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UfoDigest Newsletter April 19, 2007
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UFO Over Vatican This week we have an amazing photo of an unknown object over the Vatican, submitted by Piotr Cielebias. Then Sam Willey reports on a grey UFO seen over London in 1981. John Milor wonders if the reality of ET life will shatter religion? Next, Stephen Yulish tells us the true story of UFOs. Then can we understand heaven using quantum physics? Art Champoux reviews Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda. Finally, Mary Alice Bennett, writes about Manta UFOs! Enjoy Dirk.
UFO Over Vatican
Received the following photo and message from my good friend Piotr Cielebias, NPN - www.npn.ehost.pl: Concerning the photograph - On the left side of the Basilic's Cuppola there is a bright object (left upper corner), orange in color. What do you think about it. Read Article See photo above.

Grey Metallic Disc Sighted over London - 1981
Paul Anderson is currently living in London, England and around one week ago he contacted me regarding a sighting he had of a grey metallic disc-like object that he witnessed in 1981 above an apartment complex in South Hackney. Here is Paul’s eyewitness report of the events... Read Article

Will Reality of Extraterrestrial Life Shatter Religion?
In the words of physicist and author Paul Davies, "The existence of extraterrestrial intelligences would have a profound impact on religion, shattering completely the traditional perspective of God's special relationship with man. Read Article

The True Story of UFOs
In my novel, The Great Harpazo Deception, Azazel is first discovered by Stephen, a remote viewer, who after leaving the CIA's disbanded spying project, joins the Lazant Institute and turns his talents to scanning the heavens for such extraterrestrial life. Read Article

Understanding Heaven Via Quantum Physics
Many people think of heaven as a formless cloud where people will have a kind of blind, blissful awareness. Or they think of heaven as a vast plane with a ground and a sky, but their thinking doesn't go beyond this. Read Article

Do the Aliens Have An Agenda?
Do the aliens have an agenda? Well when you read the book by Jim Marrs, Alien Agenda, you will begin to understand that there probably is one. Read Article

Manta UFOs as Living Creatures and the Nature of Aquatic Cryptids: Paranormal Corridor Southwest

The manta-shaped object glides like a ghost in the darkness illuminating its surroundings with a hypnotic display of twinkling lights around its periphery. After mesmerizing its intended prey, it suddenly strikes, extracting what it requires to survive. Read Article

Also read The Value of Husbandry by Glenn Kimball Read Article

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