ET Kings and Queens On Earth, in Hollow Earth, As It Is In Heaven

As a communicator or Oracle, or Prophetess, or Daughter of those of the Extraterrestrials who allow for Ascension Center Enlightenment on this planet, I have been finally given instructions to assist with certain clues. Those above we call Extraterrestrials will only Guide me, we, as us. They will not perform the work for us. It is “THE WE IN THE ALL” who must perform the daily routines and rituals to get to the next leg of our journey in space and in spirit. There is so much to know and understand for the “BELIEVERS WHO DESERVE!”

Anyone being has the spiritual power to come into their own however, it is the believers and those who have been found deserving by those above who are found to be the most favored and entrusted with various sacred secrets. The Queens who are coming into power have been held sacred above while the masculine were allowed a period of time to dominate.
This is why we as individuals are given times on earth and in other places or worlds, or other mansions in space where our reincarnated spirits become a part of our everlasting souls. We grow from our experiences as we too desire to become heavenly (Space) in training Kings and Queens.
There are sacred events that happen throughout time and we have vigils for affiliations of the spirit. There are some who know their Guides on earth and others who are yet to meet them. Some prefer to call their Guides their Guardian Angels. Some have more than others depending on their assignments and agreements made before coming to earth.
Regardless of whether we take on a male or female role archetype on earth, we have experienced both. We are born of both a male and female that has to come together to supply 50% of each and the last decision made is whether we desire to come into the masculine or feminine ray of energy. Sometimes, those who thought and wanted in their past incarnation in the Gulf of souls who had only reincarnated once or twice thought that they had made provisions with the mentors to return as one or the other only to find out that the Supreme HIgh Council chose them before they were born on earth and redefined their assigned role as male or female.
We are not supposed to reassign our genders but sometimes there is a need to fulfill a role of change on this level and in this dimension and one can take control as part of the advancements for their particular spiritual being inside their vessel/unit. 
Kings and Queens are we in training and it is understood that we shall participate in the terra forming of other worlds for the future beings that have been created. Some think that the world has become overpopulated however, there are reasons for the spirits coming to earth and they can be taken elsewhere. (More Later on this topic.)
It will all become clear if one learns to listen to their own heart and spirit.  We have a body-mind-spirit that is given to us to utilize in this dimension for a purpose. The Ets that I know will guide us but will assist those as they have always done with the belief in their Kings. To those for the various belief systems, “Do what thou Wilt with the energy God has given” is only one way to perceive the Omniverse. 
The Supreme High Council is the Highest Authority at present for Benevolent Beings. These beings are the various Kings, Leaders in Heaven that our ancestors and sacred stories passed down through time has taught our present civilizations. More on that later.
WE have levels of experiencers on earth. Some are those chosen by those above and below who have been reincarnated.
Many do not understand the metaverse. Many do not even understand the universe in which they exist. This is a time when the veil is the thinnest and this will continue through December 21, 2012, T. 11:11.
WE who are sent here at our level of stratification in the Metaverse of the Xenoverse and the Omniverse are given a gift of remembering many of our past lives for a reason.
We are also entrusted with sharing awareness of who we are so that those who are in the various class systems may learn.
We are about shifting and uplifting the levels of consciousness to assist this planet.
Those who are on this planet all have a role to play as stewards of all that exist in this dimension. The Third dimension is only one. There is also the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, through the Thirteenth and counting. Thus the expansion that can be seen in this universe, which exists in side the metaverse that exists inside the Xenoverse that exists inside the Omniverse that some once, referred to as the “AL” and others once thought of as those who created earth in heaven. The truth will be accessible to those who “DESERVE” and “BELIEVE”. This has not changed in all of the Omniverse for millions of years.
The planet, which is called Gaia or Earth to those who are land dwellers, is now about learning to shift and uplift. Most of the world leaders have no idea what is happening nor can they understand with their present world trappings lifestyles and consciousness. The real worlds that exist are among the spiritual realm and all ET beings are about raising awareness of the spirit inside the vessels for all time and eternity to assist the common good for the entire Omniverse. 
Many do not have the capabilities that we have on earth for which we are blessed such as imaginations, as well as, the will to preserve humanoids. We will still fight for survival to keep our kind from becoming extinct. (More Later – Ran out of time on Earth. TJ)

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