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National Press Conference UFO Conference Report
Part III

Photo Enhancements, Analysis & Interpretation of
The Belgian Black Triangle Photos
(Submitted by various Belgian citizens)

by Robert D. Morningstar
(Copyright 2007, Robert D. Morningstar - All Rights Reserved)

P. M. showed the 2 photos to several people working with him (they have been found back and have confirmed), and then threw away number 36.

One of his colleagues, Mr. L. R., spoke to a press photograph, who bought the copyright (Mr. L. R. and other colleagues have confirmed this part of the story). Then the photo appeared in the press (a couple of months after it had been made)."
[footnote 1]

Kodak 200 ASA film, Praktika BX20 with Cokin 1A skylight filter on zoom setting, exposure 2 seconds at f4."

One of the most admirable characteristics of the Belgian people that I discerned during this study was their generosity and readiness to share their photos with the government and the public, unlike so many in America who seek profit before progress in the investigation of UFOs.

One such person, who chose not to remain anonymous is Mr. J. S. Henrardi, a resident of Wallonia. Here is Mr. Henrardi's photo, which he took on June 15th, 1990.

I have rendered an enhancement of details in this photo, centering the craft and, using the same methods described above have enlarged and sharpened the photo to reveal new details of wing structure, including the bevel of the leading edges, giving us an idea of the thickness of the wing, suggests similarities to Stealth Aircraft of the U.S. Air Force, most notably, the B-2 "Spirit."

Though the craft has been described as silent, many observers of Black Triangles around the world there is sometimes a low hum. Some witnesses in America have noted that the edges of this craft often appear nebulous or "fuzzy" around the edges, especially to those who have found themselves directly under it.

Not only is the craft silent, but also it is often reported that the very atmosphere is changed and that no sounds at all are heard, including the rustling of trees around the witnesses even though the wind is blowing. Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) vibrations emanating from a Black Triangle may be dampening or suppressing the propagation of sound waves normally through the atmosphere. ELF waves effects could also explain some of the unusual somatic sensations of witnesses beneath the craft (including paralysis, sometimes panic, other times calm, serenity in awe), as well as, a sense of time dilation occurring during the sighting event. The use of such ELF frequencies by the U.S. Navy may have resulted in the mass beaching of whales and dolphins and the migration of sharks closer to the shores of North America where such "towed sonar arrays" were used.

The clarity and detail of the port wing light in contrast with the assumed "fuzziness" of the leading and tail edges may indicate that this craft "vibrates" through the atmosphere to achieve its remarkable performance. A vibrating wing form coupled with stealth technology could confer "electronic invisibility" to such a craft far beyond that of the B-2 "Spirit" as such vibration would further serve to disrupt, dampen or dissipate radar (or even) light waves.

While one might tempted to believe at first that the photo is out of focus. However, the enhancement below demonstrates that the photographer was quite steady as he shot the photo…a difficult task even under ordinary circumstances.

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