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UFO Digest Newsletter March 4, 2010
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A child went for sunday morning service and this is what happened. More.

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The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash by Philip Mantle and  Paul Stonehill
This week Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill investigates the Dalnegorsk UFO Crash (similar to Roswell). Next, Sean Casteel writes
Continues from left column...

about the 'hidden world' of Richard Shaver and his story of underground races. Then, Ed Komarek is thankful his articles are being well received and continues with the reality of ET integration. Norio Hayakawa, from Japan, explains why he believes in flying saucers but not UFOs. Chris Holly wonders when we will finally listen and then Tony Elliott writes about the NASA Circus. Finally, Joey Boon is back is more Slab Town and part two of Ball on the Roof! Enjoy Dirk

The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash by Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill. This internationally famous UFO incident took place in 1986, on January 29, at 7:55 p.m. Some have called it the Roswell Incident of the Soviet Union. That cold January day a reddish sphere flew into this town from the southeastern direction, crossed part of Dalnegorsk, and crashed at the Izvestkovaya Mountain (also known as Height or Hill 611, because of its size). The object flew noiselessly, and parallel to the ground; it was approximately three meters in diameter, of a near-perfect round shape, with no projections or cavities, its colour similar to that of burning stainless steel. More...

Exploring The "Hidden World" Series Of Richard Shaver by Sean Casteel. The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. But thanks to researchers and publishers like Timothy Green Beckley, who believes that not every strange object seen in the sky has to be from outer space, an entire series of books has been saved from obscurity after a half century in oblivion and has once again been brought into the light of day. More...

Reality of ET Integration by Ed Komarek. I am pleased to hear that my articles are becoming recommended reading for constitutional orientated policymakers involved in UFO/ET related issues. I think it is important that members of the UFO/ET community-underground from the grass roots interact directly with UFO/ET policymakers. In this article I am integrating and transmitting information from a thoughtful group of people in the UFO/ET deep underground that have an obvious interest in a successful transition from a state of ignorance of things extraterrestrial, because of lack of official action (or disclosure), to one in which we, the people, can deal ourselves into the “conversation” with extraterrestrials across the board. More...

I Believe In Flying Saucers, Not in UFOs! by Norio Hayakawa. When people ask me if I believe in UFOs, I have a difficult time answering that question. The best answer that I can think of, when confronted with such a question is "yes, I believe that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time". That answer itself, however, is an incorrect answer because it (the fact that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time) is not a matter of beliefs. It's fact, not fiction. More...

What Will It Take For Us To Listen? w/VIDEO by Chris Holly. I was looking at you tube videos I had stored on my favorites list. I decided to play the video of Dr. Edgar Mitchell being interviewed by an English radio host that I had not really listened to fully the day I saved it. I could not believe my ears, how could I have simply placed this video in my favorites and not given it the incredulous reaction it deserved? Furthermore, how in the world did this interview simply fade away? More...

NASA Circus by Tony Elliott. The use of computer models in determining any scientific outcome whether natural or human should be outlawed as pseudoscience because of the high percentage rate of inaccuracy. The recent Pacific wide tsunami warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was a classic example of the flawed technology of using computer models to try to predict natural occurrences based on an event. More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Ball on the Roof Part Two by Joey Boon. Anyway, let's get back to the story. When Kyle said to Chucky,' Now listen here, Chucky...you stand over here and whenever that ball hits that peak of the roof and comes toward you... be sure to catch it...o.k.?!' More...

Walking Between Worlds Belonging to None
This is the story of Jason, my Indigo child…

Thus begins the story of Ann Andrews, a mother living in England with a unique experience to share about her life and her son, Jason. What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multi-dimensional abilities called “Indigo Children” is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin. Jason explains that “Technically we are all Extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who ‘comes’ from here.”

The Hidden World Number 1: The Dero! The Tero!
by Richard Shaver

The incredible story of Richard Shaver and his underground race of demonic fiends, creatures he claimed live deep below us and are said to have hijacked wonderful inventions like UFOs from alien visitors eons ago, has almost never been completely told. To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: The Hidden World Number 1:

Read review of Exploring The "Hidden World" Series Of Richard Shaver

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