Now you think something funny was going on at Montauk Point? Where were you years ago?

Have you noticed the new sudden interest in the Montauk Point area of Long Island New York? It seems part of this new interest involves the old closed military base Camp Hero located in the Montauk Point area.

Personally this new found interest does one thing for me. It makes me want to walk to the end of my deck in my yard and scream in frustration.

I tried for years to get articles published concerning the activities that took place on the Hero Military base that was once open on Long Island and Plum Island a secret government lab that is now a dead zone area off of Long Island as well as a few other choice dangerous areas located in my neck of the woods.

I have been convinced for a very long time that many sightings, lost time events and abductions on Long Island as well as the coast of New England were all connected to or in part involved with those secret sinister locations on Long Island.

I suspected for a long time that many of the rural country folk living on the east end of Long Island have been used as lab rats by many unknown activities or experiments that routed from those locations on Long Island.

In many of my articles I have written about odd events that have happened on Long Island . I mentioned in those articles that I suspected humans were working in connection with Aliens based out of these deadly facilities.

Located sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean with quick and easy access to the open sea and sky miles away from large populations yet a few hours away from one of the biggest cities around Long Island was and is the perfect place to carry out sinister experiments and get away with it without any questions.

I was told years ago when Camp Hero was a working base that it was a dangerous place that was connected to the main town by long winding tunnels that were deep under ground . I know there is at least one building in the main area of town where the base is located that does have long winding tunnels without any explanation why they exist.

The infamous Plum Island is located close to Camp Hero. Plum Island is known worldwide for being an extremely dangerous place where top secret activities were conducted for years.

Now closed it is still thought of as a hell hole by local Long Islanders. The only way that island could be considered safe would be to burn it to the ground and blow what was left out into space. I doubt they will ever be able to truly consider that Island a place for humans or animals to work or live.

I know they have been trying to decontaminate it since 2000 in order to sell the place. Only a madman would consider having anything to do with it. Madmen were the ones who ran it and left it a slice of hell on earth.

So many paranormal, abductions, strange sightings and lost time events have taken place on Long Island that it is ridiculous to consider these dangerous places did not have something to do with at least some of them.

Who knows what or who was living in those underground quarters built deep underground at Camp Hero. Who knows what was going on at Plum Island.

Who knows what flew in and out of that area in the dead of night from the open Sea?

I do know that many of us who lived here during the hay day of these places saw crafts, strange beings or were taken and abused.

I blame those locations and the interaction of our own kind with beings that were not human. The poor people in the area were simply close at hand and easy to use. I know , I was one of them.

Long ago I wrote an article about the giant fire ball that flew across Long Island during the 1965 blackout on the east coast of the United States.

Not too much was said at the time of the blackout about the strange sighting of a huge fire ball that streaked across the sky that night. It was seen from Canada all the way down the East Coast of the United States.

I could not find reports of sightings of UFO’s during the 65 blackout either. I did however receive many emails from people all over the world who lived on the east coast during the 1965 blackout telling me that they did see a strange craft or group of UFO’s the night of the blackout.

I stopped counting the emails from those who saw the fire ball in the sky that night. The incredible thing is that all the people who wrote to me remarked how they could not understand why it was not reported at the time or why everyone was not talking about it.

I do not know what the answer is to any of these questions. I do not know why after years of talking about the odd events that have occurred on Long Island including those that took place on Montauk Point and the Hero Military base no one was interested until now.

Now over 40 years later a few people who do not live here and were not here at the time are making movies and writing books about all of these issues.

Now those who have no idea what has been going on here on Long Island suddenly pop up with a video camera and become famous over night for the same data we Islanders have tried to tell people for years.

The fickle behavior of the paranormal world can be maddening to those who have been trying to shed light on many of these issues for years.

The entire scenario is frustrating and confusing to those who lived it and tried to talk about it only to be ignored or laughed at.

What is it about society that makes them ignore or ridicule something unknown until it becomes the ‘IN’ thing to talk about and then they are all in to it. It seems to be especially appealing if it is being told to them by someone second hand who really has no idea what they are talking about.

I dropped in on a chat platform type internet group not long ago and listened to one of the new self proclaimed experts talk about Montauk Point and the Hero Military Base now long closed.

He was talking about things that were old news to the locals. He also was a bit off on his information. Curious to the reaction of the group of about 70 people listening to him I joined in the conversation by explaining I lived right there and have been to the Point and that base many times. Not one person reacted. No one had a question for a person living right smack in the area they were discussing. It was similar to being in a discussion with a group about the Amityville Horror House and informing the group you now lived in the Amityville Horror House yet being ignored by the group discussing the house!

I tried to join in on the conversation about Montauk and the odd activities of the area . I was ignored . I was insulted about four times but not one person considered asking a local of the Montauk area any questions.

I went as far as informing the group that some of the information being reported by the self appointed expert talking on the subject was simply incorrect. I was ignored.

I decided to see how determined this group was against anything that did not completely agree with the new experts opinions and asked the young man claiming to be the authority a few questions concerning the base and Montauk Point. He would not answer me. What the group did do was ask me to leave.

That is what is wrong with the paranormal and why so many things that should be understood , investigated or known stay polluted and lost in the confusion and ciaos known as the paranormal.

So much time has been wasted and so much has been kept in the shadows due to our own behavior concerning the unknown.

Until we grow up and stop acting like high school kids all wanting the attention of the cool kids we will remain locked in ignorance to what really happens out there in the world of paranormal activity and unknown science.

Maybe someday it will change. However I am on the verge of giving up hope it will in my life time.

Instead I watch those who are considered the cool kids attract the full attention of those wanting to be cool and watch those with the real scope left on the sidelines ignored and alone. It is really funny as they are the ones with all the information.

Until we stop asking people who are trying to clean up and advance the paranormal to leave the room in favor for those who have no idea what they are talking about the subjects of the unknown will remain in the dark and we will remain the dopes of the universe. Cool maybe , stupid definitely.

For now I simply shake my head in total bewilderment at my fellow humans actions and continue to wonder what drives them to want to remain in the dark about so many subjects we really should understand.

I will not stop looking for answers. I just know but for only a few others I am mostly on my own.

I think that as it stands in our society with the paranormal it is safe to say that Montauk Point and that old creepy military base have nothing to fear. I am sure their secrets will remain safe for a long time to come.

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