An Open Letter to Alien Abductee Debunkers


An Open Letter to Alien Abductee Cynics and Debunkers

by Paul Schroeder


A Letter/ Message to Alien Abductee Cynics and Debunkers It is almost beyond my ability to approach your disbelief; writing about these nighttime, bedroom, harassing, entities gives me the loneliest feeling imaginable but it allows me to distance myself from these experiences and at the same time to embrace these experiences.

To see these entities eyeball to eyeball is to know that everything that we have been taught since we were children is wrong.

If it weren’t for many people who encourage and who understand and who commiserate, I might flirt more with the beast of madness and write less.

People contact me who have read my stuff who likewise suffer these exact same nuance of experiences with the precise same entities.

I receive many weekly requests for publication and many requests for assistance.

Putting these experiences into words is painful for many reasons; it is lonely and risky putting these ideas into print.

But the desolate loneliness abates as long as I can assist someone; when that confluence occurs, I know that God in some form will assist me.

I also then know that these ineffable experiences are not just real for me only, but are indeed miraculously identical to many others in every sense of what reality is and means.

And although I cannot provide empirical concrete “geometric proofs” required by cynical sleepwalking debunkers I can by writing of my experiences assist others who are likewise so troubled.

I used to be mildly agog and cynically dubious, just like you are.

After many overhead craft sightings, and bizarre concurrent experiences, I have moved from not knowing to suspicion to resistance in just a few years of fully awakening, in all full sense of the word.

Critical analysis about, into these subtle, ephemeral experiences is what my writings about my experiences with alien entities primarily concern.

Word play about”craziness”, or “open mindedness” while one goes on to debunk a global alien reality, isn’t an entertaining didactic game; being a wit at the expense of the raw angst of people abducted by aliens, is closer to a nit wit or half wit or dim wit.

And I know that debunkers may be neither of these.

Critical acceptance isn’t an issue with alien abductees.

We are heroes, not victims and we are beyond desiring such things from cynics and debunkers.

To such people who “challenge” abductee’s reports and scoff at such , I say this; perhaps, you just haven’t been looking.

If you challenged a bat watcher that bats do not exist because you’ve never seen one, one could say that bats frequent the skies but are only visible to the eye early dusk and early morning.

But,to refute, to challenge and demand proof from millions around the globe who report similar experiences

Major Gordon Cooper to the United Nations: I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets… Most astronauts who had seen them were reluctant to discuss UFOs.

and who have never spoken to each other is another thing, entirely.

These entities are inter dimensional, elusive and ephemeral as are abduction experiences.

To be able to recall and to record these experiences are murderously difficult tasks; most people who are taken and marched around a craft, then awaken and are none the wiser.

A poet can describe his feelings as he approaches a door, his feelings as he passes through it and his feelings as he emerges through the door’s other side.

How can he respond to such a one who “challenges” his then recorded experiences?

Craft that move in manners that defy Newtonian physics are ALWAYS up there; if I truly disliked you and wished hurt on you I would suggest a defining alien proving experiment that would open doors you could not ever close again.

I mean spiritedly give this ‘ tool of proof’ only to chronic gadflies and degenerate cynics, in abject revenge, knowing that it will surely poison their lives.

I implore you NOT to employ this “tool” towards such alien presence “proof”.

Still, I give it to you knowing both that it will surely work and that it will taint my soul.

It seems that good guy aliens are gone and only gangster types are here prevailing; I do not know why this is so but presume from evidence that salvage is going on.

The skies in most cities are clear of any human craft after the local airports close.

Secure any workable flashlight and do this for several nights in a row:

Blinking any flashlight, rhythmically, at the night sky, in a sequence of descending and ascending blinks, over several many nights is a certain, sure fire, guaranteed way to attract demented greys and all of their elusive, subtle, horrid nonsense-I know this sad fact from my own personal experiences.

I tried this, when I was just like you, a cynic and before I had any smidgen of evil entity inter dimensional horse sense:

Blink the flashlight at the heavens ten times, then nine , then eight, and so on descending to one and reverse the order from one blink to two and so one up to ten. Do this several times in one nighttime.

Repeat this over several nighttimes.

Subtle alterations in your dreams, thoughts and life experiences will ensue; your house will be ‘infested’, your mind and soul a battleground.

