Perchance To Dream: Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions are Most Often Recalled as Dreams

Despite my powerful consciousness and my ability to perceive accurately there are many times when I find myself in a dreamlike state unaware in those moments of what is illusion and what is real.

The scenarios of alien abductions, the imposed imagery and the motives and tactics of the aliens reside in the human psyche in a realm similar to dream and hallucination.

These abducting entities engage in commando tactics in the darkest hours before dawn, thus their abductions seem to border on another reality in itself.

One is taken in REM sleep and psychically wrapped in a cocoon; a short umbilical psychic leash, a snug little imposed dream, connects one to the imposing alien mind as one is taken and led around a craft and one is none the wiser.

But one awakens carrying a nightmare on one’s face.

Because of alien imposed hypnotic suggestions and other mind altering techniques and because

the human mind will dismiss that which it cannot conceptualize meaningfully, many terrifying abductions are so cloaked, dismissed as just ‘ bad dreams’. 

It appears that these alien entities are not just extraterrestrial but are also extra dimensional in origin.

This does not negate their reality; they are able to ‘solidify’ when they emerge into our ‘density.’

Ready for an intellectual shock ?

Most sentient races of beings from myriad star systems throughout the universe are commonly non physical; the majority of sentient life civilizations in the universe is carried within nonphysical ethereal bodies and minds.

They are not formless; they are just not physical.

Our physical reality on this planet is only one of a few rare exceptions.
In our universe it is rare to be so physically embodied

Thus, the alien realm is very much another reality.

Abductees are not merely physically taken, but are more often astrally taken; more frequently, one’s ethereal self, one’s spirit is taken in inter dimensional efficacy.

One’s astral energy retains all of the conscious decision making and all of the identity maintaining features of our physical bodies.

Astral abductions are easier than transporting a physical body through walls into a nonphysical dimension.

One’s body feels electrified and is completely tingling in vibrations as the ethereal body is teased away from the corporeal body by alien technology, in a manner resembling magic.
If one awakens in the midst of such a separation, and many do, and sees two sets of legs and two sets of arms one may indeed believe that one is dying.

 The word, “dreams”, used by many abductees to describe their recollections of alien abductions is itself an impotent word in our language and should not be taken literally; it merely describes the surrounding surreal, dreamlike quality of the abduction experience.

While those abductees who use the word,”dreams”, are all too fully aware of the solid reality of their experiences, that other dimension has rules of its own.
 One can float to a place by willing oneself to traverse the distance.

As we are stronger and have more powerful muscles than the Pillsbury Doughboy looking abducting entities, we are taken in REM sleep, for their self protection.

But why are our memories so ‘dreamlike’?  

Belligerent blocks in memory exist of these experiences and contain specific details too devastating for the conscious mind to recall. Post hypnotic suggestions, alien implanted prohibitions,  are carefully placed throughout the experience to impede/ erase later recall.
“You are asleep and this is only a dream.””Do not awaken; return to sleep.”

Also, the alien spiritual realm is foreign to the structure of the human ego-superego-psyche; the ego’s ability to understand the experience is so limited that if these events are remembered at all they usually persist in seeming to have a dreamlike quality.

These experiences force the abductee’s mind to refine itself, to evolve away from the hardest stone towards that of the finest vibrational non physical realities.

I resent and despise the aliens for abducting me, but I am grateful for the stretching of my consciousness, through the process of my interactions with them.

When a person knows beyond a certainty that such realms and other dimensions exist, it changes that person’s beliefs about what is possible.

An alien abductee may function in the outside world and yet may be completely severed from it.

To alien abductees, society’s walking around as if everything is all right, is hardly reality but is instead an imposed illusion, in itself.

If these same entities, seen the world over by people who never communicated with each other, were up to any good, why then do they abduct us and do it by skulking around so sneakily?

They descend and materialize to do allocated animal husbandry work with us.
They abduct and retrieve humans and do treat us as perfunctorily as we do with domestic wildlife :drug-sedate/take samples/tag/release.
We are ‘produce’ to them just as we perceive and roughly treat livestock in similar fashion on Earth; this has been made painfully clear to many abductees, in the frozen moment of an abduction, who howl in pain and ask;”Why?!
We must embrace the idea that aliens are not here for our own good; that is clearly just sanguine wishful thinking.
We are NOT the top of the food chain as we have wrongly surmised.

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