A New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Trust New Age Psychics

alien / demonic attachment


I am naturally cynical about ANY new age psychic these days and for a solid, good reason.

Fifteen years ago, on a Thursday night, at bedtime, I was meditating on angels and protective prayers, right before sleep.

I tried a creative self healing metaphysical technique learned from someone I admired, Sylvia Browne. After many abductions I suddenly suffered from enigmatic, diagnosed degenerative spinal disease of my neck’s seven discs.

Chronic back pain would be alleviated, psychic Sylvia Brown assured me, if I followed her directions for creating a “Healing Room” where healing spirits could enter, a comfortable ornate room within which a spiritual healer could enter to heal you.

Publisher’s Note. I emailed Paul and asked for clarification as to how this information was given you him. The following is his answer: From a phone counseling session that was singularly pricey; if I recall, it ran several hundred dollars for a forty minute session..

She had me carefully create a mental construct of such a “room” with a healing table in the center, which was surrounded by comforts, technology, decor and objects that I might ever crave.

I was assured by her that healing would be easier if I asked for healing for only one part of my body and she told me not be afraid of the healer when I was approached as the healer would be from God.

I was instructed that the time and effort I put into creating it, even into the ornate wood design of the handles on the central table, would pay off.

The idea was that if I took time, in fine detail, to build it, a healer will come.

There were other metaphysical preparations involving washing and imbuing myself with different colors. It was, she said, involved metaphysics.

Sadly, results were instant, nightmarish and horrid.

I awoke in sleep to find found myself floating amongst small medical grey aliens, aboard a craft, in a small, white, medical room.

In the center of a circular room was a grey alien doctor in whites and a grey attending nurse, also in whites, absorbed in reading a chart on a clipboard. At first, they were unaware of my presence.

Then he turned and without my saying a word he said, “Oh,so you want your back healed, do you?!”

He growled in rage and in a flash was on top of me, having traversed the room in quick jumps like a jumping spider.

I relaxed expecting healing but as he lay on top of me he squeezed my spine, very hard hurting me.

I awoke in bed, in my physical body, in sudden severe pain, hollering; I have been crippled since then with all of my spinal discs save one herniated.

I have been hobbled unable to move without assistance since that moment.

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