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UfoDigest Newsletter March 29
, 2007
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Is this planet X This week Jaye Beldo contributes Part II of Dream Maniputlation and Mind Control, then Michael Allen submits a very interesting sighting report and photo. Regan Lee writes about "Alien" Abductions and Andy Robert's reviews Philip Mantle's Alien Autopsy Inquest. Art Champoux wonders if ghosts really are of the dead. T. Stokes contributes an article about ritualistic murder and I wonder if global warming will become a new religion. Enjoy Dirk.
Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology Part II
Since the posting on UFO Digest website of my article entitled, "Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology," both dream and MK attacks have intensified to the point where they are pretty much ongoing now. Weekends seem to be the worse for some reason (coinciding with intensive Chem-trail spraying in the area where I live) - yet I somehow manage to maintain a detached perspective on the phenomena, as it isn't wise to respond emotionally and react, as the "targeters" want us to. Find out more. See photo above.

Shiloh Twin Sighting

Within the last few days I received an email and photo from Michael Allen, which once again shows evidence of super secret aircraft. See our story regarding the Tynemouth photograph. The photo was taken in Shiloh, Illinois (approx. 15 miles East of St. Louis) on Friday, March 23, 2005 at 18:19:29 CST. Read Article

"Alien" "Abductions

The use of the term alien abductions is often a bit of a problem for some researchers, including myself. After all, we don't know if they are alien. And they're not being abducted, since frequently the experiences seem to take place on some astral-psychic level. Read Article


"The Alien Autopsy" changed the world of ufology forever in 1995, shattering it into ever more polarised factions. Was it real or was it fake? The autopsy film transcended both categories to take on a reality of its own. British ufologist Philip Mantle was closely involved with the film from the start and in this book chronicles the passage of the autopsy from its birth, when Ray Santilli revealed it to the world, to its current status as icon of the impossible. Read Article

Are Ghosts really of the Dead?

If you have read as many books as I have about UFOs (I have about 275 of them) and of the spirit world (I have about 50), then it is very difficult to differentiate between the two. They seem almost identical: the same eerie experiences but some seem to be religious and others other worldly. Read Article

Da Vinci Code and Operation Templeman

The bizarre, ritualistic slaying of a nun, sister Margaret Ann Pahl, 26 years ago in a chapel in Toledo, Ohio U.S.A. has resulted in 68 year old priest Rev. Gerald Robinson being charged with her death. Read Article

Global Warming: the founding of a new religion

I have had an ongoing debate, for many years, with my brother's girlfriend Jess, about global warming. We both admit that it exists but differ as to its causes. I am an advocate and agree with Rush Limbaugh and other conservative thinkers, that global warming is caused in great part by the sun and solar flares. I do not believe that mankind is the sole or primary cause of planet warming. Read Article

UFOs - We Are
Not Alone...
2-DVD - OVER 7 Hours.
This thrilling, fascinating comp-ilation searches for real evidence of myths, legends, conspiracy theories with amazing photographic footage. Features six great documentary films and includes the bonus feature film, "ufo: Target Earth".
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The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race
The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race
Jim Sparks's account of a decade of consciously remembered encounters with intelligent alien beings provides one of the richest and most detailed documentations of all abduction history. He has been given a sobering message for humanity: our planet is dying. Click here.

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