ET Global Change – This Is Not A Drill!

It is now time to begin preparation for the ascension center enlightenment of the entire earth species. This begins now and will decide the future. Release the information in steps for those who are believers and deserve to know the truth as it can be connected in their present systems. Each being is still allowed free will while in this place, plane, and dimension. 

Please understand that there is some powerful information that will begin affecting all of us in the world as we release the truth of this universe.  We will see the world change. The work of us on earth is about to change. The way we think is about to change. The way we think of ourselves is about to change. TJ
The extraterrestrials will allow us a space in time to upgrade our intelligence about the entire xenoverse in which we are a part. There is much to know, and there is a delicate balance in the universe that needs to be maintained. Therefore, we must realize we are important but not so much that if we try to destroy our planet that we ourselves could be exterminated.
In some ways, we are simply a young planet and a young race of beings. If we do not recognize that this is a time when we are being evaluated once again from those who are much older and intelligent then we could found not able to cohabitate together and could be exterminated. 
This understanding has always been at the very primal understanding in all our minds. This is where we get the fear factor in our manmade religions. This is the point when we will begin a process of learning to understand and awaken to various work and words that have been used before on this planet by our ancestors. The words we may be afraid to here will be Kings and Queens. All beings one earth are a part of an empire.  
There are various leaders, teachers, rulers, Kings, and Queens who have been on earth. This is always the way it shall be in what we call space or heaven. For some, they prefer to understand now while on earth, to some, they will have defiant spirits and this will be handled by those above who will send their guides or others who shall intervene if need be and the beings will be transferred to a lower level of existence. I have learned of this information and kept it secret for many years because it is very hard to understand.
Some in religions may call this level purgatory, while others may call it Hades. It is a holding tank where many are left in the place called the underbelly of the ships. The worst who can not be rehabilitated are placed to die in lower life forms. Their existence truly ends and there is no eternal spiritual being left to exist in the universe, metaverse, xenoverse, and Omniverse.
All religions are manmade based on what they heard was experienced by another in the past. (Granted that some believe certain books such as the Bible as the inspiration of men guided by God).
It takes time to create stories that are long lasting for the good of others. Some on earth in the past have taken advantage of others who were to learn from religions. This will now stop. Some will consider the future as their end while others will see it as their future.
There is a reason. What ever each being will achieve on earth will serve them later if they are found to be available for upgrade as in ascension. We will expand on future requirements later based on believing and deserving.
The future religions, cultures, and traditions will be allowed to continue as long as they are assisting in the raising of consciousness of the global population. There are some enhancements that future technologies will allow dealing with the understanding of space and the proper higher level of things that some churches such as the present Christian, Jew, Muslim and other religions regard as God and Heaven. There will be some less evolved beings who will believe in the energy as negative and anti-christ.  To some, they are programmed to react to fear which has been allowed to be sustained on earth as a teaching method to save souls from what could be their end.
The Supreme High Council will make these choices for all of us in this universe in space. We are not to worry about having to make the decisions for other spirits who are not functioning in a social level to accomplish the greater good for all sentient intelligent life forms in space.
We are allowed various rights and receive credits as we deserve them based on what we accomplish in life and with our work assignments in space.
We are all sentient intelligent beings. We are all in need of the same basics for survival no matter what continent we may reside.
We all need water, food, clothing, shelter. Those are the very basics. After we are able to sustain ourselves based on these four (4) required surviving on this planet, we can then look for more meaning and purpose for existing on this planet.
There are also beings that are born in different locations. Some are south of the equator where it is a warm climate. Some are born in the North where it is a cold climate. There are various ranges and we should all be aware of how we are to have an overview of this planet.
We should all be able to look from outside the Milky Way Galaxy looking in. This will assist the planet and all that exist on planet earth. 
Once, all beings that are born on planet earth understand where they are located in the larger picture among billions of galaxies in the universe, which is part of the metaverse that is one of many in the xenoverse, which is continually expanding in the Omniverse then this will allow for more expansion of the individuals body-mind-spirit. 
In order for our sentient intelligent being species to survive on earth, we have learned from experience that it is best to work together as families and teams. We created various ways to cohabitate together in space. This is an important factor for all beings in all levels of life force and in all dimensions.
There are other dimensions that we are just now beginning to discover. We suspected other dimensions and have had science fiction think tanks with some of our greatest science fiction writers changing our world for years.
We have much of what we presently use in science that came from those who had the ability to think outside of the box. We learned to make the mysterious and interest. We use our imaginations to create the future.
Various intelligent beings live outside of earth. They come and go from this planet and they have various positions in space. Many are assigned to planet earth in what we call a space fleet from earth.
The Space Fleet closest to this planet is one that was created from members of the closest galaxy, which we on earth call Andromeda Galaxy. We should mention that the languages on the closest galaxy are not the same as our own. The closest thing we have had that even resembled their way of writing is that of hieroglyphics. 
It was their intent to not invade our planet but to observe and to only protect us from other more powerful alien beings that may not have our welfare as their top priority. What we have found out from years of working with these extraterrestrials that are benevolent is that they are aware of many in the universe who are not benevolent.
This is the truth and we are just now realizing in our governments around the world that we will need to work together if we are to survive in the future.
There are some basics that we need to understand about space. These extraterrestrials are real. Making sure that we all understand that they exist and that we can accept them as who they are as a higher mental status and older species in space is the first two parts of the future for humankind on earth. 
In the past, they saw us as somewhat simple-minded beings. That includes all of us because we are all seen as one species. We are also seen as those who are the majority for the ways that we do things in our communities.
They have watched us become great together and to sink back into old antiquated ways. The human evolution is part of our heritage on earth.
There has been a time on earth when the superior beings did intercede and visited earth and this did not go well for them. They are just as vulnerable in human form to death on earth as we are. 
Therefore, they decided to send from time to time a volunteer who chose to come to earth to assist those to raise awareness and consciousness of not only their own entire species but the place of the intelligent beings in the larger scheme of things.
In the past, since things did not go well prior in times of MU, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and later on with sightings of the extraterrestrials spacecraft with the capturing of those who volunteered to come to earth, it was decided that the Supreme Council would assign one being on earth who would be trained to become the Commander for earth during each generation. This person is now assigned a woman to assist as what is termed a companion. The main Commander is a male and the Co-Commander is a female.
Thus far, this has worked our well. However, the beings that are sent to earth are somewhat enhanced in ways to assist them survive on earth. In addition, they are normal every day beings that on earth have to undergo trials and tribulations like all others on earth. They are not given any certain advantages as far as the world trappings of material wealth. This gives the playing field a fair advantage to be studied by all those above.
The lives are recorded 24/7 on earth. The couple does not meet until later in life in their prime age in their late 30’s early 40’s. This is considered middle age for the present life span.
This couple is responsible for all the various research and understanding to be sent back via the continual monitoring systems that are placed in five (5) spacecraft around the world. This way the entire planet is covered with monitoring systems.
The entire world is protected with a complete space fleet that stays out of range to be found by the astronomers on earth. The fleet is very advanced compared to anything anyone on earth can imagine.
The two on earth are taken from time to time back to the space fleet. In addition, they can receive transmissions while they sleep or are awake. The transmissions come across like thought waves directly into the human minds. They seem as ideas to be followed up on and if one on earth did not understand the logic and reasoning for assisting the entire human race to evolve in what is called the Ascension Center Enlightenment then they might consider this an invasion of personal privacy.
These are beings who are chosen before they are born. (More Later. TJ)

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