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UFODigest Newsletter July 9, 2009
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A prosecuting attorney just could not believe that a jury had found the defendant not guilty. More.
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John Keel Author of The Mothman Prophecies Has Died

I am back from holidays and will have a few stories to share with you over the next few weeks. Sadly, John Keel, author of the Mothman Prophecies has died. Read Stephen Yulish's article about Mr. Keel. Nancy Talbott is spreading the word that National Geographic TV is misleading the public about Crop Circles. Then, Steve Hammons writes about Twitter and George Clooney's new movies.
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New contributor David P Kulman explains elementary denials and complex reports re: UFOs. Chris Holly wonders what is going on with the weather and in a second article wonders what is hipping in a cloud. Then, Ed Komarek is back and he wants to ask Henry Kissinger a question and secondly reports on important developments in the intelligence community. Steve Bass writes about the friendship of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his predecessor, George H.W. Bush. Theresa J. Thurmond Morris contributes Part II in her Taken Up Series. Saturna Brown continues her Slab Town take and finally Ron Murdock wonders about truth. Enjoy Dirk.

John Keel Author of The Mothman Prophecies Has Died by Stephen Yulish PhD. John Alva Keel, 79, a noted Fortean, writer and journalist died on July 3, 2009 at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, not far from his Westside NYC apartment, after months in a Nursing Home after suffering a heart attack. He was born Alva John Kiehle in upstate New York on March 25, 1930. He published his first story at age 12 in a magicians magazine. He became a scriptwriter for radio and television and a newspaper journalist. His first book Jadoo in 1957 was about black magic in the Orient. More.

DANGER - National Geographic TV Misleads Public About 'Crop Circles' by Nancy Talbott. Every few years National Geographic TV decides to do another crop circle 'documentary.' Nancy Talbott, of the BLT Research Team Inc., was persuaded to participate in 2005 because she was told that Nat.Geo.TV wanted to make this show 'all about crop circle science.' She was therefore somewhat appalled to see--when the show aired--that Nat.Geo.TV had included only the briefest mention of just one of the points made in her 3-hour interview, totally ignoring all of the rest of the peer-reviewed facts available.More...

Twitter experiment, 'Goats' movie tackle 'remote viewing' by Steve Hammons. What do a recent Twitter extrasensory perception (ESP) experiment and an upcoming movie starring George Clooney have in common? Both address the topic of 'remote viewing.' Remote viewing refers to a method of using human consciousness to obtain information and understanding about situations, places, things and people that are not known to the remote viewer.More...

UFOs: Elementary Denials Explain Complex Reports? by David P Kuhlman. There are indeed many avenues that lead to the ongoing investigation of unidentified flying objects, as we know them. Many different people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and professions have been at one time, introduced to this phenomenon, either by personal experience or through the numerous materials written on the subject. As it is, we have prominent people in prominent positions that regularly report such activities, as well as reports from people we refer to as run of the mill, ordinary folk. More...

What’s Going on With the Weather? by Chris Holly. Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009. (June 16, 2009, 6:07 pm). I do not know about the weather where you live but here on Long Island New York it is really strange. Over my lifetime I cannot recall a time when I was still wearing a jacket in the middle of June. We are not able to go side to do anything summer like as it has been raining every day now for weeks. Our pools sit unused and our beaches deserted. More... Also read: What Out of this World is Hiding in That Cloud?

A Question for Dr. Henry Kissinger by Ed Komarek. There have been indications from many sources over the years that Dr. Henry Kissinger is or was near the very top of the autocratic power structure that is responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up. It has been rumored that Henry is or was the most politically powerful person on the MJ 12 committee most likely beginning his tenure in the 1960s. His name would not be in the leaked MJ 12 documents because the documents released are dated prior to his tenure.More... Also read: Important Developments In Intelligence Community - Public Cooperation and Colaboration

Chupacabras-A Cover Up Conspiracy? by Cora S.. A year has passed since I witnessed a strange creature as I was driving home on N. Holly Road towards Holly, Michigan. I decided to share a more detailed description of this sighting with other UFO researchers and society in general. I would like to talk to others who may have seen something that looks like this creature I encountered last July.More...

Friends to an End by Steve Bass. The friendship of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his predecessor, George H.W. Bush, is an interesting one and was fast to become a favorite story for the media. A staunch Republican who lost his Presidential reelection bid to a Democrat former governor of the state of Arkansas who furiously dug away at the former's perceived broken promise of "no new taxes" with comments and slogans like "it's the economy, stupid" would probably be the last pair to develop a strong kinship. More...

GREYS AND NORDICS - Part 11 - Taken Up Series by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. What makes us all different is what makes us all more interesting. Why would anyone want to be the exact same as another being or essence? Who in their right mind believes that the humans on earth are the only beings in this galaxy that are intelligent species? This is going to begin the part of the book that begins flowing toward the middle and the yummy stuff.More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Father's Intuition (Part Two) by Saturna Brown. Father had always been a light sleeper, before he started taking the medicine sent by the Veteran's Administration. He described his condition as 'Cherokee blood running through my veins.' Father was one-quarter Native American, the descendant of a medicine man. Maybe, that's why Father was so intuitive. More...

Which Is Closer To The Truth: Conspiracy Theory Or Official Version? by Ron Murdock . There is always three sides to a story; one persons version, the other persons version then there is the truth. Conspiracy theories do have an amount of paranoia to them along with an element of truth. Whereas the official version is a heavily sanitized version of what really happened and its what the authorities in power would have you believe.More...

Alien Origins
by Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye is at the forefront of research into human origins from alien sources. His Intervention Theory proposes that human DNA is not of this world. Using remarkable scientific analysis, Lloyd Pye makes a strong case in this presentation filmed at the International Scientific and Metaphysical Symposium in Australia.

LAST WEEK's Top DVD: Mothman & MIB DVD

'UFO Abduction From Undersea'
By Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens

The The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'

As Timothy Green Beckley quite rightly states in his introduction to "UFO Abduction From Undersea," UFOs have been sighted in the skies since man first began to keep written records of his own existence. Read Review

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