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UFODigest Newsletter April 10, 2008
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Beeping Creatures
This week Regan Lee investigates "beeping Creatures" and Ed Komarek wonders if aliens are colonizing earth. We suggest you read Avian Flu Update and new contributor Angela Zayak demands that we be silent no more about ETs! Philip Mantle interviews Michael from the rock band Element 115! Robert D. Morningstar reviews Gideon's Spies - a story about Israeli spies. Then Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D. writes about dreaming about an Egyptian pyramid. Enjoy Dirk.
An interesting characteristic of Bigfoot, UFO and alien encounters is the electronic, beeping sound many witnesses report hearing during these incidents. In Peter Guittilla’s Bigfoot Files, he writes about a 1979 report of Bigfoot activity in the area where the witnesses lived -- hearing screams, etc. -- as well as beeping sounds.
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Are We Covertly Being Colonized By Aliens? by Ed Komarek
Those of us involved in the emerging field of exopolitics attempt to make sense out of the huge body of evidence available to us involving extraterrestrial reality. I believe the stakes are very high for all of humanity that we collectively understand our situation relative to UFO/ET reality.
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Avian Flu Update A UFO Digest Public Service Message
There are concerns that the avian flu (H5N1) could mutate, and become infectious to humans. Although this may seem alarming, there are measures you can take to prevent contracting and spreading all strains of influenza, including the avian flu. It is critical that all of us remain healthy. Read Article

Silence No More by Angela Zayak
Almost everyone knows that governments perpetrate clandestine secret operations and disinformation campaigns as such programs are often revealed through declassified documents and whistle blowing insiders. And thus many people have developed the eye of a skeptic in regard to "official" explanations of cause for certain actions.
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The UFO subject made its way into popular culture many years ago. It has been used extensively in advertising, movies and of course music. We had the rock band UFO and today there is the FOO FIGHTERS. David Bowie sang about his 'Starman', The Carpenters and their 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft', to name but a few. The list of UFO themed songs in popular music is quite extensive.
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GIDEON'S SPIES Reviewed by Robert D. Morningstar
The history of Israel is the story of applied intelligence and counter intelligence operations. From Moses' sabotage of the Egyptian army's chariot wheels (with the help of The Lord) to Gideon's campaign against the Canaanites, spying and counterintelligence have been hallmarks of Israel's survival. Read Article

Passing away through an ancient pyramid wall by Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D.
On the Saturday morning I dreamt that I was standing inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid and there were two people stood on the left hand side of me. We were stood in a row all three of us facing the pyramid wall.
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Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this fascinating film about ancient advanced civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Many new and amazing theories are now emerging about the origins of human civilization and Atlantis.

Welcome to Overnight AM hosted by L.A. Lamphere!

Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy by Miriam Delicado
So what makes this book stand out from the rest is the author's own heartfelt feelings on her own personal experiences that absolutely come racing out of he pages of this book and floods through the reader's mind. Click here.

Quest for Middle-earth by Dirk Vander Ploeg
What Came Before The Flood? Before the "Age of Man" Tolkien saw a very different world. Quest for Middle-earth is Dirk's personal journey into the past - part science, part religion and part fantasy. Only $13.46.

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