No Fish Story, This

I awoke slowly, during the night, underwater; it was an experience that seemed so real, in sensory totality, that rather than a vivid dream, it must have been yet another nighttime OBE.

 These entities seemingly specialize in astral abductions. One’s car is stopped on a lonely road and one ascends into an overhead waiting craft as one watches one’s body in the car below recede from view…
I seemed to doze and float and breathe normally while immersed under a shallow pool  ten feet deep or under a narrow inlet. 
As I floated I slowly became dimly aware that ten or fifteen gray torpedo shapes which had  hovered nearby, now swam closer to me,  nearer than twenty or more feet away.
As I struggled to partially come to my still dull senses, they approached close by with discernible curiosity and I observed that a large school of inquisitive porpoises had come very close, now, within five feet, for a much better look at a half awake me.
At the very same instant that my mind made an attempt to seize upon my predicament, at that very moment, they started, startled away, en masse, as though they were suddenly privy to my mind, and all vanished into the water’s gloom.
Later, upon awakening in bed, I suddenly recalled a line, a sentence that I had very often repeated in my writings;
“In the spiritual hours between two and six o’clock, I have stumbled across many negative thought entities, who were also nighttime bedroom intruders; as for these energies and entities, I have sadly, met predominately sharks and never the porpoises..”
This experience not only underlined their meddling psychic omnipresence but a presumption on my part that this OBE was arranged at the hands of an alien creature with a literal sense of, or a rarified sense of humor…
Paul Schroeder

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