What You Had to Say About the World Wide Spraying of Our Sky

 I recently wrote an article discussing the new added oddity of no visible plane seen during chemtrail spraying. The large long lines of cloud like material that linger the entire day have been noticed without a plane at the helm to spray them. They seem to be developing on their own and seem to start out of nowhere and continue forming for hundreds of milesstarting at one point in blue clear sky and suddenly ending hundreds of miles away at another point without any reason or sense to it. 

I asked my readers to send me any information or what they think this may be . I also asked if any of my readers have seen the white planes that are usually seen in relation to the chemtrail spraying taking off , landing or fueling their chemical pay load. To date no one has replied that they have seen anything that relates to what must be large fleets of jets used in this massive ongoing worldwide spraying. 

I did receive a huge amount of emails concerning my article. Most were from people who have been watching the spraying all over the world who are concerned why it is being done. Others sent me their ideas about what may be going on. 

I was sent one very good email from along time reader who had this to say about the mysterious lack of planes where chemtrails are being seen sprayed This is what the reader had to say: 

“.Just an idea, .maybe they, whoever they are, have found a way to delay the spray from forming. Example; plane flies overhead sprays it’s junk then in 15 or 20 min delay it will begin to form it’s lines. By then people will have forgotten seeing the planes. I don’t think this is impossible and most likely it was an easy solution to the public now asking questions-simply remove the planes from obviously spraying the trails..Perhaps more people than you think are starting to wise up to what’s going on in our the sky.” 

This certainly deserves some thought as it is a logical answer to why we suddenly do not see the jets associated with most of the spraying. 

I also had a reader bring this point out for us to ponder: 

“two points on the subject: 

Here in the pacific northwest, the planes I have seen spraying are grey, with no markings, and usually quite large, down to smaller fighter jet size. 

However my main point is that I haven’t seen many planes spraying in over a year. What I have noticed is extremely long narrow clouds that start thin, and spread out to cover the whole sky as the day wears on. These clouds drift inland from offshore of the Pacific Ocean. My feeling is that there is a new technology being deployed instead of the traditional [sic] diamond-grid spraying. in this case, the clouds are sprayed over the Pacific Ocean and allowed to drift inland.These clouds appear much higher, and more diffuse, as if being sprayed in the upper atmosphere using a new technology. They may be spraying at significantly higher altitudes offshore so the clouds look like natural formations rolling in.” 

I think this reader may be onto something going on where different technology may be used in coastal areas using the oceans as a avenue to cloak what is happening. 

This reader really hit home as I have replaced a large amount of evergreens on my property that all suddenly died without our knowing why this year. 

“I have noticed over the years that our ever green trees and bushes are dying. I blame the chemtrails. I have lost two evergreen bushes of my own. On the way to work I seemany evergreen trees dying. They are killing the planet and by “they” I mean the corrupt elite. I have watched many trees and bushes, not just evergreen trees, die. I love trees and birds.” 

I do not know who or what is responsible but do know my own trees did die since the heavy spraying has been going on over my house. I tried to find out if a tree disease was at fault but could not find any information at this time . I have no idea if what they spray is or is not killing our trees. 

Others are watching our sky and do see strange things going one of my emails talked about the odd colors and shadowsthat result from the massive chemtrail spraying. 

“Here’s another aspect of the spraying that has vexed me for quite some time… Sometimes, there will be a shadow that stretches the entire length of the trail, but it’s above and to the side of the trail… As if the light is coming from below and to the side…

My thoughts are that it happens because what we think is just blue skies are above us when actually a holographic illusion of some sort is at play… I also feel that this hologram has been in place since the early 90’s…

There are many things happening that are quite unexplainable and we have to all work together to figure out what ‘they’ are up to… I don’t know exactly who or what ‘they’ are, but I do know that ‘they’ don’t have our best interests in mind…” 

Many other people sent emails to share that they too have noticed things and realize something is just not right that is going on above our heads. 

“About a year ago, I started noticing flashes of silver light in the sky during the bright daytime on more or less clear days. I live in Central Indiana. My first thought was the standard line: that these flashes of light were sun’s reflection on airplanes too far away for me to see with the naked eye. 

That seems plausible, if not likely. 

A few weeks ago, I saw a silver orb in the sky. It was perfectly round, and my first thought was that it was weather balloon of some type, or an escaped party balloon made of silver foil. I was driving, so I only saw the object for about a second, and then it was either gone or my changing angle to it as I drove made it invisible. This latter really makes me doubt that it was a balloon. 

Well, I obviously am not pointing out a super theory on what’s happening. Years ago, on a defunct radio show called Dark Matter Radios, I heard the host profess that he’d seen a silver ball from his commercial jets’ window, and that it was leaving a chemtrail. 

This is all completely subjective and based on things I cannot prove, but I’ve come to suspect that the chemtrails are created by these silver balls in the sky. Who does this, I don’t know.” 

I have heard almost every theory from simple radar blocking to sinister plots to kill the world’s population. 

I think there is an answer to this mystery which is one that is without question being hidden from the public. I realize that matters of defense need to be done with secrecy however also realize that a need to this extent would mean a global cold war that the public should be made aware of. 

If this massive worldwide activity is for the protection of the citizens of the world it is time for someone to say something. Far too many people are now aware and concerned at what they are seeing. To continue this ritual spraying without explanation will only continue to terrify and convince the masses of wrong doing by those involved in this massive worldwide event of global spraying. 

I do fear the cause that may require these actions in our sky however really think it is time to come clean about our not so clean clear blue skies. 

For now all any of us can do is to continue to pay attention to what goes on around us and above us as well as continuing to bring these events to the attention of those around us. Sooner orlater if we continue to grow in number and concern . They will have to let us in on what it is they are doing to all of us.I can only hope and pray good is on our side and evil is being defeated by this huge under taking going on daily over this planet. 

Keep your eyes open andyour heart sendinggood karma out to the universe as people we may need all the help we can get!

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