And The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

And the Meek shall Inherit the Earth

by Paul Schroeder 

“To consider the earth as the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to assent that, in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain would grow…”
Metrodorus, Greek sage Fourth Century BC

It had been two full days since the darkness and rain had begun.

On May 11th, 2012, 700 people crammed into an auditorium that seated only five hundred.

It began to rain in torrents, again.

It was a rain unlike any other rain.

It rained streams, torrents, drenching and swelling, a deluge of rain; it rained and it never stopped raining.

It was a rain that turned rivulets into streams and streams into frozen rivers.

It molted the bushes and trees of leaves; it shrank the wet hands of men into the shriveled claws of apes.

The rain slapped a half lit cigarette from Dr. Paul Schroeder’s hand as he entered the hall; he cupped his hands from the rain to shelter his cigarette lighter.

Dark storm clouds threatened; in the distance thunder rumbled.

Dr. Schroeder was 58 years old, chubby and spectacled.

He chain smoked cigarettes as he paced nervously and he gesticulated nervously with his hands as he spoke.

He stood on the auditorium stage of St. John’s University Avery Hall, behind a lit lectern with a yellow spotlight surrounding him.

As he spoke, on a large screen behind him flashed preprogrammed 35 mm slides in five second intervals, photos of UFOs and artist’s renderings of myriad alien life forms.

In the back of the auditorium, a priest in a dark double breasted suit slipped into the hall during the screen change and sat in the last row.

His tall, wiry frame was twisted in the seat, topped by a big, wet, yellow rain hood which hid his blue eyes.

Dr. Schroeder’s voice on the microphone was deep and resonant:

“The darkness and rain in America has made the front page in every nation in the world. “

“But, here in America, the press did not cover the additional odd fact that at 8 o’clock, at the same moment on the other side of the world, dawn also failed to come; a rain and a gloom descended without hints of clouds throughout Sri Lanka and all of Zanzibar.”

“UFOs in fighter squadron formations were seen in the skies in both parts of the world just before the rain and the darkness fell, in America and in Zanzibar.”

“Perhaps the fate of the Earth and the continuation of human life forms hang in the balance.”

“Although unpredictable, all sightings of UFO’s and all abduction experiences have a shared purpose.

We now know that it was to change human consciousness and its relationship to the world and to each other and to replace mankind. “

” I shall call it, “The Noah Effect.”

“We on Earth, have been for millennia like fleas on a dog’s pelt, satisfied and convinced that everything in our world has been ordained perfectly for our existence; but that theory falls apart when the dog’s mistress gets a flea collar.”

“The human genome research of late tells us that the time intervals for alien DNA manipulation were respectively 25,000, 15,000, 5,000 and 2,500 years ago.”

“What this means is that the interaction between aliens, UFOs and us is not just a 20 th century phenomenon, but rather, one of millennia; it turns out that we are somebody’s experiment.”

“They may very well have farmed us throughout the Universe.”

“There is even evidence that aliens placed our Moon to stabilize Earth’s wobble and climatic fluctuations.”

He shook his head wistfully;

“Moses and the burning bush, Mohammed’s and Jesus’ ascension, Fatima, Abraham,

the founder of the Mormon Church, all had simply encountered creatures known for their abduction experiences.”

“For the first time in human consciousness and human history we are now studying something that had been studying us, but our insights and realizations of what is happening was always vectored off.”

“We are in the proverbial corridor of mirrors with a quicksand floor.”

“When one hears about a string of boxcars on a railroad track that suddenly goes straight up in the air, a little biplane that moves into fog and comes out a disc, a silent helicopter which turns into a disc, or oil barrels in Oklahoma that rise vertically straight up, one realizes that there is something about this phenomenon, at every level, that seems to be disguising itself.”

“And now the rains and the darkness have descended upon the Earth”

In the background the screen showed a being-type that was half reptile and half human; a smooth lizard-skinned reptilian, eight feet tall with a saurian face.

It had a four-clawed hand with brown webbing between the fingers.

The caption underneath the picture read: “This reptile type has cat-like eyes with gold-slit pupils. This being is sinister and deceptive in manner.”

Dr. Schroeder’s voice loomed over the crowded auditorium:

“Recent human DNA research tells us that all races on Earth today, no matter how diverse, came from a common ancestor, a single pair of parents who lived 128,000 years ago.”

“Perhaps, his name WAS indeed, Noah.”

“If the ancient God of the Bible were an alien race, then much of it makes does make new sense; “Let US create man in OUR own image.”

“The Bible states that God chose Noah to survive because he was a righteous man.

As far as one can understand, righteous simply means that he followed God’s laws. ‘

“That was the only criteria for his and his seeds survival.”

“The specific blueprints, the architectural directions of how many cubits were to make up each dimension of the ark were hardly a spiritual, inspirational, oblique divine philosophical guidance but were specific directions to build a worthy seafaring ship worthy of escape.”

