If you or someone you know, has a child at the epicenter of paranormal experiences in the home, temporarily remove  the child from the house to a friend’s or relative’s, to see what then happens; my surmise is that much will follow the child wherever he goes, to confirm that it’s the ‘haunted child”, and not the house which is haunted, as the problem’s source and focus.


Regardless, one must teach a child to learn how to shut out some of these experiences by asserting his will, by grounding exercises, and by using visualizations, in applied metaphysics, which manifest instantly, on the astral plane.


Teach a child to practice this metaphysical sure-fire defense: _ Internally see, imagine  and visualize strongly, the whole house or  the room he’s in suddenly ablaze in an electric purple fire, which flares in the center of the room, and climbs the walls to encompass the whole room, to burn everything, including his body, to ashes, that fall to the floor.


At that moment, any dark entity, ” attached”, stands alone,  astrally apart from the child’s energies now, and unprotected, is  also  awash and bathed in electric purple fire, a cleansing, and  withering of dark force entities, demons, reptilians, greys, and negative earthbound human spirits’ astral connections.


The more the child practices, the more dangerous he will become to unwanted spirits; teach a child the greatest warrior is the one who never has to pull his sword from his scabbard.

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