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I have been asked why I am not sporting a UFO website as I did in past years such as UFO Association and Roswell Connection. The reason is that there were just too many just like these all over the Internet. The younger generations would create blogs that were free as hobbies and my websites just could not compete. George Filer still does an excellent job and I dare say that he was one of the Grandfather’s for collecting photos and film and placing them on his Filer’s Files and National UFO Center.  I have some background listed below about my years after a Private and Legal Investigator but before my years in government service. It was my interest in my own personal UFO Contactee experiences and Out of Body and Near Death Experiences that lead me on my journey in the paranormal that I learned dealt in the Metaphysical world that I could only locate at bookstores in the 80’s.
By 1989-1994 I was the Founder/CEO of Psychic Network and the Ascension Center-Hawaii. This was where I met some very interesting people and began being a guest on various radio shows in Honolulu. I have since become interested in writing books. I have been on radio and TV shows but in 2000, I took a break until I came out with my websites on the Internet in 2003. 
I met J. Allen Hynek on a jet as we flew together out of Chicago O’Hare in 1985-1987. I became interested in assisting him with CUFOS but since I was flying to Washington, D.C. for my polygraph, retina scan, and psych evaluation I chose to stay covert in my sharing of information. I learned the government did test for psychic abilities first hand. That was enough to let me know there was more to my own suspicions about why the government kept certain information on spacecraft of unknown origin and the grays underground and not for public awareness, There was plenty to know but the people whom I met in government were completely unaware most the time that certain aliens and their spacecraft were kept out of sight much less even existed. That is about as much as I can divulge about that period of my life involving the words psychic and government together. Most already know what is out there and declassified about Stargate and remote viewing. I know that J. Allen Hynek was a believer because he told me so personally. I also know Col. Philip J. Corso knew what he was talking about although I kept my information secret among people out of the loop at the time. It was a great life and one I am glad I shared with certain people who seemed to be working for the government in one capacity or another. Most seemed to be covert but everyone seemed to be compartmentalized and were careful in speaking to each other around others even in the Pentagon or in the intelligence community.
There are ways on earth that are about being. We are beings and some of us are considered the same meaning that we are all born on earth into a humanoid sentient intelligent being forms.
Exopolitics – Chaneling, Remote Viewing and Lightworkers
By Theresa J Thurmond Morris 
Exopolitics is the convergence of a new interdisciplinary science, an international political movement and a new paradigm, which all deal with the wide range of implications ofextraterrestrial life. Exopolitics is one of many newly emerging scientific branches, ‘exosciences,’ whose fields of study are all off-planet. 
We will be sharing more information  under the word exopolitics, space, and paranormal than ever before on the Internet.
Remote Viewing and channeling.
Remote viewing and channelling are two very interesting phenomena that hold a promise towards the future but that at present are insufficiently reliable to qualify as ‘proof.’ There still are too many ‘intervening factors’ that make the information, obtained through channelling or remote viewing, reliable. However, this does not take away the fact that some remote viewers and channelers have provided information that was later on corroborated. (Take, e.g., Ingo Swann, who, against the knowledge at the time, “remote viewed” a ring around Jupiter, only months before the ring was actually discovered). So they can be useful as secondary or corroborating evidence or sources of information, i.e. to add weight to existing proof / information.
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Learning about the various beings whether biological or ethereal on earth.
Whistleblower Testimonies
Whistleblowers are a special category of witnesses who claim to have participated, often in their professional capacity, in classified projects involving extraterrestrial technologies and/or extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs). They can be scientists or members of UFO recovery teams who interacted with extraterrestrials, or translators who translated documents with regard to extraterrestrials, or documentalists who classified documents, or engineers who worked on reverse engineering the technology of alien devices, etc.
In the USA, Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project has testimony of more than 400 whistleblowers from the military and from companies who worked for the military.
Whistleblowers are important witnesses because of their exceptional credibility, since they are reliable people, with the necessary credentials, who dealt with extraterrestrial matters in their professional capacity. Adding to their credibility is the risk that these people take.
In the USA, e.g., a Joint Army Navy Air force Publication (JANAP 146c) was released in 1954 that makes it an offense for military personnel to release info on UFOs. Penalties involve imprisonment for up to 10 years, as well as the penalties involved for the unauthorized release of classified information more generally.
Many whistleblowers also state that they had to sign a document in which they waive their constitutional rights and agree that they can be sent to prison without trial (!) if they reveal certain information. Most whistleblowers have far more to lose than gain by coming forth.
