Time Travel can be created in various forms.

We must first learn of time-travel inside our body-mind-spirits known in the brain. Then we can understand those of the brane in space we call the metaverse inside the xenoverse. 

The truth is that there are many worlds and ways in which to live and exist.

There are those of us who have left our bodies in various ways to find out that we live on in spirit and energy. This is the new paradigm for future generations to realize. We will be welcoming those who are coming to earth after the date of December 21, 2012 Time 11:11. 
These will be those who come to share in the future time travel regarding not only space-time but also dimension brane travel in space-time.
The “BRANE TIME” is that which is parallel to our present “SPACE-TIME” in the way we think of dimensions.
This might come as a shock to some intelligent beings but not all beings on earth were born on earth. Some of us are born in space above earth. Some of us are born of fire, some of wind, some of earth. Remembering now for this introduction that those beings who are on earth reading this were first created out of thought that made it’s way into sperm and ovum.
The body-mind-spirit began growing inside the female humanoids womb which was filled with fluid. We begin as water babies that explode into the air that we learn to breathe on earth. We learn we need fire as heat to keep us warm. There are other elements we learn of in time and in our time-travels. Please visit us in the future and share your comments with us here on the web. 
This time travel essay is aimed at all those intelligent beings that consider themselves a part of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species that has common interests in the future of their own essence.
We are here  to acquire knowledge on how to raise our future occupation in space and in other dimensions.
How can one learn about the unknown in only one tone and vibration. If one learns only of science then one may become monotone and disinteresting to others in space. Earth is not only about science but is eclectic and multifaceted. Think of the way that our own knowledge of the rainbow can be seen and acknowledged as real and scientific in some aspects of teaching and in science and in other ways can only be perceived in certain ways at certain times.
Time travel science is a branch of knowledge known concerning the subject. We must learn about various laws of nature one earth and others that exist in space. The two are different in various ways. We are going to transcend the future in new terms called Ascension Center Enightenment that is refrangible.
We are all capable of being refrangible.
This has to do with many levels of knowledge. We know that light can be refracted and that air can be bent. We may want to speak to some in scientific terms and in others in artistic terms.
The art of science and etymology is simply a group of work and words for grouping terms. First understand the word science. We time-travelers share what was before the word and work of science on earth. We tend to be more in the line of movie makes with our procurement of not only science and technology but we appreciate the art of what energy is put onto the screen that allows for the science and technology to be useful.
To those who are desiring to think only logical as whom we think of as “SPOCK” please know that there is a harmony inside the scales or corresponding information that some on earth may not want to recognize because of their programming and adapting to the academia instructions taught by mankind in the past on earth.
The visual and performing arts also have a place on earth and in the minds for the spirit is more about energy and vibrations that are analog as voltages rather than as numbers.
It has an ear and mouth piece so that all can understand each other in their own vibrations and tones if working on board a spacecraft. We use this among the Grays, Nordics, Blues, and other humanoid forms who some are already aware of that travel in teams to earth.


If one saw the movie AVATAR, then one can visualize what it is like for a Time-Traveler when visiting earth in humanoid form. One such as I may be from another dimension and am only in agreement to use the body-mind-spirit that is presently able to maneuver in physical form on earth. This may be hard to fathom and read this first introduction to instruction on time travel without seeing the movie first.
The anatomy or structure of a being is taken into consideration in space that surrounds the planet earth. All beings in the metaverse of the xenoverse are not exactly like those we call the human species.
For now, we will concentrate on the humanoid species and asking humanoid intelligent beings to accept that their is energy inside the unit or container called a body-mind-spirit while on earth. There is much to learn and this will begin the process we call ascension center enlightenment for those who desire to participate while on earth.
Time Travel 101 is about learning to accept and adapt to the change in etymology and nomenclature assignments to deal with information that is new to the understanding inside the human mind. We can then learn the basics of what we require as various routes or paths on our journey in life that we may regard as time travel while in a physical form on earth. Learning to time-travel and train the mind to retain the knowledge is all part of a process. Various beings exist in and out of our present realm of reality. It will be fun learning to adopt their ways into our own. Time-Travel for now is subject for the paranormal sciences. 
This is new because this is a new way to communicate in a new time for a new reason. We are going to explore the possibilities of teaching others how to examine their space in time while on planet earth. There are those who have learned about time travel. I for one am going to begin sharing what I can in words in space using the web.
We shall have to share in the awakening inward process of our new found truths about who we are, why we are here, and that there is another dimension where we shall journey towards in our energy(spirit) progression. This is what has been termed Ascension Center Enlightenment as in Illumination on earth.
