No Sense Nonsense Above our Heads- What is Going on?


Sometimes you simply have to sit back and look at a situation with pure logic and say “Wait a minute , that just cannot be happening!” 

That is what happened to me recently when I was questioned about what I thought was going on in the sky above our heads, homes , families and lives- nearly every day. 

I have been curious, annoyed and concerned about the constant spraying in our skies now for years. No one seems tohave an answer. No one seems to care much. No one is doing anything about it . 

The fact remains that weekly over my house large lines of chemical clouds are sprayed out, fan out and remain over my home for the entire day. I do not know what it is that they are spraying or who is doing it.  

I tried to find out only to be laughed at and told that it is just normal air traffic. Of course this offends me as I am not an idiot and fully realize that it is not normal air traffic. If it were we would have the large clouds being sprayed each and every day. 

We have days when no trails are to be found at all. We would also find the trails in the normal lanes of air traffic instead of the wild crisscrossed designs that pattern the sky. If the normal air traffic is now suddenly flying in bizarre wild ciaos displayed by the chem. trial formations we are in big trouble! The fact is I know what a contrail is and I know what a chem. trail is. What I am seeing are without question chemical clouds being sprayed. 

We are in both deep denial and a deep mess with this issue. The thing that frightens me the most is that few people not only do not care but do not notice the odd actions over head. I am fascinated by that aspect and cannot help but wonder if they are spraying us with some type of dumb dope that keeps us all in control and lost to what is happening around us, over us and to us. I know I have written all of this before but I just cannotget over the lack of interest or concern about what is going on with this spraying. 

I have been sent many wonderful videos and photos by readers who share my concern over this issue. What is obvious is that this spraying is taking place not only in my country but most all of the NATO countries. 

I had to laugh as I was recently watching the TV show Pawn Shop which takes place in Las Vegas Nevada in the USA when they showed a section of the show being filmed out in the Pawn Shop parking lot. Above them were the most incredible tic tac toehuge chem. trails hanging in all their glory over their heads. 

How does everyone miss this abnormal activity and simply blow it off without concern or curiosity? 

A wonderful friend of mine who has been closely watching this spraying over the last few years mentioned to me that she noticed that an odd thing was going on. She told me she watched a few days of chem. trail lines being sprayed but there was no plane to be seen doing it. She explained that the lines were forming yet the typical white planes seen that usually spray them were not there and the lines appeared to be coming right out of the clear blue sky. I found this strange and did not know what to think of it. 

Shortly after hearing about this odd non plane sighting I received an email from a reader who sent a few videos asking me what I thought was going on as people were videoing the chem. trails being sprayed but the planes were missing. 

I looked at the videos and decided to spend a few days sitting on chem. trail watch down at the beach so I could observe the spraying for myself. 

It only took a few trips to the docks overlooking theopen water of Long Island before I was able to watch the spraying. The first few days I watched the normal unmarked white planes were busy laying long crossed lines of chemical clouds above the Atlantic Ocean. 

It took about 10 days before I was able to see with my own eyes what they were talking about. One bright beautiful afternoon I drove to the coast and there above my town were the long lines of chem trails being sprayed over Long Island. I realized immediately that the lines were being formed clearly but nothing was at the front of them where the white planes that spray themcan always be found. There was no plane, no craft, no anything. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. I looked with my binoculars and just found blue sky and the line forming on its own. It was truly bizarre. 

When I returned home I called my friend to find out if she had come upon any information in her research on chem trails that would explain this odd sighting oftrails being sprayed without a plane in sight. 

She told me that she had heard a few different theories concerning this new phenomenon.One idea was that the planes were being cloaked for some reason. They were there but technology was being used to cloak our ability to see them. That idea was followed by the theory that UFO type crafts were doing the spraying and that they were being cloaked. My friend told me she also has read that holograms of jets have been used and mishaps are taking place allowing us to view the spraying without the hologram of the white jets. If that is the case it still does not explain how the chem trails are beingformed and by what or who. 

I started to inquire about this new phenomenonby asking as many people interested in the chem trail issue that I knew if they had any information on this no plane occurrence. I was told that this has been known to be reported all over the world where the trail clouds are being sprayed. I realized something odd was going on within the confines of the already odd subject of chem. trails. 

I admit I am stumped , confused, curious and concerned by this turn of events. I have been trying to figure out the chem. trial spaying for years. I am no closer to a conclusion on why or who is doing it than when I first started to investigate the issue. Now with the non plane addition to the problem I fully admit complete confusion. 

The friend who brought this to my attention and I have been discussing this mystery over the last few days. We realize that this spraying takes place all overthe world weekly in most locations . Understanding this brings the reasoning that to accomplish this task a huge fleet of jets and tankers to supply the chemicals for the jets would need to be organized and continuous. 

With those factors in place we realized that there had to be people all over the world who are located near where these white jets are landing and taking off. 

Of course the fleets of planes would be distributed all over the world in smaller groups however they still would need air strips and hangers in order to function. With so much spraying going on worldwide there has topeople who witness the constant take off and landing of these pure white jets. 

I am hopeful that people all over who are reading this article will contact us if they know of a air stripor airport where they have noticed the constant air traffic of these unusual white jets. If you do have any information that could help us sew together some type of logic to this subject please contact me via my email address attached with this article. 

If no one can help us sort of this problem ofthousands of planes making thousands of flights all over the world I think we may need to consider the possibility something else is involved in this already strange issue of chem. trail and those who spray them. 

I have no answers for what I have written about today only questions. I do know this worldwide circumstance of changing skies and mass manipulation via large cloud like formations being dumped into our sky by way of crafts we cannot seem to identify or now at times even see has gone on too long without some serious answers. 

If you have seen anything or know anything about this matter of no plane trails being formed over our heads please contact me . If we all look to these mysteries together and work asa force of the curious intelligent progressing humans instead of dumb’ed down brain dead sheep we may finally climb out of the dark and find our way in the light of the reality of our own time. 

Keep your eyes open and cameras ready. You never know when you will have your visit with the unknown. Walk softly and always be careful out there. 

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