The year 2014 is at its end and our New Year of 2015 sits in front of us filled with endless unknowns. Those  who are interested in the subject of UFO’s remain exactly as they started this ending year of 2014 with only confusion and that which is unexplained and unknown remaining that way.

We continue by the millions across the world to see UFO’s, report UFO’s and some of us even have close encounters with UFO’s and those who pilot them.

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The one fact that remains standard is that we continue to have no ideas who or what the strange objects we see are or who or what pilot or send them  to visit us or  why they visit. Those questions remain the same  as they have for many years  and look like they will remain unanswered for a the unseeable future.

In my opinion the subject of UFO’s despite the fact that they are witnessed daily around this planet is locked in secrecy with ease by way of years of brainwashing , intimidation , confusion as well as many other forms of control that is used to keep society deaf dumb and blind to what goes on around them each and every day. 

We are easily kept in check by way of our social devices, computers, televisions, media, social media, plus many other methods that are used to keep the mass  population living in false concepts of fake reality that form bubbles around the little earthlings by way of hand held gadgets, large screen TVs and lock step needs to be a cool or part of what’s in and easily yield to what we should follow or think.

 The days of free thinking curious intelligence seems to be pretty much trash canned as we  become  a society that  seems to be extremely content following along in fantasy built bubbles living silly lives that are produced by rings in our noses that technology easily uses to keep us all in line and frankly very dumb and controlled.

I know that the UFO issue will continue and many people all over this planet will continue to see them, some will deal with them up close and sadly others will not only deal with them but never be seen again as I am sure the occupants of these unknown vehicles, ships whatever they are- take and keep a number of us each and every year.

Besides a few useless organizations without training and a few private good people who are trying to keep the reports listed the subject of UFOs are left without interest or any type of agency or help for those who view them, deal with them or end up taken by these strange unexplained objects. I think this fact is as strange as the UFO issue. How can we be so nonchalant about something so amazing and interesting as alien life flying over our heads yet we (human beings) simply do not give a damn. We do not care who they are, where they come from or what they want.  We are just too damn busy looking at our stupid phones.

I have given up with society but I do continue to want to know what, who and why these things seem to be everywhere.

For me to keep up with what is going on out there concerning the UFO issue I have been lucky to have a group of good people who like me want answers. I have had the pleasure of finding and relying on these good people who are giving their hard work and time in the hope that one day we will begin to find answers to the question of all these unexplained unknowns. One of my favorite people to follow for good information is my friend Ken Pfeifer . Ken operates two sites one called




 Ken also has a Facebook page he keeps updated  to try to bring the information that he finds about the UFO issue to those who really want to know what is happening and what people are seeing.

I find amazing reports daily by way of Kens work and found that this past year of 2014 was active and full of strange crafts flying freely across our skies all throughout the year. I understand this will continue to be ongoing and anticipate that our new year of 2015 will be jam packed with new sightings and reports from all over the world.

On December 11 @ 9:30 PM Eastern time Host Colin Knight and I will be interviewing Ken Pfeifer on Knight Talk Radio to find out what Ken thinks will be ahead for the New Year concerning the alien UFO issue  and also what he feels were the highlights concerning these topics in 2014.

Below I have included a few of the reports Ken has collected from this past year as well as the information to hear Ken on Knight Talk Radio

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