Apart from Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, other important resources of whistleblower testimony are Project Camelot, as well as the Exopolitics Journal that offers several interviews with whistleblowers. On the Earth Files web site, Linda Moulton Howe also offers numerous interviews with whistleblowers.
One might desire to believe that all that they are and all that they know has been accepted as the cooperative education and social normal acceptance in society.
We have variations on a theme and there are many variations of life forms. We may not yet 
and all there is to know about everything on earth and in heaven or what these days we regard as space.
Another category of important evidence, are the official documents with regard to UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence, often referred to as FOIA documents. (FOIA: Freedom of Information Act. In may countries in the world, in order to boost transparency in legislation and administration, citizens can ask for information to be de-classified after a number of years.) L. Fawcett & B.J. Greenwood published a book, The UFO Cover-Up, which is mainly based upon documents retrieved through FOIA requests. Peter Gersten and CAUS (“Citizens Against UFO Secrecy”) also have obtained much information about UFO research being done by the US government, through FOIA requests.
There is other ‘nuts and bolts’ type evidence available as well. Take, e.g., the changes in the molecular structure of plants where a UFO touched down, or the radioactive radiation that can be measured on such locations afterwards. A lot of the UFO research focuses on this ‘measurable’ kind of evidence, and plenty of proof is available as well.
The religious cultures of the world all have one thing in common a belief in a higher power. . Their ancestors and creators of manmade religions about God, Jesus Christ, self proclaimed prophets or accept prophets and saints of varied religions or other belief systems seemed to share in their ancestors stories, songs, poems, books, and other forms of traditional communications that there were extraterrestrials who from the heavens or skies came. The Sky people and angels are in most all the prior cultures on earth dealing with traditional religions and theosophies on earth.
We in the ET UFO Community have some belief systems of our own.
One such belief among most who study extraterrestrials and spacecraft that could be considered unknown flying objects, flying saucers, or spacecraft of unknown origin all have a string of awareness about them.
We and I include myself in this we, do what we can to support others in our ET UFO Community of journalists, reporters, writers, authors, historians, folklorists, archaeologists, researchers, UFOlogists, investigators, librarians, museum curators, webmasters, and others who are in our special interests groups and social paranormal networks.
We have publishers of books, e-books, magazines, websites, data mining services and even bloggers that research for hours at a time collecting others work such as photos and throwing them into photo bucket, flickr, or other locations and naming or renaming and sharing the work of other photographers as their images to be put on their own blogs.
We use You Tube, share homemade videos, and add our comments or our contact information. Some of us are amateur film makes and now the Internet Highway encourages the copy under RSS feeds of both the print Ed and video images to be collected and redistributed all over the Internet.
We are constantly seeing new websites being created to be included under tag words such as aliens, UFOs, Ets, contactees, abductees, paranormal, supernatural, and other tag words and categories so that others can find the information when surfing the web.
We appreciate the energy and contributions of J. Allen Hynek, the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), and Carl Gustav Jung, Flying Saucers.
We have various names that we are familiar with such as Jacque Vallee, Carl Sagan, Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, Stanton T. Friedman, George Filer, and many others who have contributed to creating the first ET UFO Community. 
We have lived with television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, that came after Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battle star Galactica, Stargate, Taken, Cocoon, ET, Close Encounters, Starman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Five, and various other shows. Some were first movies before their television shows and vice versa. Some were first creations in comic books and we appreciate Stan Lee as one in our own ET UFO Community who has proven he will leave a comment or make a statement in our community.
We have fairs, festivals, events, seminars, expositions of all types and we bring our products and services to market to share with others of similar interests and collectors of memorabilia.
We may want to share the fact that there will be some of the old timers of the Roswell Encounter and Retrieval and the first researchers and interviewers of the prior ET UFO happenings. 
Stanton T. Friedman
Various books and a long history in films of UFO’s ARE REAL.  Stan has been on various television shows including Larry King.
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman spent decades analyzing UFO reports and came to the same conclusion as the Project Sign team did:
Careful review of a vast array of relevant evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that someunidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is outside our solar system. All the arguments against the extraterrestrial origin seem to be based upon false reasoning, misrepresentation of evidence, neglect of relevant information, ignorance of relevant technology, or pseudo sophisticated assumptions about alien appearance, motivation, or government secrecy.
Don Ledger also published a book and a paper on the best available evidence that came to the same conclusion.
The 1992 MIT conference also revealed that alien abductions are a worldwide phenomenon, and that, interestingly, different groups seems to be active in different parts of the world. 