This is one of the first recorded transmissions that travels through space and is received by one who has been working with various levels of time-travel.
We are they Andromeda Intelligent Being Species who have joined in furthering in life support of those who were seeded from the planet Mars in the Milky Way Galaxy adjacent to our own in this universe.
We will be sharing our knowledge of the known metaverse, which is the microcosm inside the xenoverse of the macrocosm in all the known dimensions in the brane of the entire infinitum. In other words, we will be teaching the boundless space-time in which we travel from one dimension to another in various forms of energy that some call the spirit while on earth in a body-mind-spirit unit or vessel.
There is much to learn and to un-learn from past history of the allegories left on earth in what is presently called the history of earth, myths, legends, truths, and non-fiction which will in time become fiction or stories of the ancient ancestors left behind to instruct their own kind during a period of limited understanding by the beings who were to come to earth.
History is constantly being examined and rewritten by each generation. A generation is still considered every twenty years according to the age that we allow childbirth to take place among the most prevalent and constant average age of women giving into childbirth.
We are not the same and the most important and popular are not necessarily the same when giving into time on earth in sequences of events.
During time travel events one can learn to absorb intelligence by osmosis. This was one of the ways I first learned that we can absorb intelligence and information. I had left my physical body after flat-lining while giving childbirth. I also was a Contactee Experiencer.
I have been allowed to remember experiences while on earth that deal with life in space in a body-mind-spiritual form we call a humanoid. I was trained in space. There are some who come to earth that can remember their assignments. Some of us are only allowed to remember when prompted from above by those who we now regard as the Supreme High Council. There are writings in the metaphysical documents on earth that have only hinted of those above who in the past our ancestor’s regarded as the Sky People or Angels.
Many people on earth want to learn about the spacecraft that some call flying saucers and UFOS. I know and accept these terms as simply spacecraft we use to and from space. This will soon be common knowledge among all those who live on earth in the future. We are going to begin acknowledging all the humanoid beings that have been kept underground on earth by various world governments in the future after 2012. The generation coming to earth will accept what all those of the past have not been allowed to know as public knowledge.
Those form the Heavens came is a familiar saying among various cultures and groups around the world. There are clues to the past that will transform history and archaeology. The various cultures dealing with spirit have their own ways to teach their children of those who came in the past as their ancestors. Ancestral beginnings became a vital part of the lineage of humankind on earth. The stories were passed down from one generation to another usually in song and in verbal communication as stories. It was not until later on earth that humankind was taught languages in symbols to be recorded in stone.
There is also recorded information regarding time-travel if one knows how to access the information. 
The information found inside the human DNA has come to the attention of humankind on earth. This is about time and space and where what we will know in the future has been recorded. We will learn about the worlds that exist beyond the molecular and nuclear levels.
There is an art to learning the various levels of our minds housed inside our brains. We can learn to play a symphony with all the various instruments inside our own spiritual selves to be recalled as only one instrument at a time while speaking or writing on earth. Here one will begin to see the various levels of which one can generate knowledge to others who may deserve to know the truth about themselves and why they are here on earth. Learn the  various voices that can accompany each of us while here on earth. We have many voices that exist not just as the child-parent-adult. There are also guides and teachers we can access. This will be a part of the future learning process during our transition period.
Thank you all for your concerns about me and my welfare when I am not available to all or am disposed from the reality of the Internet or Word Wide Web. It is pleasing to know that I am missed in this world in which so many of us now participate socially in a network of created energy.
We are all connected in so many ways that can only be expressed in the real world reality as love. Love is an expression of energy that we can all relate too inside on many levels for ourselves and from others. Love is the reality of all energy that is connected in this world. We can also call this energy the abyss of the unknown in our minds and yet felt in our spirit connection to our own souls.
Lately, my worlds have been competing for my energy. This is part of the transition that we are all aware of that is happening at this time in the mass culture that has been created.
We have all participated in each generation on earth since World War II in a new futuristic way of communicating with each other in this world.
We are all now part of what we presently refer to as globalization in all cultures in all groups and societies. Our communities are becoming larger as we grow towards accepting our nation states on continents on this blue water world planet.
We are all on islands of land that is to be preserved and kept green for those of us who choose life as land born. There are of course those of us born in water or on water and we are all to be accepted as one intelligent being species.
Being that I am only one of the entire intelligent being species I have taken responsibility for reaching out to others that may want to join me and my friends in creating a social network while on earth. Learn now the various voices that one can use to achieve what we may regard as our own soul selves at this level of existence in body-mind-spirit. 
