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UFODigest Newsletter November 25, 2009
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Asked to write a composition entitled, "What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving," a student wrote, More.
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Unknown Object Overhead At Notre Dame - Pitt Game

We at UFO Digest wish our friends and readers Happy Thanksgiving! This week we have two submissions: one shows a possible UFO at Heinz Field Stadium and the second shows great examples of lens flares. Then, new contributor Jim Quirk asks is ET in charge? Then Scott Corrales sends us a report on the Rebord UFO sighting and another on the
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Peruvian Piura lights. Next, Ray Stanford updates his Socorro UFO incident. Chris Holly discusses head banging and the paranormal. Steve Hammons wonders if the movie 2012 helps us to prepare for the future? Ed Komarek updates us on new exopolitic developments. Researchers are surprised at what they are finding in Lake Vostok. Joey Boon writes about the old rockin' chair and Stephane Wuttunee writes about the need for space. Ron Murdock wants to break the cycle of poverty and finally Stephen Yulish tells us the rest of the story about why he is forever grateful! Enjoy Dirk.

Unknown Object Overhead At Notre Dame - Pitt Game by Dirk Vander Ploeg. This photo was taken 11/14/09 in Pittsburgh at the Notre Dame - Pitt game tailgate party. I was taking some random photos of the area. After downloading the photos I noticed in one shot of Heinz Field Stadium an object over the stadium. Don`t know what it is. I enlarged it, and it looks like a light source on top of it. More... Also read: Sparta, North Carolina Sky Objects

Is ET in charge? by Jim Quirk. Alien intelligences may be controlling the United States government at its highest, most secret level. If, in fact, the top-secret federal government entity in charge of controlling information about the extraterrestrial reality is itself being controlled by aliens, that would help explain why the government is reluctant to release any data related to the phenomenon. U.S. citizens began reporting Unidentified Flying Objects to federal, state and local authorities in 1947, but ever since the beings piloting these strange flying machines have done a stellar job of keeping their operation secret. More...

The Rebord UFO Sighting, Argentina! by Julio Degeneve & Roberto Rebord. In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 8, 2009, the Rebord family returned home to Barrio Sanatorio. The family, consisting of Jorge Pedro, Maria Isabel and Laura Rossana, had toured the area before returning home. As they exited their truck on the street in question, Pep looked skyward over the building and was able to see an object moving in a south to north direction. Examining it more closely, he was able to see two additional objects in loose formation. More... Also read: The Peruvian Piura Lights

Socorro UFO 1964 Incident Update by Ray Stanford. Ever since I told the truth about what red emblem Lonnie Zamora actually saw on the side of the object on April 24, 1964, in my eulogy to him, certain 'Johnny-Come-Lately' pretenders have been declaring that I took advantage of Lonnie Zamora's death to create a lie about what was actually seen by him on the side of the object. More...

The Head Banging Subject Known as the Paranormal by Chris Holly. I was surfing about the internet looking at all the current things being written and talked about concerning the paranormal when I came across a conversation between two people being played out concerning aliens and earth. The article caught my attention as the first paragraph said something like Ė 'Why aliens refuse to end world hunger'- or something close to that statement. I read the article and I burst out laughing. The theory of the skeptic in the article was that the reason aliens do not end world hunger is because they do not exist! More...

Movie '2012' Helps Prepare Us For The Future by Steve Hammons. The new blockbuster movie 2012 is exciting and fun Ö but is it based on anything close to reality? Could our planet Earth go through changes so fundamental that crustal plates shift and buckle, widespread earthquakes shake and multiple volcanoes explode? NASA says donít worry about it. But donít rule it out, according to some theories. More...

On Cabbages and Kings by Ed Komarek. I wanted to put people onto a few recent important developments that relate to exopolitics. All these bits and pieces add up for researchers who try to put them all together into a context that is more or less accurate. It's flying by the seat of ones pants of course, and the more talent and experience one has at intelligence gathering and analysis, the better one gets at developing a fairly accurate model of what is going on. More...

Secrets Unveiled By Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake by Pavel Urushev. Antarctic ice drilling that would allow scientists to get to Lake Vostok (East) hidden for millions of years, will become one of the most important scientific events equal to the launch of the Large Hadron collider. Scientist can only guess what can be found there. Pravda.Ru interviewed Andrey Balashev, a member of the Institute of molecular genetics, to find out what scientists expect to find. More...

Two Blocks from Slab Town - Old Rockin' Chair by Joey Boon. When I was just a young little sprout, I never realized the enormous value of that old rockin' chair we had on the front porch. I would, however, sit there just rockin' away for hours on end. One day this lady that lived on Lowry street came to pay Mom a visit ( for you that don't know, Lowry Street was the block just north of where we lived). More...

The Need For Space by Stephane Wuttunee . Iím not too sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way in recent weeks, by some unknown mechanism of events perhaps, it happened. I became a conspiracy theorist. More...

A Spiritual Approach To Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty by Ron Murdock. A few years ago I did an interview with Lorraine Trout and Liz McDougall on how spirituality can be used to break the cycle of poverty in a persons life. Trout is the full time minister and McDougall was the part time minister of the Centre of Positive Living in Saskatoon. Following are the thoughts they shared with me. More...

Forever Grateful: The Rest of the Story by Stephen Yulish. I know that I need not wallow in the mud of my past and that Christ has forgiven me of all these transgressions and remembers them not but let me wallow a minute to show you the ultimate grace and forgiveness of our Lord. In my earlier article, Forever Grateful, I showed you how 'I did not choose God but that He chose me' but that is too simplistic. Here is the rest of the story. More...

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