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Stephane Wuttunee was first published at 17, Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller Stephane Wuttunee’s writing credits include 2 1/2 years as a columnist for a national Native newspaper (THE WINDSPEAKER) and a book of short stories entitled FIRST FLIGHT - Tales Of The Nomad. Besides penning articles for Environment Canada and regional periodicals and newspapers such as The Nation and Alberta Sweetgrass News, he has also spent the better part of fifteen years toiling to create DREAMING THE PYRAMID. His website can be seen at: An experienced public speaker, Stephane has presented in schools and at conferences throughout Canada and the high Arctic, as well as in parts of New Zealand and Australia. Email Stephane.

A UFO Digest Movie Review
The Day The Earth Stood Still
- A Review for the Exopolitically Minded -
by Stephane Wuttunee

Posted: 14:30 December 16, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still
The short and sweet of this 2008 remake by director Scott Derrickson is that if you've put off seeing it in theatres because of some really nasty (and not entirely undeserved) reviews, don't. It's still worth the admission. While its premise and plot are just as cheesy as the 1951 original, this is no cheap, off the shelf, coagulated bovine product we're talking here. No, this film is borderline gourmet cheese instead - served with an equally delectable side dish of exopolitical relevancy.

As everyone knows, movies on Extraterrestrials are a dime a dozen nowadays. What are far rarer art forms however are big budget works portraying ETs as being good or at least neutral towards humanity (wish the same could be said for their robot hardware). Seriously, the last time we saw an Extraterrestrial extending a friendly greeting towards members of the human race upon exit of their craft goes back to 1951 (the original version of The Day The Earth Stood Still), 1977 (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind), 1982 (ET - The Extraterrestrial), and 1984 (Star Man). 1997 (Contact) also bears mentioning as a good year for human/alien interaction. Aside for these exceptions, practically all other "alien flicks" portray ETs as being just plain ornery. No wonder we've greeted them with either bullets or rockets.

Speaking of which...

Gort the robot in The Day the Earth Stood Still

Military presence and firepower is not lacking in this movie. There's enough of that to satisfy any testosterone-ridden moviegoer. Rather, what is lacking in TDTESS is creative freedom and craftsmanship - both in terms of how the film chose to stay close to the original and stray from it at the same time. I get the distinct feeling that a lot of good ideas and interesting plot twists got turned down or wound up on the cutting room floor. Thus, instead of prime rib and filet mignon, we got flank strips and shank laden with saucy special effects and CGI. For those who say that the movie was too predictable and cheesy, let us not forget again that the original was pure cheese as well and that remakes earn their labels because that's what they're designed to be to begin with. They're not supposed to be radically different than their forbearers. Thankfully, this was something I kept in mind as I reluctantly paid the full admission and found my way into the (not surprisingly) empty theatre.

Now, being a mere freelance journalist and not a professional critic, I won't provide a detailed movie synopsis. What I'll do instead is tell you how I was moved or fascinated by the film and offer you what I feel made this worth my time and money.

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