To the scientists and parapsychologists, there are ways to access the energy that flows inside us, through us, and all around us as thought forms. This is part of the new genetic gestation period that we are facing during the transition of our planet as it aligns with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy of which we are presently a part. This is how we shall learn to teach others of time travel in the future. The changes occurring are noticed by many already.
We are they with varied interests and are those who mill about smartly doing what we can to learn, research, observe all beings, creatures, animal, plants, and minerals, on this planet.
We are all desirous of the way the worlds are now and how they have been in the past. We are they who study the climate changes, the geography, and space. We are they that study and research what will be best for all of our future generations that will come to earth the same as we have.
We are they that are desirous of a wonderful relationship with others of our intelligent being class of citizens of earth.
We are those who are now in the present formation of what we regard as the Ascension Center Enlightenment of all humanity with the relationship of love in the Akashic field of energy of all space and space-time.
We are about the future generations who will come to earth as of December 21, 2012. Time (T.) 11:11 earth time.  We are about in the ethers doing our creator’s will for this is why we were created. There are those of us who are considered by some on earth time travelers. We are they that can assimilate knowledge in various forms in various dimensions to create and spin the web that others are only now learning about and approaching as a new item of interest in their world. Be happy and trust that there are others in various levels of existence within the order that was created for all levels of consciousness. 
We are approaching a time when the veil of this reality will be the thinnest between other worlds that have been created by our creators and those who have gone before us. Some of us desire to know where our loved ones go when they leave earth. There are other worlds yet to be explored when we leave this planet. The life on earth is not about the beginning or the end but is about the journey and all the destinations. We are about altruism, allegory, myth, gospel, legend, and truth in various forms. We are about communication and all that matters in the various levels of teaching understanding of the illumination of enlightenment for all.
This world is about learning to grow truth and obtain higher levels of consciousness while visiting this planet and level of existence in this dimension of space-time in this universe. This is only one microcosm in the macrocosm.
Just as there are movies and television shows, each individual will create their own movie and show those who created them along with their loved one is what they did with their time while they were on earth. This is part of the awakening process to be accepted as the future world on planet earth after December 21, 2012. 
We are the lightworkers who are about spreading the awakening of our spiritual connections to our souls that live on throughout time that we think of as immortality.
We are about introducing others to their future in space-time into the other worlds and other dimensions that exist. We study the history of civilizations on earth. We are about assisting all those on earth with their aims set higher to achieve goals with their energy while here on earth within the spirit. We are about sharing that we are all body-mind-spirits while here in the created reality of earth’s three-dimensional reality.
We are to teach that there is more in not only our awakened and dream states of mind but also that are also places that exist outside our own reality. If one does not exist then one cannot achieve awareness of these other places of reality. Therefore, it is best to spread the knowledge that all that remains in this reality spread the awareness that this is not all there is. We are all time-travelers with various other realities in other times where others of our friends may be waiting.
We are about spreading faith and hope for all those throughout all time and eternity in the individual’s infinity and infinitum that is present in all spiritual beings. Raising the communication awareness for all that is a part of this reality is a part of our dream state. We are aware of travel that can happen for all in the Akashic field of energy that is the highway to the bliss of the soul. Take the step toward the future reality of the treasures that exist at the end of the rainbow that can be seen only at certain times when the conditions are right for being seen in one’s own reality. There is more than what the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the body can touch and feel and the mouth can taste and speak about. There is always more to our human reality than the human mind can grasp in one lifetime. This is why there has to be a new awareness that in the past was called reincarnation for the soul’s progression and the journey throughout all the universes that are created in the metaverse to learn about the xenoverse.
To those who want to know where I go when they cannot see me on the Internet “I am always with you!” I am never far away and will come again so that you may communicate with me in spirit in your work, and with words in our social network. I am about doing my other world’s parent’s will. It is one thing to be in the world and not of it literally and another to acknowledge that reality on earth to some is simply a dream to others.
Thank you for noticing that I sometimes am in other worlds of my present existence. To you that take notice I salute you for caring enough about our relationship in our social network and internet media network to care! Thank you all. TJ 
History is constantly being examined and rewritten by each generation. A generation is still considered every twenty years according to the age that we allow childbirth to take place among the most prevalent and constant average age of women giving into childbirth. We are not the same and the most important and popular are not necessarily the same when giving into time on earth in sequences of events.
Therefore, as a result, this textbook has been written for the more open-minded and may be used as a textbook for thousands of readers in schools, colleges, universities, and libraries across the planet in various languages.