“Everyone but Noah’s line vanished in the darkness of waters and the very same thing appears to be poised to happen, again, today. “

“The aliens through astral exams of abductees seem to be looking for the mystery of goodness in human beings.”

” Apparently, evil is common and understandable, but because of the general rarity in the race of mankind for the propensity of goodness, it is goodness, itself, that is worth saving and perhaps even a mystery to them.”

He looked towards the far end of the auditorium into the darkness .

” Why would a priest deny material wealth and sacrifice his life for helping the poor?”

“Why would a G. I., a soldier, throw himself on a live grenade, to save a group of men in a trench that he had never met and would not ever get to know?”

“This strange darkness and the flooding rains that will not stop as well as the alien craft that fill the skies above all nations suggest that the human race, in its present form, may well be facing its end.”

The priest stood and from the back of the auditorium, in a stentorian voice, addressed Dr. Schroeder:

“I disagree; that’s a rather childish, religious view.”

“It’s not as if these alien Gods have intervened directly in the affairs of mankind; they did not stop the malevolence of the Holocaust, or any of the great famines, plagues, or any terrible suffering on Earth.

If they are indeed our Old Testament Gods, why haven’t they interceded in an unequivocal and meaningful way, rather than merely abduct ordinary people who have no real power to affect anything?”

He sat, leaning towards the man on stage, who answered;

The voice on the microphone was deep and resonant:

“Father”, He said gently,

“Although these creatures work in mysterious ways, we abductees think that we know; at least we’re up here on stage, talking.”

He continued and lit another cigarette smoking as he spoke, this time addressing the crowded auditorium.

” People treat us as they did treat Joan of Arc; it’s okay to have rules about God, or aliens, as long as you don’t claim direct conversations with God or aliens; they will still burn people for that.”

“Last month I hypnotized and regressed several psychics who work in the intelligence community.’

“All have uniformly learned that a council of nine from a Galactic Trade Union, representing some fifty worlds, will not interfere; they were told outright, “You are a small planet of no particular significance.”

“We can’t look for help anywhere but in ourselves. Our government policy is a confused mixture of denial and cover-ups which fuel conspiracy theories.”

“In truth, for them, this whole phenomenon is excruciating.”

“It is, after all, the business of government to protect its people.”

“Our government knew all along that if it affirmed and acknowledged that alien beings from radar-defying craft which defied gravity and space time had long been invading homes and abducting its citizens, it would have caused world-wide political and religious upheavals and co requisite world economic upheavals.”

“So the secret stayed a secret in the name of national security.

As long as the UFO phenomenon continued, in my opinion, he said, national security was always an oxymoron.”

Dr. Schroeder smoked another cigarette.

“The traces of post-abduction are subtle; bad dreams, fast growing hair and fingernails; there is a detectable luminous phosphorescence on abductee’s skin, detectable with black light.”

“Alien abductees are resistant to pain- killers, like Novocain and may even awaken during surgery.”

“I’ve noticed that abductees have much higher serotonin levels than other people do.”

“These higher levels of serotonin may make it easier for alien entities to contact these people.”

“But the unhappy evidence suggests that most people who have entered an alien spaceship will not remember the experience or ever know what had happened to them except in recollections of so-called dreams or under medical hypnosis.”

“But few people can remember or even examine their dreams, dreams lost, as they struggle into consciousness each morning.”

“Throughout the world,” he said, “abduction is a frightening experience that many therapists would rather not acknowledge unless symptoms resulting from the encounter require them to do so.”

“For most people it’s just terrifying nightmares that they barely remember.”

He put his hands in his pockets and fished for another pack of cigarettes.

“My understanding of the alien-phenomenon has grown with each regressive hypnosis I’ve done with outreach contactee groups.”

“Small, large-eyed, telepathic creatures are playing at Frankenstein in space suits, genetically engineering a “new” hybrid creature, the best of both their race and mankind’s to replace all of us, who they feel are the destroyers of this planet.”

“By inserting people in nightmarish psychically imposed scenarios onboard craft, they can screen, test and genetically separate the Jekylls from the Hydes.”

“The ones who show courage, charity, self sacrifice and openness will be saved, along with their seed.”

“These alien creatures have tapped abductee’s memories, to transfer memories from good and noble souls, in a type of neural-mind-transplant into alien-human hybrids, to develop and cultivate those newly created minds.”

He sighed; “Like Neanderthals, who vanished mysteriously, today’s breed of mankind has been judged and again, the verdict is annihilation.”

He suddenly grew angry.

“Doesn’t it strike you that there is an inherent burning irony?” he said.

“Although these creatures are seeking the complex, extraordinary nature of what goodness is in us, they must be morally depraved themselves as they are about to turn the whole world into a flooded Auschwitz!”

In Lynne, Oklahoma, at the Church of Martyrs diocese, Father Daniel Mahoney, a priest, was sitting in the rectory library.

