroni")

by Vince White

(Copyright 2007, Vince White - all Rights Reserved)

Posted: 18:00 November 9, 2007

I would like to direct these comments/observations to the many political observers, astonished at the new levels of imprudent and injudicious remarks that those currently running for President exhibit:

It is a sad lamentable reality that someone whose goal is to lead this nation is so lacking in elementary observation that, after more than 60 years of global visitation by "unidentified structured metallic-in-appearance objects," now wishes to be the Commander-in-Chief of the same military that has (hundreds of times over 6 decades) sent brave pilots to intercept these same objects that he denies exist.

That Mitt Romney has not figured this out is dreary enough, but that he either lacks the courage to plainly state what millions have been "rationally persuaded" exists or lacks the sophistication to artfully side-step a real answer and at least be ambiguous about this overwhelming reality.

Is he in the same camp as the vocal SETI partisans who seem to be unaware (out of scores of documented cases) of a single instance of an air, ground, radar and visual sighting of "unidentified structured objects" incident?

Mitt Romney, either directly, through his ignorance, mocks the many who have had the courage to speak and report their experience, or indirectly demeans the many in our military who have engaged this reality from the canopy of high performance aircraft.

And of greatest import, he is "light-years away" from the courage and leadership, to say what a political candidate needs to say, the long overdue bold, plain assertion that for unknown reasons this nation has officially told lies about "lights in the skies" for 6 decades, and that the candidate make a sacred promise to the American people:

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