2012 Preparation Ascension Age Unexplainable Paranormal Beyond 12-21-12

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

We are here to create that which forever lives inside us all as the creators who have always been modified in our words, our world, and our lives as body-mind-spirits.  For those who have the  belief in the beyond and imaginations to share their gifts and talents as those who are of the mystics, oracles, prophets, sages, seers, and shaman of this world share that which we know as work and words.

We are destined to live out our destinies as fate will allow for all those who are sent here to be created again in the likeness of their creators. We are they who are the immortal alien extraterrestrials who from the heavens came and shall come again and again throughout all time and eternity as our own thoughts create us all as we create our future worlds beyond this one in which we now find our own selves existing in what we create as time.

Time is but one of the ingredients with space and that which has always been of those who are the terra formers of this universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, to return to that of the Alphaverse of the alpha males and the Omegaverse of the Omega females of those who were the ancients in the beginning and from those who were created we shall adopt that which has always been and we shall learn from our perfected thoughts as we truly are the creators.

The change that is to come is in the realization of our own immortality that is beyond the grave. That which we give birth too with our own belief. We are the receivers of that which those who have always been have bestowed us with in our own existence. Our own existence is the proof that we cannot create that which is the creators alone but are in the knowledge that it takes both a male and a female of our own species to create another of our own kind. Therein lays the truth of our own immortality that goes beyond the reasoning of our own minds.

We who are the story tellers, the oracles, the keepers of the flame shall tell the stories that have been passed down from the before to the present to the beyond for the future is that which we create while we pass through the thoughts of the immortals which are the ebb and flow and the particles and waves that have always been before there was even time and place to exist in space that we now call reality.

The dimensions that are outside of our own existence we call the omniverse was first created by those who have always been alone before they found each other and share in the thoughts that were first known as that which lived forever in eternity which we call love .

Love our first God and Goddess of both the Alpha and the Omega. There is no other beyond that which has always been although we will continue in our future quest as we continually awaken the explorer in each other for fellowship which was the original logic and creation in the fascination of others outside our own selves which were in the beginning.

In the beginning was the word and the word was without form and therein lies the truth of all things that in the beginning was also the eternal end of all that has been and ever will be as our own thoughts are disbursed forever in our own immortality of our own souls creations.

The word of the soul was the all-knowing of that which we call love for alpha and omega.

Here in is the original myth of knowing that herein lays the truth in all things which we can locate whether we are alone in the dark or alone in the time of our own birth, life, or death. We shall become our own memories over and over again to remain as that which creates other creators and other creations so that we are not alone.

Remember to always be with others in fellowship among our humankind and therefore learn about others who are to be in this reality with ourselves.

We are the immortals who are now called the extraterrestrials who choose who they choose to return as the messengers of that which we call awakening the spirit inside of each creation that is in this reality while we search for others of our own kind and others who have shared in the creation of other images of other omniverses that were from the original creators who have always been.

Our purpose is to live in health and prosperity as our journey may be good.

Be good, and kind, and share health and prosperity while memories are created to be taken into the beyond that which lies beyond the beyond of our own omniverse. Immortals of the Alien Extraterrestrials will be known in the Ascension Age.

Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond has come upon this world from the messengers of the believers to bring all Christians, Muslims, Jews, and all others of global faiths into the one and all understanding of the Golden Age of Cosmology of that which is to be created in the future in all dimensions which is the alliance.

Herein life of these words in this world lays our own immortality. The world in which we exist as allies of our own sentient intelligent being species that finds our own kind in charge of all humankind, animal, plant, mineral, and all stellar living things has been challenged with change.

This for now will suffice until we can allow for all others to share in the future of time and space in the new dimensions that are created outside of this one.

Love and Light TJ


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