The Disasters of Our Time- Why We Do Not Need Disclosure Now


I have been watching the news and feel very sad . The oil spill in the gulf seems to be a disaster that will be in our life for a very long time to come. 

As the oil continues to pump in to the gulf of Mexico we all must ask what on earth were we thinking to allow this to happen in the first place. 

Like many other people I took it for granted that there were measures in place to deal with accidents exactly like this one . It was astonishing to discover the opposite is true and this dangerous activity has been going on without precaution for all this time. It seems nearly impossible to believe that we could be so lacking in care or frivolous with placing so much and so many in danger. 

I have stopped assuming that the right and correct measures are in place in this world by others in areas that can be catastrophic if they go wrong. 

Like everyone else I waited for the needed machines, ships and experts to arrive to plug this leak to find there were no machines, or ships or submarines or experts on the way. 

Instead we all sit and watch as a sea of black death spreads across the gulf to the shores of our coast line. We watch as jobs are lost, towns are thrown into turmoil and our wild life and sea life dies. All we can do is feel desperate as this catastrophe revolves around us. Each day that passes is another adding to the magnitude of this disaster. 

I have no idea how the horror of this spill will end . I can only hope it will be stopped and that we will be able to recover from this man made disaster. I think I am correct to state that this should have never happened. I also think it is safe to say this needs to be a huge wake-up call for us all. 

I receive email every day from people wanting to know what I think about the disclosure issue concerning aliens and UFO’s. 

My answer has and will remain that I do not think disclosure is near and hope that we do not force it until we are prepared to deal with it. 

I look at this disaster and wonder how any of us can think we could handle a worldwide disclosure of aliens and UFO’s in a world that cannot handle its own affairs. We are not advanced enough to take care of this planet. We are not smart enough to protect our own natural resources. We are dangerous and violent to the point of insanity yet we think we are ready to deal with Aliens? I think the idea is outrageous. 

Aliens do not want to be part of our life in any open form. You know how I know this? I figured it out by reasoning that any life form who can conquer space travel, or dimensional travel , or inter universal travel is far more advanced than we are. 

Understanding that fact as well as knowing they do visit us lets me know that the relationship we now have with them is exactly how they want it. Trust me if they wanted more involvement with our primitive world they would have it. The fact they keep us at arm’s length is absolutely by their will and design.Not ours. 

I realize people really want to know what is behind the UFO issue but trust me we are in no way prepared to deal with beings who are that advanced . 

Just as we jumped into the drilling in a dangerous fashion instead of thinking it out and preparing for accidents we have to stop and think about the result to the human species if we try to force disclosure. 

We cannot and do not handle this earth or the people on it without constant war, destruction or reckless behaviors. We are not able to stop killing each other. We cannot even contain aworld altering oil spill. We are only starting to find our way around our own solar system. We are only now learning how to handle disease or our energy problems. How on earth can anyone possibly think we are in any shape or form ready to take on deal with aliens? 

What if we forced disclosure.What if we forced this information against the wishes of the visiting aliens? What if they became annoyed and decide to slap us for upsetting things? What if they react by destroying a few cities or by simply taking over part of the earth?What if the aliens become angry and decide to wipe us off the face of the earth? What could we do about it? What could you do about it?Do you think you will be able to defend against a civilization or group of civilizations that could destroy you with a snap of big green alien claw? 

If aliens wanted more contact with the bacteria filled, dirty, loud, violent, polluted, primitive, struggling , aggressive, low level earth dwellers they would have it. 

For now aliens do what they want , take what they want, and interact as they wish with this planet and the screaming, destructive creatures living on it. 

We have miles to go before we can think about bringing something as dramatic and overpowering as aliens into our ongoing daily existence. I really think we need to take pause and really think this over before leaping before we look. 

I write about UFO’s and people who have had interaction with them .I know what it is like to be overpowered and taken. It is horrible . 

I also know what it is like to view a craft that is beyond our technology and know that we are in no wayon a level to deal with them. 

I receive emails daily from people who remark on things so superficial or confused about these subjects that my thinking is cemented in the fact we are not ready for alien interaction. 

Today a man wrote me a extremely mean email telling me that because I did not mention after every single abduction incident I wrote about in an article that the people went to the doctor each time it proved the abductee and I were liars and a few other mean spirited insult she included in his ranting email. 

I was confused as I did write in the article that this abductee had visited doctors and how she was treated.I did not however after each paragraph concerning her abductions write over and over’ and she went to the doctor ‘ . I thought one reference was enough. This man wrote to me in such hatred using this ridiculous reason for his hate clearly because what I had written either frightened him to death or upset the fantasy he had built in his mind concerning the issue of abduction. 

I just shake my head as clearly those like this man would be destroyed if disclosure came to light. If you attack those who write about those who endure these events with such hostile hatred and fear what on earth would happen if the facts of UFO’s and Alien life forms became public. I fear what those like that man would react. 

. How can we think our society could handle open disclosure if so many will not even accept it as a concept ? 

My thinking for this planet is to try to become civil on this earth before reaching for the stars. 

I fear for us as we are heading towards dangerous cycles coming due as the nature of the universe and this planet prepare to do what they do . The challenge is that we humans are new to these cycles and may not be able to handle them or ride the times of nature concerning what may be ahead. 

To think we are at a level to deal with the cosmos is just a bit premature. 

I hope one day we find our way and can handle relationships with our universal neighbors . I do think for now they like it as it is and we need to leave it alone until we can handle things here at home. 

Be honest and understand we have no way at all to defend against civilizations advanced enough to visit us. 

I am sure there are times our alien visitors are right in front of our eyes yet wedo not see them. How on earth does anyone think we could handle , control or defend against them. Could a caveman defend against you with a rifle in your hand? How do you think a cave man would react if you whipped a Bic lighter or pack of matches out of your pocket to start a fire while answering your cell phone? It is about equal to the differences between those who visit us and our civilization. 

I know we think we are the top dogs in the universe but trust me we are more like dog fleas to those who visit us. I would not want usto end up like the dinosaurs-gone forever with no one really sure why! 

Right now let us learn to plug our leaks, stop our wars, find energy that does not kill and become the best we can be.The first step to these things is to stop biting off more than we can chew. Lets figure out the earth before we reach to the stars. 

I am sure they will continue to visit us and watch us- even take a few of us to do as they please with. The main thing is the alien agenda will remain at arm’s length for a while longer. 

I may be wrong about the time line but I do believe the aliens will ultimately decide when and where we will have disclosure. I also believe the powers of the world know this and realize it is the way it has to be. I think we should continue to educate one another about our experiences. I think we need to spend time cleaning up the world of the paranormal removing the fakes and frauds replacing them with research and logical science based programs that welcome those who see and experience alien encounters. If we did this we may one day be ready for the disclosure we seem so hungry to have. 

For now be careful out there and pay attention- to everything and try not to bite off my than you can chew! 

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