2nd UFO On Baltic Sea Floor?

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Second unidentified flying object found on Baltic Sea floor?

The discovery of a second unrecognizable object on the Baltic Sea floor has treasure hunters speculating on the existence of UFOs.

Have treasure hunters found another unidentified flying object on the floor of the Baltic Sea?

When a Swedish team using side-scan sonar picked up a strange circular object about 200 feet in diameter sitting on the floor of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland last June, experts speculated that the object was just a glitch in the team’s equipment, NBC reported.

The object sat in in 275 feet of water and 900 feet of “skid marks” behind it suggested that it may have moved across, or crashed on, the sea floor.

Now, CNN cites the team as saying they have discovered visual evidence of a second “disc-like shape” some 200 meters from the original find.

Team leader Peter Lindberg, who made headlines with his recent haul of two 200-year-old Champagne salvaged from a 19th-century Baltic Sea shipwreck and recently auctioned — joked to CNN that the first object they found might be an unidentified flying object, or UFO.

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