We pride ourselves in learning what education we can on earth to be used in the heavens when we leave this planet. This is the way of our ancestors who have come to this planet before us.
Changes occur about the knowledge we face in every day living while on this planet. We perhaps are the most adaptable to living on earth and therefore those who have came before and have been developed and created in our DNA and genome sequencing to adapt to our surroundings for survival.
In the past on earth there have been economic and intellectual transformations but none so much that could not be expounded and improved upon. Therefore, we are learning that we are adaptable to change. 
The historian and student of life must remember that we came here to achieve general triumphs in life, and that we have developed over the ages of humankind on earth. There is a plan for our own enlightenment and for transformation while we are on planet earth.
We are about decoding the past and at the same time diffusing the future myths and legends of our time while we are upon the planet’s surface. We are about documentation and accumulation of history and the fulfillment of our own life’s common energy.
This text is intended to improve upon our own generalization and understanding of our own general needs of our past while expanding our future needs for the critical mass population while on earth.
Among many significant changes in the past, there has been controversy and rivalry over information territory and rivalries for land territories and space.
Historical terrain and topographical detail can now be mapped out and seen on the new information highway we call the Internet and regard as being “Online in the WORLD WIDE WEB.” This is now called the web on earth.
We also regard the web as part of the brane in space of all the dimensions in space-time. This will be a part of the future mapping for the entire universe inside the metaverse of the xenoverse or the microcosms inside the macrocosm of the known existence of all that is and will be in the lifetime of our generations to come that will inhabit planet earth.
The name for the new frontier regarding that, which will be penned by me Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris for the good of all creations, is the Ascension Center by TJ. I am to create a path and leave a trail for those to follow in our footsteps to other places in time and in other dimensions. I do this under instruction via experience, and with guidance from others who are familiar with our plight here on earth to obtain higher levels of intelligence among our species. We are to become more than we are individually and together. 
This is a humbling time to be alive on a planet with so much growth and potential. I am not worthy but respond to those who are willing to guide me through this process so that others may be empowered through our time and our new found work and words in this world for communication and instruction purposes.
Those who desire to learn about their future in the other work and worlds hereafter will have to make themselves available to the words that are not at present understood on earth by those who came before. We are embarking on a new path and adventure together on earth for the first time since Atlantis and prior to that Lemuria. Hard to fathom that in this world there was once a greater technology than we presently are aware of on earth.
We shall use our hearts, minds, and spirits in not just science but the new proto-science of what we understand ascension quantum entanglement and the new Brane Theory of other dimensions in space and in space-time of other places that we were not aware of prior to this day in time on earth set in time as July 13, 2010.
We are about learning what is to be transmitted through space-time to those of us who will be remote viewers for science and technological purposes with our integrity in place in space in our own units.
This is the new challenge we were told about in the time and date set as December 21, 2012, T. 11:11 for all those born the millisecond in time on earth. We are here to surrogate and sheperd for all those to come in the future to earth. The Ascension is part of the process that is presently regarded as the Shield Law for journalists. We will protect our journalists while they decipher the codes that will be sent to earth during time-travel from one location to another in the “BRANE” of this Metaverse of the Xenoverse.
Many are just now awakening to the existence of the universe which is only one location inside the metaverse or microcosm of the xenoverse or macrocosm of that which is presently unknown or not yet discovered on earth.
We are they that allow the opening in the portal of time which has only been allowed in prior times on earth by the ancient astronauts with the oracles and leaders on earth for the people.
The common folk who were the farmers and shepherds and the Lord’s keepers of the truth at which time was only understood in the words of communication of times in the past. We now prepare for the future of humankind as one intelligent being species on earth. 
This is the first transmission for which we shall unite the art, culture, education, science, technology, and the change of the social norms in mass culture on the Internet, the World Wide Web, and on earth in space and in time.
The Brane Theory is the best allegory we can share at this time until this mass media culture theme can be shared among the present ET UFO Community that is above the level of intelligent topics for discussion among others on the Internet in the media and in the very public communication systems including movies and television.
The movie THE LAST AIRBENDER hints at the four elements air, earth, fire, and water and how once we have the knowledge and the belief we can move mountains and oceans at will. This is a hint at what we can look forward too in other worlds as what is now thought of as Gods. More on that topic later after the first initial introduction to thus topic of time-travel.
We will do our best to offer a passive response to all communications we receive regarding the future work and world expectations in the other dimensions that are just now being considered and discovered to require future words for adaptation on earth as in space above and all around those of earth.
