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Stalin's half-man, half-ape Super Soldier
Origins and History of Human DNA Manipulation
By Dirk Vander Ploeg

In the past year we have read articles about the mapping of the human genome and the altering of our DNA in hopes of eradicating disease. Scientists are considering resurrecting Woolly Mammoths and creating real Jurassic Parks. And the debate continues about "intelligent design" concerning the origins of man. School boards are discussing religion and science, Darwinism versus Creationism, across America. Appeal court judges and weighing in on the debate and adjudicating decisions.

Soviet Experiments

According to Super-troopers: Stalin wanted Planet of the Apes-like troops, insensitive to pain and hardship.
And now, only days before Christmas, an article has been published on the website entitled Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors written by Chris Stephen and Allan Hall. It alleges that Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered a scientist to create a Super-soldier by crossbreeding humans with apes.

According to Russian newspapers Stalin' stated, "I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat."

Over the years the Soviet Red Army had been decimated by war and civil conflict and Stalin, always in fear of losing power, needed strong and healthy soldiers. Add to that the fact that Stalin's aim and that of the Soviet Politburo, was to control the world and the spread of communism. So in 1926 they requested that the Academy of Science build a "living war machine".

Ilya Ivanov, one of Russia's top animal breeding scientists was chosen by Stalin to make the perfect soldier. Mr Ivanov established the world's first centre for the artificial insemination of racehorses.

Ironically, the story states that the Russian's also needed a large labour force to begin its first Five-Year plan to turn Russia's economy from that of agrarian to industrial. The Soviet's need a workforce that didn't complain and didn't die. Recent crop failures had left the population starving and complaining bitterly. The initial budget for the new super-soldier was $200,000, a vast sum in the 1920s.

1926 Ivanov went to West Africa in 1926 to perform experiments by impregnating chimpanzees. A centre for the experiments was also established in Georgia for raise the apes.

The experiments we are told were a total failure and Mr. Ivanov returned to the Soviet Union in disgrace. Sperm gathered from the apes was used to impregnate human volunteers but this too ended in failure.

Reason for the Failure

Ivanov was undoubtedly a student of Darwinism and sincerely believed Mankind was related to the great apes: orangutan, gorilla, and chimpanzee. But he didn't consider the possibility that we were not.

Great apes have 24 pairs of chromosomes. That is the female has 24 pairs of chromosomes in her egg and the male has 24 pairs of chromosomes in his sperm.

Humans have only 23 pairs of chromosomes and what is truly remarkable about this fact is that we apparently once had 24 pairs of chromosomes just like the great apes!

What science has discovered is that our second and third chromosomes have been fused together. This fusing could only be accomplished in a laboratory by manipulating the egg. No disease or natural genetic condition has ever caused a species to alter its chromosomal structure!

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