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UFODigest Newsletter March 19, 2009
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One Irishman was downing them faster than usual when the man on the barstool next to him said, "What's wrong?" More.
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The Torrington, Connecticut UFO Flap

This week editor Robert D. Morningstar reports on the growing Torrington UFO Flap,
Continues from left column...

then Steve Hammons writes about soft power. Chris Holly recalls aliens and mystery rays. Babu G. Ranganathan writes about the planet of half-evolved apes! Saturna Brown offers up her next installment of Two Blocks from Slab Town. Peter Fotis Kapnistos writes about Atlantis and more. Ed Komarek writes about the financial meltdown and a Navy Officer's source insists on accuracy. Finally, John DiNardo explains Planet X as is described in the bible. Thanks Dirk

The Torrington, Connecticut UFO Flap by Robert D. Morningstar.
As Editor of UFO Digest, I receive weekly reports on UFO activities around the world. This latest one hit very close to home. The story of the Torrington UFO Flap for me began with this email from a resident of Torrington, a small Connecticut town near Hartford. The email began with: "Someone is reporting in today's paper that they live in Goshen, Conn. and took a walk in the woods. Upon venturing a bit further away than usual they encountered military personnel who told them they needed to leave, that they were trespassing. Goshen does not have military land." More...

Unconventional U.S. soft power: human perception, UFOs by Steve Hammons. As the U.S. takes a second look at benefits and advantages of the use of 'soft power' in international affairs, we might consider some unconventional elements that could fall within this general concept. Soft power is usually considered to be the ability to attract friends and allies and mitigate adversarial situations by way of the attraction of your nation, society or group. More...

Rays and Alien Interactions with Unwilling Earthlings by Chris Holly. Last year I wrote an article about an experience I had when I was a child. I called it Playing in a Paranormal Park. I told the story of dealing with an encounter of the unknown that I will never forget.. Let me let you read part of my child hood ordeal. One hot summers day I packed up my dolls, my lunch, some comics and my friend Melinda for a long lazy afternoon under that willow in the near by State park. We arrived about noon, had our picnic, read a few comics and then got into some serious Barbie doll play! All seemed well until it happened. More...

The Planet of half-evolved apes! by Babu G. Ranganathan. Millions are taught in schools and textbooks all over the world that the fossil record furnishes scientific proof of evolution. But, where are there fossils of partially-evolved apes or other creatures? They say humans evolved from an ape-like creature and that apes evolved from a quadruped dog-like creature and so on... More...

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Two Blocks from Slab Town - Walk! Do Not Run! (part two) by Saturna Brown. Wild dogs were common in Slab Town. Everyone carried a hammer in their belt loop or used a chain for a belt. Well, I was out of luck with having something to use for protection. A flash of using my bare hands flitted into my mind's eye. I actually felt the dog's hair and rushing blood as I imagined squeezing the life out of it. It's saliva oozed on my bare hands. More...

More Terrible than Atlantis? by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. According to Plato, the "great and wonderful empire of Atlantis" ruled the prehistoric Mediterranean world as well as "the opposite continent" (of America), which surrounded "the true ocean." Today the legend of Atlantis is mostly rejected and sporadically made fun of by writers who see it merely as a philosophical invention of Plato's imagination. More...

From Financial Meltdown to Existential Crisis by Ed Komarek. Mankind needs to better understand cycles of creation-destruction-renewal not only in nature but also in human society as well, because we are part of nature. Individuals and groups often attempt to suppress naturally occurring frequent regenerative processes and cycles, only to find that by this interference they have unknowingly contributed to the creation of unnatural large super-cycles of creation... More...

Naval Officer Source Insists on Accuracy by Ed Komarek. I have taken it upon myself to report on the information conveyed by an active duty naval officer associated with the Military UFO Working Group primarily communicating through UFO/ET investigators Clay and Shawn Pickering. I have done this because I believe his is a very important case that is not getting enough coverage in the UFO/ET community. More...

Planet X: Described in ISAIAH 63 by John DiNardo. Ever since Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ——> YHVH ——> Yahweh ——> Jehovah ——> God (Yeshua ——> Jesus, to be) communicated to Isaiah's mind the Hebrew words recorded on his Chapter 63 scroll, twenty-seven centuries ago, every Latin Vulgate translator, every King James translator, every Jewish Publication Society translator, spanning the centuries and the continents, has been hopelessly bewildered and baffled by the utterly mysterious pronouncements, which God transmitted directly to Isaiah's mind... More...

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Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters and Unexplained Phenomena
by Kyle Lovern

New UFO sightings being reported across tri-state

Mingo County UFOlogist and book author Kyle Lovern has been getting an astonishing number of "fresh phone calls" from witnesses documenting entirely new cases of unidentified flying objects and alien findings. Read Review

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