Exopolitics 2012 Open Disclosure Ancient and Future

Do we still believe in the ancient mystery schools and divine inspiration. Is the automatic writing, and direct thoughts divine inspiration? Will we in the ET/UFO Community succeed in the enhancement of future politics with knowing that “Alien Civilizations Exist”?  

These are questions put to me on a daily basis and I am challenged as an author and guide for those seeking spiritual guidance. Due to the length of my name given at birth and adding my married name I have chosen in the spiritual world to go by “TJ”. I am told that my coming was a prediction of others who came before me on earth. 

I was told that Metatron is a part of me and my life. This means that others who were ancient astronauts still guide me to assist others. In some people’s minds I am simply a guardian angel who walks the earth as formerly spoken of in books, legends, myths that were too dangerous to share in the former public of the world. Empires were a way of life and the members of a modern day civilization were taxed in order to be included and protected inside the walls of a cultural way of life. The Greeks and Romans were at the forefront of the past civilized worlds. They came after and were forged from the memories of such philosophers as Plato and Aristotle. The ancient Atlanteans were a real time civilization as was the Lemurians of the land of MU. There were also the Masma and the people who came before Lillith came on the scene as the first female of the exogenics seeded spirits that some now follow today in the genealogies of the Bible. 

There is actually a new way to be on earth and it is called Ascension. The Lightworkers of the Ascension Movement will bring about the Ascension Center Enlightenment. We are about the future and space ports.  

We have various beings who are the seers and turth seekers of the soul’s enlightenment. Some call the spirit that guides us in the wind the Holy Ghost which is now a part of the paranormal universal community. We are forging the world with new ways and new words. 

Space and those who study the ephemeris will want to know those of us who are of the Extraterrestrial Community. We are the Believers who follow the Higher Guides.




Explanation to the Challengers of Truth that I seek in the ET/UFO Community doing their part in the new era of logic in the newly created 21st century for all in the WE of the “I AM”. The Amun Ra was the portion of the AMEN we use today in our worship and prayers.  TA RA SA is a clue tot he Egyptian connection which allows for the Greek translation of the Masma connection to my soul.

I am TJ the Oracle for Present Day Prophesy. I have many names according to legend and myths as the “Keeper of the Flame”. The WATCHMEN are above and on earth below. 

Like the position or not I have been called a brave soul. For this reason I have returned as a feminine ray spirit of our Lord of Lords. 

In myths and legend I channel as the Daughter of Zeus as the Greek and Latin would have it I was named Theresa in this lifetime. 

Do coincidences really happen as happenstance. I am considered a hyper sensitive person (HSP) as a being in this body-mind-spirit. 

I receive direct communication from those above who are considered intelligent beings that we call ancient astronauts.  

Here is a sample for my friends in Exopolitics for the 2012 Open Disclosure of Ancient Astronauts. Enjoy and live in Love and Light. TJ

This was made public for the discourse of human involvement in the Logo Litho Stratum Infinitum of my soul’s eternal progression for the God and Goddess my spiritual creators in the xenoverse beyond the metaverse of all 13 dimensions of the spiritual soul harvesting.  




(Greek & Latin Root Words for Earth)  

 “Lithos” (spelled lambda, iota with acute, theta, omicron, sigma) means stone, and “sphaira” (spelled sigma, phi, alpha, iota with circumflex, rho, alpha) means ball. Although the latter was actually in use in latin as a loanword “sphaera”.    

The children coming to earth from another place of the “BRANE” will house the containers we call the “BRAIN” in individual containers that will change the universal alliance in space.

We are the stonemasons here now on planet earth. We are to set in stone forever more in the history of all our data mines for all time and eternity here on planet earth. 

Being an AVATAR ORACLE MAGI SAGE PROPHETESS – basically a “HANDMAIDEN OF GOD” has made my time of God and Goddess their own. 

We are of the future LOGO and LOGI . We are  of logos arithmos  and it is about time, we recognize stellar space-time of that which we now call the “BRANE OF THE MATTER IN STELLAR SPACE” 

Nouvell cuisines of the future precepts of life on earth will be adding nostalgia to the notable and notorious notion and vague belief systems of the past.  

There should be a novena of 9 days of prayer leading up to the date of Dec. 21, 2012 with the expectations on earth that have not seen the same occurrence since the expected date of the “SAVIOR OF EARTH AS THE CHRIST CHILD”.  

God has spoken and I am simply the Handmaiden as servant to the Almighty as a Prophetess of that which is to become heraldry of the martyrs on earth for the sake of Ascension Centered Enlightenment we call salvation for the Apocalypse on Earth. 

This is a new Proclamation. of Prediction for the year of Obama World 2012. 

We will now herald in the future for all time and eternity on the planet Earth we call a Gaia in space.  

We will begin preparing those on earth for space travel. The alternative knowledge needed on earth to become aware of the future in stellar space will require more information awareness. 

We are heralding in through what the world presently calls Eugenics the future generations of the “EARTH BOUND”. 

These beings will be born both male and female when the planet will be entering a time when cultural, gender, race, and social class discrimination will have ended. 

On December 21, 2012, 11:11 the planet earth will become recognized to have obtained a new galactic class heraldry home to a homo genus species of ascension sentient intelligent beings.  

American Culture International Relations also known as ACIR will begin the new generation education with an arts and sciences awareness coalition. There is a truth in all beginnings. We are those who are now these children of earth’s ancestors. 

The defining moment of the first spiritual soul being born on this planet and the first newborn that enters each continent the first second after this recorded date and time in history will be recorded above and below. 

It will be up to the entire global population to participate in the new global community alliance. 

