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UFODigest Newsletter May 29, 2008
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The Sauniere Mystery Continues - A Message in a Bottle
This week Mary Alice Bennett presents a great article on Rennes Le Chateau and the message in the bottle! Then, Cynthia Konold made a discovery by examining shapes and symbols. What do you think? Theresa J. T. Morris explains why she is a believer. Next, Ron Martinez shares his amazing story and photo entitled Angel on the Water. T. Davidson writes our shrinking brain! British conspiracy writer T Stokes writes about the biggest secret of World War II! Ron Murdock wonders what true believers are really up to? Rodney Kawecki pens a new article on future time-travel. Enjoy Dirk.
The Sauniere Mystery Continues - A Message in a Bottle by Mary Alice Bennett
The newly discovered artifacts from Rennes-le-Chateau are controversial and disputed. Do they rank alongside the huge crystal sphere and legendary gold bees from the tomb of Childeric I, son of Merovee, as genuine Merovingian treasures? Indeed, they could be the first century vessels upon which the dynasty was founded. More...

"First Contact? or "A Brain Tumor with a Sense of Humor" by Cynthia Konold
Shortly after my 52nd birthday, I first wrote the pieces: 'Word of Walt', 'Newton Experiments', 'Stolen Hour', 'Einstein & the Inside Joke', and a few other assorted shorts. It was after I wrote the piece on 'Spirals', and thought about those symbols all in a row, that I figured out their meaning… and created the 'Shape & Symbol Survey', to see if others saw the same things, I did. More...

Believer of ET, UFOs, 13 Crystal Skulls and Ascension Enlightment Revelations by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Sharing Extra-terrestrial UFOs are real while desiring to be normal is a challenge. Being a believer in 13 crystal skulls as they relate to ETS and UFOS is not easy to admit. I personally believe in a path of ascension enlightenment and that ETs, UFOs, and 13 crystal skulls relate to the paranormal quest I have began to share with others in my writings. Here is the basic general outline of how I became to be a believer. More...

Angel on the Water by Ron Martinez
This incredible photograph was captured using a 35 mm disposable underwater camera, (Fuji 27 exp.) We are Ron and Linda Martinez, husband and wife of 23 years. We discovered this amazing image when we returned home from a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. You can view the entire roll of film here on our website. We have the negative as proof of its authenticity. More...

The Shrinking Human Brain by T. Davidson
Most people don't know this but the human brain has shrunk dramatically through the millennia of the history of mankind. Scientists are in some disagreement as to whether this shrinkage started thirty thousand years ago, or ten thousand years ago, but they agree that the brain has shrunk by 8-10%. The brain has in fact been shrinking for the past 100,000 years albeit at a slower rate. More...

The Biggest Secret of World War II by T Stokes
Litzi Friedman, the wartime Russian spy was also quite a big fish in the Jewish underground, with tentacles through millionaire Phil Share, Abram Games, Herbert Morrison the British Home Office minister and Winston Churchill continuing through Flora Solomon through Marks & Spencer to Churchill's mentor, lord Victor Rothschild, who was himself a very senior MI5 agent. More...

What Are Some Believers Really Up To? by Ron Murdock
A few years ago I read a letter to the editor in the Terrace Standard, a paper in Northwest British Columbia, Canada. My reaction had me wonder just what the letter writer was up to. The writer of the letter had compared witchcraft to having the power to do unnatural things such as casting spells, curses and incantations with the aid of evil spirits and Satan. More...

Future World Earth Time Travel Hypothesis by Rodney Kawecki
The physical activity of traveling FTL (Faster Then Light) is a pre-determined schedule. Meaning that at such velocities a ship for example appears at a local(location) from a destination before the time it left at. More...

Secrets of the Ancients
This presentation features best-selling author and ancient languages scholar Zechariah Sitchin. Discover the amazing information he has uncovered about the origins of Humanity and ancient Extraterrestrial Visitors to Earth. 2-DVD set. Only $12.95!

The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border:
by Robert B. Willingham

A retired U.S. Air Force colonel and former fighter jet pilot says that he chased a UFO across West Texas and watched it crash along the Rio Grande River near Del Rio, Texas. Click here.

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