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UFODigest Newsletter September 10, 2009
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President Dubya was awakened one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon. "Mr. President," said the four-star general, barely able to contain himself, "there's good news and bad news." More.
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Hoax and Fraud in the scientific establishment

Honor and remember the victims of those who died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

This week Lewis Brackett writes about hoax and fraud in the scientific establishment.
Continues from left column...

Next, Dan McWilliams discusses the 'smoking gun' of UFO/alien research. Then, Regan Lee is back, wondering about black triangles and international air space. Michael Cohen reports on a massive UFO development in China. Next, UFO Digest editor Robert D. Morningstar and Jill Benzer review the film The Appearance of a Man. Sam Willey our UK correspondent reviews the blockbuster movie District 9! Chris Holly writes about ghosts, time slips and herself. Tony Elliott explains swiss cheese articles. Carolyn Shield searches for the Holy Grail and finally Slab Town coninues as told by Joey Boon. Enjoy Dirk.

Hoax and Fraud in the scientific establishment by Lewis Brackett. One's perspective dictates one's conclusion. Science emphatically denies any sort of supernatural even though facts and events show their evidence. Dr Hawking stated that all scientific inquiry is based on a series of assumptions. If these assumptions are inaccurate, then your conclusion falls apart. Daniken, Sitchin and Biblical authors often talk about the same events, but from differing perspectives Scientific authors with impressive credentials involved in the "peer review" process are hardly immune from bias. More...

Is The 'Smoking Gun' of UFO/Alien Research At Hand' by Dan McWilliams. Today the field of UFO/alien research is little different from the imaginary world of Harry Potter. A small minority of 'wizards' accept at least the possibility, if not the reality, of otherworldly existence. Wizards are opposed by a vast majority of 'muggles' with attitudes about the unknown or unacceptable that range from vapid disinterest to seething outrage. More...

International Air Space and the Black Triangles by Regan Lee . In past articles on the black triangles, I've often made the comment about the fact the triangles appear all over the world, which means they appear in international air space. I've stated that this is risky; the abrupt appearance of an unknown craft in another country's air space seems dangerous. But, if we don't know who the triangles belong to, if they're man made or alien, and so on, the issue is probably moot. More...

Massive UFO development: Disclosure Coming In China by Michael Cohen . Now it has been reported in China that the famous Purple Mountain Observatory has confirmed that they observed a UFO on the day of the eclipse and have forty minutes worth of footage which they will spend the next year studying. More...

The Appearance of a Man - A Film By Daniel Pace by Robert D. Morningstar & Jill Benzer. 'The Appearance of a Man', an independent film written and directed by Daniel Pace is a most compelling work that boldly explores a unique perspective on UFOs. It is a special achievement, reflecting much research, soul searching and a profound dedication to the artistic process. The endeavor was inspired by the personal experiences of people in Arizona and the phenomenon of 'The Phoenix Lights.' More...

An Insight into District 9 by Sam Willey . The story surrounds an arthropod-like alien race whose mother ship stops seemingly stranded above Johannesburg, South Africa in 1990. The story itself actually takes place 20 years after the arrival of the aliens in 2010. The human population welcome the aliens at first but 20 years on tensions become high and the population becomes sick of the stranded visitors, being held in a refugee camp which soon turns into a militarized ghetto. Multi-National United (MNU) are called in to forcibly evict the alien population and move them to another location away from the human populous. More...

Ghosts, Time slips and Dimensional Cross-overs - My confession to My Own Encounters by Chris Holly . Recently I have been asked why I do not write more about ghosts. My answer is that I do not feel comfortable with these subjects. I have not had the time or knowledge that is needed to give these areas the proper attention I feel they deserve. I have however had events falling into this category during my own life. Knowing what I saw does not give me the ability to explain what it was I witnessed only the ability to describe or report what I have seen. More...

Swiss Cheese Articles by Tony Elliott. On the surface, it seems as if the world is going through a period of increased UFO sightings as reported by several writers here in the UFO Digest and other publications. However, the data released by Mutual UFO Network as of 9-09 indicates that no more sightings have occurred during the last 8 months of 09 than in previous years. More...

What's behind door Number one...The Holy Grail? by Carolyn Shield . Above are eleven apostles all seated at the supper table except for the female looking disciple whose is kissing Jesus hand which hangs over the cup/grail? Their hands joined in marriage over the cup. This disciple has no halo? Why not? More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town The Ruins (part one) by Joey Boon . I'll never forget the many places my sister and I would go on our bicycles. We'd either be looking for bottles, or some other type of treasure. Most people refer to their discarded items as pure junk. Well, not Cissy and I!- We knew the true value of these things, and made sure to collect as much of it, as we could carry home with us. More...

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UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapons?
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The Nazi UFO Controversy: Banned In 22 Countries

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