An Alien Abductee’s Message to Atheists

A  Message to Atheists

Your arms are too short to box with God.

Yes, God makes mistakes:

alligators, ticks, sharks, lost soul/ ghosts who wander, the existence of the nation of Germany and mosquitoes are some prime examples.

When a child dies from being run over by a bus, or from a tick bite, that premature horrid death is long since planned and already written in the child’s karmic “blueprint” to teach others, here, very harsh soul lessons about suffering, sacrifice, grief and loss. 

 It has little or nothing to do with God, per se.

That ‘blueprint’, a spiritual ‘contract’, was carefully prepared in every detail by the boy’s spirit helpers and guides and with the boy’s oversoul in Heaven before his birth.

Pain, loss, heartbreak, accidents, death, suffering and negativity are native to this ‘school’ called Earth as are well aimed seagull droppings.

Oddly enough, the spark of consciousness which allows you to argue against God’s horse sense in ‘planning things’ is excellent proof of the God Consciousness, in itself.  

 You are actually a DNA contrived body containing an undying, eternal, tiny spark of that All loving dazzling light, a soul.

Even atheists go on to Heaven after physical death because that’s our spirit “Home”.

There’s a two step logical approach to God.

First, there is undeniable accumulated evidence that we are not people with souls/spirits but are instead, souls/spirits in a human body.

That evidence has a sum of the parts, equal to MORE than the whole: 

poltergeist and ghosts experience accounts, 

 demonic possession accounts, 

angelic encounters accounts, 

out of body experiences accounts, 

 near- death experiences accounts, 

 regressive hypnosis with recalls of previous lifetime experience accounts, 

and an examination of all world religions.


All of these evidences lead one to accept that we are not people having spiritual experiences, but that we are spirits having human experiences.

Under regressive hypnosis virtually all subjects recall multiple previous lifetimes.

Under this hypnotic search, one is regressed back to one’s childhood and asked about one’s fourth birthday party.

  One speaks in one’s four-year-old voice, one recalls what one was wearing, what gifts one received, who was there and so forth…

Afterwards,  regressed hypnotically beyond birth, virtually all people recall previous lifetimes, lifetimes not glamorous but  ignominious in nature;  they relate this information in an “amended” voice.

When such evidence can be directly substantiated from  birth records, school records, church records, immigration records or cemetery records, reincarnation can objectively be asserted .

Mr. Atheist, your denial of the soul and of God because they “cannot be seen or touched” and do not yield to classical quantitative scientific analysis,  underlines how rinky-dink and limiting Western science truly is.  

There are many things outside of your accumulated realm of learning.

As a teething ring, try Hans Holtzer’s text,” The Truth about Reincarnation”, as a basic primer, to  remove the  intellectual ‘blinders’.

Within, there are 300 modern American cases of documented reincarnation phenomenon presented, where evidence is so powerful that no other explanation is possible or probable .

As for your assertions,  to the contrary, that there is no greater reality, no unseen spirit world  around us and that we do not have a Divine place within it, and that one who has such faith must then be mentally ill or delusional ,
it is also a sad but true fact that people tend not to believe in what they have not personally experienced. I have seen ghosts.

Given the abundance of  raw evidence accumulated relating to the six points above, by hundreds of investigators and writers, there should not be any  room for total ignorance.

The next  step after accepting the sum of these evidences as  proofs that you are truly a spirit, is a large leap of faith, admittedly, and that is one of accepting God, a Spiritus Sanctus, a spirit overlord creator who is unknowable.

(Never forget that the very spark of consciousness with which you argue against God’s horse sense and thus His existence, is in itself tantamount proof of the God Consciousness; you are an undying, eternal, very tiny spark of that All loving conscious dazzling light. )

I, too, was an atheist,  like you, who was forced to examine all the accumulated evidences listed after running smack dab into poltergeist experiences and ghosts and alien encounters, firsthand.

 It  must be a total and complete irony to God who gave us our eternal souls, that we, as spirits who come and go to this Earthly ‘school’ to learn, have the abject audacity to deny His(and our) spiritual existence.

I must have faith that you, as I did, will awaken in a similar fashion, someday and thus enable your better angels… 

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