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Side Effect: Testament of a Contactee

Posted April 12, 2006

Written by Enola Nicks

The "alien abduction" phenomenon may not be the result of extraterrestrial beings taking us unwillingly from our beds, to perform terrible experiments on our minds and bodies. Rather, it appears to be a very human interference, led by agents of some sinister and powerful force who swoop in AFTER first contact is made between an alien and a human.

Side Effect: Testament of a ContacteeSide Effect is the true story of one woman’s quest for understanding. Having experienced paranormal phenomena most of her life, from UFOs to ghosts, Enola Nicks has also witnessed the other side of the "alien abduction" experience, and has managed to overcome attempts at mind control that urged her never to speak up.

Believing the time for the ultimate revelation is soon at hand, Nicks offers her testimony for the record, describing her UFO sightings, telepathic communications, abductions, premonitions, and her self-regression to episodes in her youth that indicate a lifelong relationship with both human agents and nonhuman entities.

A refreshingly personal and concise account, to be read in one sitting, as if enjoying a late-night conversation.

The following is an excerpt from Side Effect:

A few weeks later, at the end of March, 1990, I was well into the preparatory work for college, and was looking for a part-time job to help fund my first full year. I landed a position in a new, seasonal garden centre that was being set up in a tent-like structure in the car park of what was then The Bay department store. More or less in charge of the entire branch, one of my duties was to take the keys at the end of the day, across the car park and into The Bay’s office, for safe keeping until morning. This I did each evening I was on duty, without too much concern; we didn’t make enough money for anyone to risk stealing the keys, and unless someone was watching me regularly, they wouldn’t even know I had them on me. There was absolutely no reason for me to be wary.

One day, however, I noticed a large white car parked near the garden-shop tent. It had been there for some time, without anyone getting in or out. I couldn’t say why, but this bothered me and as the shop had been relatively quiet all afternoon, I decided to close just a little earlier, while shoppers were still circulating and the chances of anything untoward happening were slim.

As I walked across the car park, I kept one eye on the car. I then noticed that the windows were tinted black… and that the car had no license plates! As I approached the foyer doors of The Bay, I cautiously turned, not wanting to make it obvious that I had noticed the vehicle, but it had moved. It was pulling out, slowly, and was leaving. The timing was uncanny. I stepped inside the doors and stopped, this time staring right at the car as it drove by: it slowed almost to a halt as it came by me, then drove off at normal speed.

I sensed this was no ordinary situation. In the back of my mind I considered that whoever was in the car knew me. For a moment I even considered the possibility that someone had intercepted my letter to Mr. Hopkins and that I was now under surveillance. Or was I just getting paranoid now? It was creepy, unsettling, and it proved to be not the first time such a car had played a role in my strange life.

Continue reading the excerpt from the book.

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