He possessed a fine, beatific quality delicate for all his great size and his enormous eyes, far-looking blue circles of innocence, especially when seen against the black cloth of a priest’s habit, were an impressive sight.

He was surrounded by copies of daily newspapers, but his attention was captured by a moldy, historical, manuscript and he read aloud:

“Such strangeness and such mysterious facts, those sudden shadows that fall in broad daylight when there is neither any cloudiness nor an eclipse.

The typical case is one that occurred on December 20, 1484, in Preston, England: toward noon, the sky became completely black, to the point that animals lay down and went to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, the sun reappeared. We know of several hundred cases of this type, without having any explanation for them.”

It has been suggested that they are caused by thick clouds of smoke from forest fires, but generally there has been no sign of forest fires at the time of these incidents, and when there has been, these smoke clouds have never been observed between the spot where the fire took place and the place where the phenomenon occurred.

The strangest of these darkening phenomena occurred in London on August 19, 1763.

The most amazing thing about this occurrence was that the shadows seemed to have been completely impenetrable by lantern or candlelight. If this was a case of smoke so thick it would have left traces on objects and did not.”

Outside, the rain poured like an overhead river from dark skies; the streets were ponds and small lakes which crept steadily to cover gardens and sidewalks.

The priest took the subway home and walked upstairs to his fourth floor walk up apartment.

In the sink under a dripping, dripping, dripping faucet, were old sardine tins, cans of half eaten food, half- smoked cigar butts and dirty dishes.

The room reeked of life lived too long with the windows closed.

He put on the television and sat on the end of the bed, removing his priestly vestments, mouthing aloud the names like a holy litany: “cassock, dalmatics, tunic, surplice, maniple, amice, alb, and cincture.”

When he wanted something from God or he was in trouble, he recited the words as his own private prayer.

He lit a remnant of a cigar and put the butt out on the frame of the mattress.

He swung his legs to the floor and stepped barefoot onto a large cockroach.

White- faced, he sat on the bed again and scraped the remnants of the cockroach off of his foot with a matchbook cover, and grinned with the deeper muscles of his face.

He took a syringe from under his pillow and stuck it in his arm.

He was dreaming the same dream again.

He was walking the crowded cobblestone streets to Golgotha; in the angry crowd that thronged the crowded streets he saw his parents, their heads shaven, their purple gums conversing in clicks like bushmen.

He woke with a start. A large, potted plant across the room shook violently, incomprehensibly.

He stared and his jaw dropped slowly.

He felt a slight depression on the end of the bed; something feather- light and invisible had just jumped up, catlike on the blanket. He regularly fed cats outside of his apartment building but he owned no cat.

The ancient floorboards by his bed creaked, then by his dresser, then by the window.

He was frightened by the sense that there was somebody in the room with him but he couldn’t see anybody. He fought the impulse to jump up.

Then despite fear of such intensity that it caused him to shake, he lay down again on the bed to escape his fear.

Overhead above the red bricked four story apartment building, a silver colored football shaped object hovered.

In the darkness and in the pouring rain, a craft had appeared from nowhere suddenly.

It was mostly gray in color, with a bright purple light on one side and a small blinking blue light on the other.

It was double-decked with two rows of lighted windows; the light coming from them was bluish-white and phosphorescent.

The craft was about fifty feet long and maybe twenty feet thick.

Two vertical side seams in the structure and lines of rivets along the seams were lit up by the red glow of the underside where reddish vapor was being discharged.

Yellowish vapor oozed from one of the ends and the craft settled behind a large sycamore tree.

At that moment, the television program in the next room was completely washed out in static.

A beeping noise. He rose into a waiting craft as he watched his body below, recede from view.

A wild torrent of precipitation.

Continuous waves of rain that screamed, boiled and whispered.

Then the green oceans covered the Earth.

The first wave that hit cut him off from a world that had bubbled in the direct pour of moonlight, stiff waves, then a green mountainous whistling skyscraper of a wave, brutal in quality and quantity, and then a row of like mountainous waves.

Sky – touched brine tsunamis of oceans, valleys of seas, cascading waves and roiling heights, lowered a scrim over the harsh world and erased all land traces.

A planet of waves a thousand feet tall, rolled in on all the battered coasts of the world and drowned all traces of land.

Mountains of green thunder towered onto and consumed Earth and every living thing that could breathe air.

Deluged hours and drowned days became months of torrential oceans and then calmer years of heavy rain, continuous waves of rain that screamed, boiled and whispered.

A century of wild torrent, precipitation’s white fountains and stiff waves.

After eons of waters, dry land emerged, flotillas of oval craft descended from the heavens, starships laden with seed, corms and fruit trees; a new race of silent, hairless, thin beings walked upon the planet in quiet contemplation.

And on a Spring day in early April, the clouds cleared and rainbows were born.

The meek had inherited the Earth.

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