Chemtrails and Naked Cousin Harry – A Comparison

chem  trails and naked cousin harry -a comparison Imagine a family holiday. The house is filled with family and friends. The rooms are filled with the smells of Turkey cooking and apple pies cooling. A fire cracks in the fireplace as everyone gets ready to sit down at a beautiful table set for this wonderful occasion. As the family finds their way around the large table all seems right with the world- until cousin Harry walks in. Harry a rather overweight hairy man well past his prime plows through the room and plops down completely naked in full view of one and all -young and old. The group of family and friends now have a decision to make that will not only control all future family holidays but all future days in general. If they ignore the fact old Harry is sitting there in all his hairy naked glory chances are he will attend every holiday or family get together in the same way. If they ignore his large nude presence Harry may continue this practice over to shopping, working, and picking the kids up from school, completely naked. The family has a choice. They can demand an explanation for his behavior and insist he stop at once and find his knickers and sweater or slink away , look away and let Harry destroy the family holidays and perhaps life as they know it. After all who wants to deal with life with a large daily dose of a hairy naked cousin Harry replacing what should be lovely family memories and moments? The future of them all depends on how they handle Harry and his naked actions. This is what is happening to our extended family, our society. Instead of the our ignoring a naked cousin Harry destroying our traditions we are ignoring what is going on over our heads that could possibly destroy our world as we know it. We all sit as family around our home, this planet , while strange and unexplained spraying of our skies takes place each and every day and no one is saying a thing. I think the lack of concern to this phenomenon is indifference to that which we do not recognize as a problem that could concern us directly. I think most of your reaction is due to lives filled with stress that simply cannot find time to worry about what is going on over our heads. I think it is easier for most to ignore the sky with so many other things taking our time. I also think we are under the assumption that someone will stop it if it is really bad. Unfortunately all of that thinking is why we were so shocked when 911 occurred. Sadly that was our thinking when Hurricane Katrina destroyed so much of the gulf coast region. And now we face the fact that this exact lack of care or thinking seems to be the route of the catastrophic oil leak in the gulf that will remain a crisis for a very long time. It seems to me we all have decided to let cousin Harry walk around naked without control or care until we have a world full of perverted hairy nude dudes running a muck. People please take a moment and listen to those trying to bring your attention to what is taking place over our heads. Our skies are filled with aircraft dumping huge amounts of something all over the world. Do not waste your time trying to get out of dealing with this by waving it away with the idiotic idea it is normal exhaust from normal air traffic . What is going on IS NOT con-trails. What is happening is a massive worldwide spraying of some type of substance that lasts for hours and turns a perfectly normal sky into a huge odd covered sky of long lingering cloud like mountains of whatever it is they are soaking our sky with. There are many people trying to find answers to this ongoing event. The major problem however is the fact the public seems to not care at all. This lack of interest by the masses is why those trying to find answers are met with deaf ears and mute responses from those who should be responsible for our air space. We are simply allowing something awful to happen to us without so much as a question or even a bit of normal curiosity. I have been trying to get people to pay attention to the sky and what is happening above them for years. I have had little to no luck at all finding people to show concern to what I consider a huge world event. I have come to the conclusion that part of what they are spraying has to be a form of dummy juice that keeps the public numb dumb and indifferent to the world around them. I am really confused about what is taking place around us and to us. I think at this point I am even more concerned that none of you seem to care. I recently read about how the seed companies that supply our farmers the seeds they use to grow the food we eat are being engineered to grow with a tolerance to a list of chemicals used in the fertilizers and pesticides needed for strong crops. I do not know if I am comfortable with eating engineered food. I am not sure what that will do or mean to us in our future. Shortly after reading that article I read about a group of people who have been collecting what is being sprayed from the chem-trail jets to have it analyzed . To my shock I found that the list of chemicals found in the spraying of the jets was similar to the same list that the seed is being engineered to tolerate. I find this coincidence a bit frightening. I do not know what is going on in our air space. I do not know why we are tampering with our world with all the added chemical mixtures we are being exposed to via our food supply and sky. I have no answers only questions. My main question however has to be – Why don’t you care? I do not want to live in a world of naked hairy cousin Harry type men sitting at my dinner table . I know I would throw a robe over Harry and try to make sure it did not happen again. I am sure most of you would do the same. I doubt many of you with family would allow that kind of behavior to take place during your next large family holiday event. I am just really confused why you would allow something as odd as your sky being taken over and your world to be sprayed without even a look or reaction. As I said the reaction or non reaction of all of you is the most astonishing part of the chem- trail issue. I will continue to throw blankets over any Harry I come across and question what is being done to our world. I just wish I did not feel so lonely doing it. ? Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly’s Paranormal World email [email protected]

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