You have been properly alerted and warned. But, then, you did ask for irrefutable proof.

Crass debunkers, you misunderstand my ire.

I am not angry with you; I am angry with harassing entities.

Being upset or angry about being personally violated is not necessarily a ‘negative’ take or response in the light of these experiences. Properly channeled and directed anger can be empowering and therapeutic.

At some point in the healing process each alien abductee must find a way to transmute the anger into something less damaging to the internal ecosystem.

But basically the appearance of anger is all a part of a process that helps us to grow and to cope with the impossible situation we find ourselves in.

That’s ‘positive’.

In reality, it is the ones who are viewed as having a ‘negative attitude’ toward their experiences as alien abductees who are demonstrating a healthy and positive psychological and emotional response to what is a surreal set of experiences/ circumstances.

We ‘abductees’ are the ones who are in-touch with the reality and personal ramifications of what is happening to us and to our loved-ones.

We don’t candy-coat the facts to make it more palatable.

We are facing the situation head-on and with our eyes wide open.

On the other hand, the ones who are viewed as having a more positive attitude toward their ‘alien contact experiences’ are, from my viewpoint , in a state of deep denial.

What do you know of ‘Stockholm syndrome’?

You know, when the victims begin to identify with their own captors in hostage/kidnap situations.

You’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say that the ‘new-agers’

and the seeming ‘contactees’ are the ones who have had a ‘negative’

response to the experiences.

The abductees I have come to know, ones who have come forward and put their family name, careers/jobs, reputations and relationships with friends on the line, are among the most courageous, well put together and genuinely strong individuals anyone could ever want to meet.

Not a ‘negative-Nelly’ among ’em. On the contrary, these are fighters who refuse to lay down. We are not just angry with debunkers; we have learned simply to avoid them.

Abductees refuse to succumb to hopelessness and helplessness; they fight back by speaking out and standing up to be counted. We can welcome to be scrutinized and at times ridiculed.

These abductees are genuine patriots. They put it all on the line to tell the truth no matter personal cost.

“Abductees negative”? I beg to disagree . I’ve got the people to prove it. Anyone who has assumed that we have a ‘negative’ take or attitude toward alien experiences has badly misread/misjudged us.

Don’t misread our strength for weakness. I am/we are, (abductees) strong, positive individuals.

I am spoiled, perhaps, having learned to enjoy the intellectual milk run of delivering my bombs over target without debunking flak, without debunking anti-aircraft fire.

Debunkers have their own preset agendas, very far from pursuing any objective truths, I have sadly discovered; this is my experience with people who think debunking alien abductions is an intellectual healthy pursuit.

Skepticism IS healthy; cynicism is not.

Debunkers are people who at present, at least, I at all cost try hard to avoid.

When I submit to periodic radio broadcast interviews, I am careful, beforehand, to be sure that the studio is free of such ilk, as I am only interested in reaching accepting and inquiring minds / audiences; I am spoiled.

I have no patience for ignorance; there is no room, anymore, with the plethora of alien visitation evidence and UFO evidence the world over for ignorance. No room whatsoever.

“If you can’t allow the opportunity for debunking,” translates into didactic ambush, scorn and worse, disinformation.

If I paint you unfairly with this same broad brush stroke it is because you discard subjective experience as non evidence; reports like mine from all over the globe are dismissed out of hand by you, written off as mere “subjective experiences”.

The real love and passion that one experiences, the sharp pain of the loss of a loved one, the exhilaration of sky diving, also fall under “subjective experiences” and according to you should be considered non substantiated non evidence and be dismissed as ‘not contributing to your changed world view’.

Do you refute your own subjective experiences?

Debunkers are polished nihilistic logicians .

If one person hallucinates alien entities and alien abductions, that’s only his reality; but if if millions see and experience the precise same hallucination, it is very objectively real, in every sense of what reality is.

You do not have to surrender “intrigue” for my experiences or even throw your hands up in the air in disgust and lament at never, ever seeing UFOs or aliens until you die; If all else fails between us, you always have that aforementioned flashlight and a few minutes to spare at nighttime to use it; I await what debunking you will conjure against the results of THAT field experiment…..

Warmest regards
Paul Schroeder

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