Publisher’s Note: Received the following photos and details surrounding their capture by Anthony Mele of New York State. Anthony used the UFO Submission link in the left column to send me his amazing photographs. Enjoy Dirk

The Burning Bush
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 12:28 January 23, 1999

Anthony Mele was in the Middle East in December 1998. When he was in Israel he visited Jerusalem and took a short trip to view the Westerrn Wall.

It was afternoon and he thought that the crowd of worshippers in front of him and backed by the historical wall would make a great shot. While shooting the photos he did not see anything except the tourists and the wall.

burning bush photoreverse image of buring bush

All photos taken by Anthony Mele

After developing the film he was shocked by what appeared to be floating over the heads of the crowd. Not quite believing what he was seeing he enlarged the photo, “up to full pixels and it shows depth and width and length”, explained Anthony.

He then made a negative of the photo and the image was still there!

Anthony said, “The strange light was not seen by the naked eye nor in the camera view finder. It is an object on both negative and photo. It is approximately 4-5 ft. above the heads of the worshippers. It measures about 2-3 feet across”.

“It appeared like a flame, hovering, so I call it the “burning bush.”

He added, “The burning bush story came to mind, since it looks like a flame or tongue of a flame.”

Anthony invites any and all analysis of his photos and any opinions on what the actual image may be!

Anthony can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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