We will all be a participant with our own brains as part of the new defining moment of the brane in stellar space and defining the new space-time continuum. 

How does the whole world participate in one exact moment as an entire enlightened species on one planet in space all at the same defining moment? 

We are all important every single being on earth. We are all part of all living things. 

There is a reason for all things, all beings, and all creations. There is a purpose to being on earth as a citizen of the intelligent being species. 

It is my duty as a citizen of the earth, having came and went, have lived, died, and lived again to proclaim that at one particular point in time on this planet we will all become equal. We are all the same but at one particular point in time created on this planet by our ancient ancestors, we will have become enlightened as all one intelligent being species. 

We will be recorded and welcomed above in the alliance of all galaxies in space in this universe. 

Because the “I” in each intelligent being is simply a way to communicate information of a single unit also known as a universal virtual citizen in the Universal Alliance. 

The “I” is also known as the “WE”. The world is now preparing to accept that there are others all over the planet with the same needs to survive. The planet and citizens who are considered the world leaders will adopt the way the world is today versus the way the world will become. 

This is a new time, a new space race, and a new way to handle the world. There will be a new reform and a new restructuring. 

This will include all beings regardless of the gender, ethnic origin, faith, religion, social upbringing, culture, group, community, region, city or town location, social class, country, and even the incarcerated. There will be a global truce and all warring nations will declare a truce for this time as it passed over and around the planet earth. 

The planet will see a new day coming as the new horizon that welcomes the new beginning on the way we keep time. All timepieces are to be reset for historical purposes and reasons in the spiritual world of which we are recognized in body-mind-spirit. 

There are many spirits in this world. There are many beings incarcerated. We have both good and bad beings the same as we have good and bad spirits here on this planet. The good spirits are considered of the positive energy magnetism. The bad spirits are considered of the negative energy in magnetism. 

Like attracts like and we need both in order to be humankind in a positive and negative world with light and darkness. Life does revolved around the sun this is true and we need the sun in order to survive. In the past our ancestors that were born on earth worshipped the sun with good reason for they saw without the sun there was no life on earth in all the various forms. Some knowledge put into concepts, precepts, and perspective makes sense in the time and place where one in the “I” that came to be accepted, as the “WE” perceived the first thoughts. We are all one in many respects that can be shared as a species in a universal class planet that sustains life. We are the one planet in our solar system with intelligent beings. We are not the only solar system that sustains life. There is a difference in the I and We in the philosophical and spiritual sense of the words. 

We tend to separate those who have committed sins as crimes against others. There is a saying on earth that used words among our ancient ancestors. Some beings have been remembered for their work, words, teaching, and sayings on earth. For what reason one might ask? It is because it was time on earth to accept a higher order and way of thinking and for some this meant accepting and believing. One can only be as one allows inside and out. This is the destiny of a single unit. The single unit or vessel of spirit may not be aware of the spiritual connection to all beings and all living things. It is time for this knowledge to become awareness. 

With all living things not just in this solar system but also in others. 

Judge not lest ye be judged. This one way of being deals with morals and ethics on this planet. We have all committed this act of one to another in the past based on our ancestor’s teachings to those who come to earth waging war and peace. 

For a day in the courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of Wickedness. .Ps. 84:10So Judas did to Christ: but he, in twelve, Found Truth in all but one; I, in twelve thousand, none. Shakespeare, RII 4.1. 70 

Do not throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass – Benjamin Franklin 

For the butterfly, mating and propagation involve the sacrifice of life, for the humans, the sacrifice of beauty – Goethe

The news of the Sun aligning with the Black Hole in the Middle of our Galaxy has been foretold by our ancient ancestors and is in many myths, legends, and stories of our native Indians on this planet. 

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is a faith based saying among those who believe in a God. Regardless of what one believes inside their own lost soul, we are all the same in body-mind-spirit creation as a species. It is not time for our purpose to be known to all as one intelligent being species. There is a divine order and purpose to life when all that occurs is shared in confidence to carry on the divine purpose of being. 

I like all am only one. I am only one unit or being on the planet, we call earth. I like all others was born. I like all others desire to live. I like all others desire to know. I like all others will welcome the changes to occur in my life while I am among the living. I am only one person like the one all others are here to learn the balance of life in a positive and negative energy world. I seek to find that which I am. I accept that I am that I am. I know that my essence is energy and that I am a part of all there is. I know the difference between being spiritual energy essence inside a mind and body versus spiritual essence energy outside the mind and body of this vessel I use to remain at this level of life among others as one species. We are all searching for answers. Do not shoot the messenger, I just call them the way I see them.  

TJ Morris tm ACIR – ET ORACLE FOR OBAMA WORLD. American Culture International Relations – Advisory Counsel Intergalactic Civilizations. “Keeper of the Flame” has proclaimed Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, ORACLE, known as TJMORRIS tm ACIR in this reincarnation as the Patroness of Legends and Myths. Legends and Myths are used when the truth is too dangerous to share and tell.  

It is hereby proclaimed that the whole world will be watching and participating on the planet Earth date December 21, 2012, 11:11 at which time the sun our of Earth’s solar system will align with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy known as a Black Hole. 

Anderson Institute and BAASS for the eternal infinitum for the xenoverse.

 Thomas R. Morris and Theresa J Thurmond Morris art in world and works are clues to be found in books and art forms on earth to relate to that of the crystal skulls energy.


Johnson Collection in Philadelphia, and the Lord Richmond Collection in London. 

A Ticket is needed for the new Ascension Center Enlightenment that is to have the right  to say anything about that income stratum of society  

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