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Possible UFO In Tarnów Area
Zawada [n.Tarnów, Malopolskie]
by Piotr Cielebiaś

Posted 12:00 December 12, 2006

Possible UFO In Tarnów Area, Poland

Possible UFO In Tarnów Area, Poland
Object changed shape.
Possible UFO In Tarnów Area, Poland
Object morphed again!
On 26th November between 7 and 8 pm., Mr. Ryszard Grabczynski [38] living in Zawada [near Tarnow, Malopolskie] went outside to took some photos of the Moon with his new camera [Samsung 850 PRO]. At some moment he noticed an unusual object in the sky.

“These photos were taken accidentally. I purchased a new camera Samsung 850 PRO. I was photographing the Moon and then I cast a glance in the West. At first moment I thought that it was a planet but the color [dark orange] seemed unnatural. After a while I noticed that it’s moving slowly and – what’s interesting – began to change intensity and color of light.”

The witness rejected possibilities that the object was a planet, satellite or other natural thing. He didn’t mention any other phenomena accompanying the sighting as sounds. The sighting lasted 5 minutes and Mr. Ryszard was able to took several photos of it with his camera set on a tripod. The alleged UFO was moving with speed of a plane from south-west west. The town in the background is Koszyce Wielkie.

Zawada is located south – east from the center of Tarnow, on the St. Martin Mountain (384 m.). “At the moment when I spoted it the object was rather orange. Sometimes it was intense red (when it was disappearing in the west). At some moments it was also white.”

Source: Source: NPN -
By: Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal", 04/12/06

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