It was the era of the Baby Boomers born 1946-1966, and the X generation 1967-1987 that have set the most energy into motion. Those born prior to 1946 were told to keep quiet about what they had discovered about UFOS and flying saucers. It was the military that placed many under confidentiality agreements or gag orders and some were threatened to not speak of what they saw or thought they saw and were told they were probably mistaken. Some were discredited and some were assassinated which makes up the conspiracy theories which have their own labels and categories among book publishers of the New Age Alternative books published portion of our Paranormal and Super Natural world. 
We never quite seem to get our own ET/UFO Book Genre Category on the shelves of the more famous named brick and mortar bookstores. We are seeing more on and We should mention Llewellyn and Bear, and Inner Traditions as always having our interests included in their catalogs.
There are others but these examples are to point out how the new age, occult metaphysical, and ET UFO communities seem to be combining with the Paranormal and Super Natural Communities since the UFOs a Manual for the Millennium was introduced to us written by Phil Cousineau which should be on every ET UFO Collector’s Book Shelf. 
Phil had copyrighted this book in 1995 with Harper Collins Publishers.  There are plenty of books which I personally have had in my libraries which I begin collecting in 1985 from the Aquarian Age Book Store in Houston, Texas, I then created another collection while I worked as a psychic in three different New Age Book Stores in Honolulu, Hawaii of the paranormal and new age topics. I was always searching for something on UFOS and the storeowners were not too willing to devote a lot of their time and money to this type of books when there were so many other popular New Age topics of the paranormal and supernatural topics. 
The old Bell, Book, and Candle book shops in the early 1950’s after the wars in the U.K. seemed to be what the newer stories in the 70’s and 80’s were using as a model. They did not want to post Occult Metaphysical signs, which were not very popular among the social norm and mass cultures.
We did have a great time in the 60’s but we in America were fighting the View Nam Police Action, which we called a war at the time.  It is a well known fact that Aleister Crowley was intelligent and was raised as a Christian but began to read everything he could before he adopted his black arts type of energy/ We soon learned to separate the white and black magic.
We learned to separate the metaphysical from that of the black arts and black magic. As children, we loved the fairy tales brought over from the old country and it was with childlike imaginations that some of us learned to meet our invisible playmates that later in life turned out to be connected to plasma ethereal beings that we were told were spirits.
We learned with Poltergeist to appreciate sending spirits into the light where they belonged. This became a popular belief system and soon various psychic mediums were doing exactly that for a small love offering of course.
This became a profession for some but never amounted to much. Dan Akroyd is seen to be working lately with MUFON, which is Mutual UFO Network a nonprofit corporation that has paid membership to receive a magazine. We have the UFO Magazine and of course our own UFO Digest with PSI Talk Radio Program. Kevin Smith has the Kevin Smith Show, and I have many connections to radio stations on my Facebook that are always asking me to tune in. We have come along way since the last twentieth century.
The You Tube is filled with UFO films and home documentaries of sightings all over the world.
A Christian and New Age Procession of Being aware
We are all important and regardless of the words we use to communicate information as a source and becoming, a resource for this time and dispensation is an apocalypse or revelation.
We are now going to begin to define the various types of aliens and extraterrestrials that are here on earth. Some types that died are kept underground by our various governments 
Make new Friends but Keep the Old in 2012 & Beyond by TJ
This article/essay/story is geared to assist in understanding those who from the heavens came before in the past, are here in the present, and will be in the future of all sentient intelligent beings that exist on earth and in space. TJ
Below Quote from Steve Hammons
A major consideration in greater understanding about these possibilities seems to be the mental, emotional and even spiritual preparedness of humans about these mysteries.
In addition, it may not be as simple as friendly visitors from another planet who want to help us and show us their advanced technologies, though those could be aspects of the situation.
This is why some people advocate a safe and discreet orientation and acclimation process to educate Americans and people worldwide about the nature of the possible elements involved.
It might not be simply that “we are not alone.” The very nature of Nature and the dynamics of the Universe or multi-verse around us and within us might be different from what we learned in school.
NOTE TO READERS FROM STEVE HAMMONS: Please visit my Joint Recon Study Group site at and my Transcendent TV & Media site at (143 word excerpt from Steve Hammons to be included in TJ’s article. 250 words or less considered an excerpt is accepted in journalism – credits are given in attempts to promote the right logic, reasoning, perceptions, and to enhance articles with regard to resources and exposure to like minded thinking and interests.  Again I refer to Bird’s of a feather flock together – See Phoenix – TJ Thurmond Morris 7/17/2010)
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