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UFODigest Newsletter June 26, 2008
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Leading UFO Researchers Confirm Christian View
This week William Nugent, confirms Christian views about UFOs. Then, Jannice Fadely connects Chits, politics and David Keresh. Mary Alice Bennett continues her series on Sauiere's secrets. Next, Theresa J. T. Morris discusses alien ET messengers. Hector Escalante reports on UFO photographed over beach. David Brager writes about rebooting heaven. Marshall Vian Summers writes about the ethics of ET contact. British writer J.M. Sinclair writes about the Stigmata. Finally, from Russia: Natasha Demkina uses her X-ray Vision to help people! Enjoy Dirk.
Leading UFO Researchers Confirm Christian View by William Nugent.
A general consensus has emerged among serious, science oriented UFO researchers that a certain small percentage of UFOs are real and are not figments of anyone's imagination. Furthermore, it is well known that many individuals claim to receive messages from alleged extra-terrestials aboard UFOs. More...

Politics, Chits and Memetic Engineering by Jannice Fadely.
I used to know the chief of security of the Waco compound when David Keresh and all of the others were massacred. I do not remember all the details of what happened. I talked to him about it several times for hours on the phone for over five years. More...

Sauniere`s Secret - Treasure by Torchlight by Mary Alice Bennett.
When Ben Hammott first fought his way through the overgrown brush to find the hidden cave entrance, he saw to his dismay that someone had been there before him. On closer examination he determined that the footprints were not new. Perhaps the Abbe Sauniere had been there. The shoes of a turn-of-the-century priest would leave far different impressions than those of a hiker with modern tread-patterns. More...

Alien Extraterrestrial UFO Messengers by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
We are at a turning point once again in time on earth when we must pay attention to the signs, patterns and messages. There are celestial beings that are guiding some of us as they always have on earth. More...

Alleged Chance UFO Photographed Over Beach by Hector Escalante.
On April 9, 2008, a sergeant of the Venezuelan Armed Forces (name on file) photographed a group of children who were in the vicinity of the Caney del Chivo restaurant in the locality of La Zorra, Estado Vargas, capturing a fortuitous image of what appears to be an unidentified flying object. More...

The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the Ethics of Contact by Marshall Vian Summers.
Humanity now stands at the threshold of space. Craft of unknown origin have been sighted flying unimpeded in our skies with ever greater frequency since the end of World War II. Contact has begun, but it is Contact that is happening behind the scenes. More...

Rebooting Heaven: The Basics by David Brager.
Greetings Fellow Cyborgs. I need you to take in my last article at this site, the UFO Digest, for my article is a factual assembly of data to one point, and from here, I need to show you what Mohammed learned from this and why he built the civilization that became Islam. More...

The Stigmata by J.M.Sinclair.
One of the most rare and disturbing religious paranormal phenomena is the stigmata, or the manifestation of the wounds of the passion of Christ on the body. These wounds can range from a seemingly psychosomatic feeling of the wounds and the associated pain, but with no corresponding visible damage to the skin, to full blown unexplainable wounds that bleed and cause great discomfort to the stigmatic. More...

Natasha Demkina uses her X-ray Vision to help people! by Julia Bulygina.
Natasha Demkina (born in 1987, in the city of Saransk) is hailed in Russia as "the girl with X-ray eyes". The girl claims to have the gift of second sight, which enables her to see internal organs of the human body. More...

Starting with eyewitness accounts of discoid craft during and after World War II, this shocking documentary goes on to discusse Foo-Fighters and Ghost Rockets. It then launches into the Vril Society, Hitler's secret weapons, and the amazing technologies developed by Viktor Schauberger and others.

Fátima Revisited:
The Apparition Phenomenon in Ufology, Psychology and Science:
by Joaquim Fernandes, PhD

Just who was the brilliant entity that appeared to three young children at Fátima in 1917? Was she the Virgin Mary, as the Catholic Church would have us believe, sharing divine secrets with believers? Was she an angel, bringing a message of peace to a world at war? Read Review

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