2012: The End of the World. Really?

Some say the World will end in a bang; others say the Earth will die in a whisper.”

The planet that we live on is dependently grateful for the living light of its only sun.

But this light that gives us life will soon turn against us.

A planetary magnetic pole shift, episodic, less stable, is in the works, already forming new magnetic realignments on this Earth. .

Rather than South becoming North in a flash, a total pole reversal of magnetic North and South which happens every 50,000 years can fully shift in as few as five years..

Pockets of migrating magnetic South areas and pockets of migrating magnetic North areas drift towards each other’s pole with force field pockets of North and South schematically looking like huge jellyfish.

This unspoken and under announced shift poses an unseen and treacherous threat for our planet’s life.

With that shift now in transit the real danger exists that Earth will be exposed to solar flares; we may see the extinction of many animal and some plant life species on Earth, lost to slow radiation poisoning.

Unlike our nebulous plans for vectoring away an asteroid’s arrival on Earth with space effort technologies, there is precious little that we can do to avert this impending planetary disaster, so the threat stays a secret.

Besides, aren’t we much too concerned with terrorism and financial conundrums right now to worry our heads about North and South!?

The Earth’s magnetic field is the shield that protects this planet from our sun’s deadly solar flares and from lethal space and supernovae radiations.

The colors of the auroras in the skies at poles ends are the visible interaction between these two forces.

As the Earth’s magnetic field confronts the sun’s flare radiations, the Earth protects us; our sky’s dark night shades become luminescent colors in Auroras Borealis that ebb and wane in a gorgeous visual electrical magnetic display of that protection.

 But the signs of polar shifting already in the works are now showing some clearer signs of the impending danger to us.

Most revealingly, and not coincidentally, Auroras Borealis flares can now often be seen in the night skies as far south as Alabama.

More signs of this potentially lethal planetary magnetic shift, have been evident in the migration confusion of some fish, some ‘no shows’ of certain migrating butterflies and other migrating creatures who use the Earth’s magnetic fields to locate over great distances.

Animals who are extremely sensitive to solar energy like some species of frogs as well as many newts and salamanders have virtually and quietly vanished the world over.

Honey bees which pollinate every vegetable and fruit tree the world over, have also been crippled by their inability to geo-navigate and with their insect directional equipment suddenly askew, they experience hive desertions and colony deaths frequently prevail.

Einstein once said ;”Without bees, mankind would starve to death in four years.”

This electrical-magnetic planetary shield’s shift has allowed solar winds to intrude and caused a marked increase in skin cancers all over the world especially
in the last few years.

Although the clear observable circular hole above the poles caused by ozone depletion by fluorocarbons is a dangerous hole, a magnetic flux from pole reversal would create a plethora and abundance of much larger holes in our planet’s shield.

Unlike the gargantuan geologic time frames evident in Earth changes, a major magnetic shift of fully reversed polarities can likely occur in just a few year’s time.

Only a few – quietly ignored by the world press-scientists are raising an alarm and we, in America, like most of the world’s nations who are distracted, pay the nightmarish scientific implications little heed and attention.

This in progress and soon to greatly increase planetary magnetic shift may oddly explain why UFO / alien encounters and abductions appear to be so perfunctory; rather than friendly galactic greetings, the feel of expedient salvage work prevails instead.

Is this why so many birds, whales, porpoises, bees and dolphins who geo-navigate using tiny ferrous particles in their heads are suffering unprecedented  mass dislocations, turning up dead in record numbers?

It may well shed some light onto our government’s preoccupation with incessant and feverish digging, building many very deep underground networks and bases.

Only deeply dug underground facilities would totally afford protection  from the sun’s killing flare radiations.

The obvious scenarios depict that planetary magnetic shifts give large windows of full exposure to places on the Earth to deadly space and solar radiation.

Fifty X-rays of 500 roentgens dose equivalent per day would cause worldwide leukemias and cancers to exposed and almost certainly uninformed populaces, and result in DNA degradation preceding planetary decimation.

Although there seems to be as yet no definitive scientific archeological evidence that supports the well held theory that sudden mass extinctions are tied to Earth’s planetary magnetic reversals, one must recall that mankind, 50,000 years ago lived more IN the Earth than ON the Earth.

The Earth’s very oldest known written texts are in the Hindi language and date from about eight to nine thousand years ago.

The second oldest known writing dates back to almost 3,000 years ago and is the Gilgamesh.

Mankind, the race of men who lived 50,000 years ago, left behind no manmade ruins or written hints about their then designed structural architecture.

There appears not to have been above ground dwellings; most tribes and small hunting communities are believed to have  burrowed into cliffs, communal caves and shallow caverns well sheltered from the sun’s X-RAYs which surely blazed minutes, and then much later hours of lethal radiation, with regular frequency during that  magnetic readjustment of Earth’s poles.

We,  today’s humans, in comparison, are more apt to suffer exquisitely.

When predicted severe solar flares reach the Earth, no longer vectored off by our magnetic shield, all in- flight and all on -the- ground electronic equipment will surely fail.

A global failure in all cell phones, computers, satellites, radios and televisions will isolate us from each other.

Worse, power grids already fragile will fail for months and without power and without water(the pumps are electrically operated) for many months, civilization as we know it will collapse.

Instead of life on the Earth ending with the proverbial ” bang”, this event could with a suitable stretch of imagination be a silent killer that could do us in, with  whispers.

Story source: http://paulschroeder.wrytestuff.com/swa804946-2012-May-Very-Well-Be-The-Predicted-End.htm

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