We are intelligent beings desiring to share in the future or all the future intelligent being species cooperating in the Supreme Council’s Rule of Order for the entire universe.
We recognize that Bigelow will be assisting with the Ascension Center ET Space Port and that there will be necessary requirements among the astronomers and astrophysicists involved.
The new engineers that will follow in the educational proverbial process will be instrumental in sharing the new work and the new world for others to follow in various levels in other dimensional work.
The world will respond in time with various levels of understanding of the other dimensions in space and in space-time in the Brane.
A new topic of interest for the History Channel and their UFO Files may welcome Robert Morningstar with his collective intellect on all the topics we present here on UFO Digest for Dirk Vander Ploeg. Robert is an American as myself, while Dirk is a Canadian. We three work together with other author/entrepreneurs and share our love of the mysteries of the universe and the essences that exist in it. Time-Travel in the past was a subject of Science Fiction writers or  Romance Fiction writers.
I plan to add to the knowledge of Time-Travel as a Paranormal Writer.  I am a writer of personal experiences that l share with others. I find that others enjoy sharing my stories. I consider myself an ordinary person with extra-ordinary experiences.  I know who I am and that I am different  because of my contact with aliens and UFOs. I also have had near death and out of body experiences. All of these experiences have lead me to believe in time-travel. Being a psychic and remote viewer were the results of my personal experiences. Becoming a professional investigator as an occupation was also the result of my true experiences while on earth. Now my becoming an author and journalist is I hope how I shall be remembered by my family and friends. The imagination is a part of the best of what Albert Einstein shared with us all.  TJ Thurmond Morris
Time-travel takes on many forms.
The Ascension Center is being created daily for all of us on earth. I do not own the energy but was given the logo as a sacred symbol that would mean something in the future for us all. The weird life happenings on earth is part of being a Time-Traveler. Stuff that doesn’t seem possible just happens around me and to me. Sometimes, others experience it at the same time and are truly affected by the “How did that happen!” It’s fun, mysterious and spooky.
I am considered a female Contactee-Experiencer that writes about time-travel based on personal experiences and knowledge obtained while time-traveling in space and to other worlds. Seems rather odd to see in writing here. My personal story is one that to many seems not socially acceptable as normal. The importance of my experiences is only important to some as an analysis and is looked at as the creation of a sterotype in the media that relies on writing as an occupation. This could not be farther from the truth.
The Time-Travel Essays are going to be part of a future book that is to be written for the Ascension Center. My daughter asked me if the Ascension Center was my place of peace. In a way I guess it is. The Ascension Center was simply two words put together for me with a logo here on earth. I received this during a time travel episode that happened while I lived in in Hawaii from 1988-1994. The logo I now realize was also in the form of a UFO. The energy lines that are a part of the original drawing that appeared on a computer for a man who was working at a copy center was considered a small miracle to him who sat at the computer. It was part of time-travel for us here on earth.
We are becoming a society of images. The images that I have experienced on earth and in space were as physical as any we see in this three dimensional world we call home on planet earth. Why do some readers follow my syndication articles all over the Internet? I have no idea. But, this is what makes being a humanoid on earth so much fun! I am as plain and normal as any woman who lives in the south among farmers and factory workers. I have lived among the most intelligent beings and flirted with Mensa and worked with FBI agents….
The reality that people want to know about my life on earth has two components that are common. One is where did I grow up and what was my occupation. The other information can be found out in my social networks on theresamorris.com and socialparanormal.com.
I am also on Facebook and on Twitter. I write for American Chronicle and American News Magazine, as well as, UFO Digest. But, there are old articles that lead up to this introduction and soon to be book on the future. The Youth culture has taken an interest in me and therefore I expect Stan Lee to create my character for IP media anytime now in my likeness as a woman 5’11 with alien white hair, large bone with intuitive abilities that lead to time travel…
Some of the oldest recordings of humankind are only those born on earth. There are many more who come and go in this place and space. 
To those on earth who believe the only form of communication should be logical will lose much in the translation process. In other words, there is much information, education, and intelligence that is analogous or which is corresponding and similar to that which is only thought of as science. I have learned from many that they on earth prefer me to remain scientific in writing.
This is not possible if one is to learn all there is to know about the universe, metaverse, and xenoverse.
There are always some who desire to work in social stratification. The stratification level one is born in may be allowed on earth to effect the outcome of one’s health, wealth, education, and future occupation. This is one reason we are allowed to come to earth.
We all are living in love and in light. Some of us simply forget who we are.

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