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A UFO Digest Book Review

By Dr. Robert Farrell

As the team of scientists returns to their secret underground base in Nevada, chaos erupts and both Corey and Colonel Andrews are abducted by the aliens. The aliens know they can erase Corey's memory before he is released so there is a free exchange of ideas. Corey is left questioning his beliefs in the fabric of the universe, including how the universe began (the big bang theory is wrong), how the fabric of the universe allows for action at a distance and psychic phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, and past lives. During his abduction, the aliens explain their energy source and how their gravity propulsion works. He learns that humankind's threat to the environment is of a major concern. They freely unveil their plan for a new world order and how it will operate to overcome political will to correct the environmental situation.

After his release, Corey is united with Wendy and Colonel Mitchell. While in hiding from the aliens, they develop a plan for activating the artifact without detection. Once activated, they learn from the device what the aliens intend for humanity.

For more information or to purchase click here: Alien Log

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