2013 Here it Comes! What Will It Bring?


In the past I would ask other people connected with the paranormal to send me their predictions for the New Year ahead.  Last year as we entered the dreaded year of 2012 no one replied to my request to what the year ahead would hold. I can understand their reluctance as 2012 has had a heavy black cloud hanging over it for a very long time.

Here we are coming to the end of this notorious year with the infamous galactic alignment just days away.  I believe December 21st  will come and go like every other day and we will all be forced to face the fact we need to finish preparing for the Holiday and finish that last minute shopping and tackle the chore of wrapping gifts and making ready for our family traditions.  I know I will be busy with all of those things with little or no thought to the world coming to an end.  I simply think this alignment happens every 26000 years. The fact the earth survived all the other galactic alignments before it tells us that it is not an earth ending event. The facts clearly tell us this event just does not stop our old planet from chugging along. With that said I have no excuse not to do all I always do at this special time of the year.

I do think 2012 was a difficult year filled with stress and difficulties. My prediction for 2013 is pretty much more of the same stresses and difficulties as our past year.

I think the world scene will continue to cling to the brink of disaster with war looming even closer than the previous years.  It is not possible for me to predict the amount of death connected to the war conflicts that hang over this planet but I think we all know we will see these things happening in our future.

I think the world economy and financial outlook for our new year will hang hard or at best be flat and stressful for many. I do not think the year ahead will be more than a holding cycle for most of the large issues facing us during this time in history.  I do feel that as we reach the half way mark of this year the world will start to bend in new directions. Although I personally never thought 2012 would be the end of the world I do think it is a mark in time we have come to understand as a period when life changes for those living on this planet in many drastic ways. This era I have been referring to for years in past articles as the ERA of 2012 started years ago and will continue for years to come.

It will not be our finest moments nor will it be the safest of times to live on earth. We are at a point in history when many natural cycles are due to occur that will bring hard times and ciaos to those living upon this planet. As these cycles of events that are now timed to occur fall upon us we must remember that these things have all happened before and they will happen again.  As in the past the planet will survive and life will continue. This does not mean we are going to all live happily ever after and do not have to prepare to face enormous difficulties ahead.  Surely we will have natural disasters, world conflicts of war and financial issues including the possibility of life ending or life changing events.  I am simply saying the earth will continue on as well as life on it while this stressful time cycles through and the planet passes along the hard road ahead until it finds its way to a calmer cycle of time. For those of us alive during this time in history the experiences ahead may be trying and difficult. There does not seem to be any choice for the human race upon this planet to do anything but prepare the best they can for what is ahead and buckle up for what may be a bit of a wild ride.  

Those of us who have prepared for or find we are lucky to living in places that do not have a high rate of extreme events like volcanoes , tornados, earthquakes or life threatening storms will have a far greater chance of riding the wave of this Era of time when so many natural disasters are due to occur. Those of us who are lucky enough to have the economic means to see our way through extremely difficult financial times will survive the days ahead as well. Sadly there are others who are not prepared for the hard times due on this earth and we may see loss of life and broken lives cross our path as we move forward along a time full of unknowns that are due and waiting to erupt across this planet. Some of us will live and see it all while others may not. Although difficult these are the facts of life for the human race living on earth at this time in the history of our planet.

2013 will continue to bring increased sightings of strange things going on in our skies as well as everywhere else on earth. I know we will continue to see a rise in the amount of ORB crafts in our skies as well as unidentified objects we cannot explain.  We are moving across a delicate line of passage in our galaxy which will increase the activity involving entities being seen that are not human or known. We seem to be more open to easy passage of strange visitors from unknown places which I am sure will follow us during the New Year.

2013 will be a year where we begin our journey on the other side of the alignment which will start us on our way to a different type of living and thinking. I do think this will be a hard year however I also think it will be a year when we begin to clear our heads and hearts towards thinking of better ways of living with each other and upon the surface of planet earth.

Most of all I think we are turning a corner concerning a huge part of being human.  For all walking and living on this planet I think 2013 will be a year in which we all will have to face our personal battles and decisions with good and evil. This will be a time we will all be tested on our strengths and stance of being a good verse evil human. Our choices and behavior towards one another will come strongly in to play especially after the first of this year on exactly what course we have chosen and which path we will follow. The outcome of this will all play out over the days and years ahead however our final core actions will determine our soul’s destiny and this I believe strongly with all my heart. Starting 2013 all our decisions and actions will in group decide the fate of mankind. I only pray we all will decide to do the right things at the right times and not ever give over to darkness hate or evil in any shape or form. That will be for all humans the final statement about our journeys lived on planet earth.

I wish you all the best of all things and the strength needed for what may come your way. I hope with all that I can find in me that is strong and good that we all can walk along in to our New Year with the best of intentions backed by kind loving righteous hearts so we can walk ahead to our futures with heads held high and life a bright light ahead filled with hope and joy.

Goodbye 2012 Hello and welcome 2013


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